Bespoke Overnight & Live in Pet Care That’s as Special as Your Pets Are

Your pet is extra special to you and you treat them them like a VIP (Very Important Pet!)

  • They have particular preferences and needs, maybe they’re extra sensitive, have health needs or are just unique in their requirements.
  • And you just can’t imagine them fitting in to a standard pet-sitting service, let alone kennels or cattery!
  • Maybe you’ve thought about a house sitter, but you worry they’d be more focused on their day, going out shopping or socialising and their OWN routine than making your pet top priority.

If this is ringing true for you, what you and your pet need is our professional fully bespoke service.

However YOU treat your pets is exactly how we treat them!

You may not be confident a house sitter or friend or family member could give them the focused care they need. They don’t GET your pet like you do!

But we do ?

This is where a professional gives you confidence. We’re there to do the job exactly as you and your pet need.

Pet Sitter

Whether it’s letting them out during the night, tucking them into your bed to sleep or they have their own spot on the sofa, we’ll cater to their every need.

You don’t need to worry that your request is too much as we’ve seen it all before in 10 years of pert sitting!

And you can be confident in our reliability and professionalism – it’s Award Winning!

We are The Irish Franchise Association’s The One to Watch Franchise of the Year 2019! So we know how to run a service you can always rely on.

If you need to know someone is there for your pet with the same dedication that you give while you’re away, contact us and we’ll create a bespoke quote for you, either overnight or live in – whatever you and your pet need.

If you are interested in this luxury service for your pets then get in touch via the contact form or call 1800 30 30 10