Why Chew Toys Are Important For Your Dog

Everyone gets bored. Think about the last time you caught yourself staring off into space, daydreaming of days past or wishes for the future. Or, maybe you combat boredom, not through daydreaming but by picking up your smart phone and texting friends, by giving into cravings for a not-so-healthy but oh-so-delicious snack, or by chatting with neighbours.

Dogs don’t have the same options when it comes to dealing with boredom, loneliness, or even frustration. That means you must provide your dog with enough toys, attention, and physical and mental stimulation to keep him content. Chew toys have numerous benefits to your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are five reasons chew toys are important for your dog:

Stave off boredom.

Dogs get bored. Even if they have toys, dogs will inevitably get bored, especially if they are cooped up in the house all day. A durable chew toy can keep your dog’s attention and prevent boredom, often for hours at a time.

Help keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Although dogs should have their teeth brushed regularly, most dogs don’t have their teeth brushed twice a day like their human counterparts. A chew toy can prevent against gum disease, which can start as early as a dog’s fourth year, and can fight against plaque and bacteria build up in your dog’s teeth.

Chew Toy

Follow their instincts to chew.

Dogs chew. In fact, they have an innate need to chew. A chew toy will allow your dog to give in to his basic canine instincts and allow him to chew to his heart’s content. And, it will protect your home and your belongings from his itchy teeth.

Combat bad breath.

Some dogs suffer from bad breath, due to health or other reasons. Even if your dog doesn’t have bad breath, a flavoured chew toy can ensure your dog’s breath remains fresh throughout the day. (If you notice your dog has consistently bad breath, schedule a visit with your vet to have him checked for dental problems.)

Protect your furniture.

How many times have you came home or even just came from another room to find your beloved pooch chewing away on a chair leg or digging at the sofa, trying to pull the stuffing out with his mouth? Chew toys give your dog something healthy and safe to chew while protecting your furniture and other treasures.

What is your dog’s favourite chew toy?



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