5 Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog In The Dark

Walk dog in dark

Want to make sure you are safe walking your dog in the dark?

There’s something inherently peaceful about going for a stroll with a dog in the evening hours. The heat of the sun has worn off. The birds have fallen asleep. Stars fill the blackened sky. The backdrop of evening promises time to think, to wind down after a long day, and to prepare for a relaxing night of sleep.

Enjoy your night stroll with your beloved pooch by remembering these five safety tips for walking your dog in the dark.

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5 Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog In The Dark

#1. Wear a reflective coat and/or bright colours

Have you ever been driving down the road in the dark when all of a sudden you notice a dark figure emerge from the shadows and you must quickly slam on your brakes? Wearing dark colours while walking your dog in the dark could potentially put your life, your dog’s life, and other lives at risk.

Instead, wear a reflective coat or reflective shoes. If neither are an option, wear bright colours that will make it easy for motorists to see you on the side of the road.

#2. Get your dog a reflective collar and/or lead

Keep your dog safe with a reflective dog collar and/or dog lead. As your reflective coat and/or bright colours will warn oncoming motorists of your presence, your dog’s collar and/or lead will accomplish the same.

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#3. Carry a torch

For those times you will walk down dark streets or cross through areas where there are no street lights, be sure you carry a torch.

A torch will help guide your path and help warn you of any other animals or people that may be coming your way.

#4. Walk in well-lit and densely populated areas

While off the beaten path destinations may be perfect for a long walk during the day, stick to the most commonly used paths at night when it’s dark.

Walk in well-lit areas where people are around, if possible, to ensure both your and your dog’s safety.

#5. Don’t forget your mobile phone

Most people keep their mobile phone within arm’s reach at all times. But, sometimes you just want silence, time to clear your thoughts and to prepare for bed, when you take your dog for a walk in the dark.

Instead of leaving your mobile phone at home, take it with you and put it on silent. You never know when you will need it in case of an emergency – your dog may get sick or you may become injured – so always take it with you and keep it on so you have it readily available if needed.

How do you ensure your and your dog’s safety when you walk in the dark?

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