Mike McQuillan


Growing up we always had dogs in our family. I started my career in the Construction Industry and spent years working alongside my Dad. When I was looking for a new challenge it was a great opportunity to combine my management skills with my love of pets. Being given the privilege to take care of people’s pets each day is quite the honour and one that we take really seriously. I look forward to getting to meet you and your pets soon.

Kate McQuillan


kate mcquillanWith a background in Business Management and Market Research I moved to Ireland in 1999. After several years in the corporate world I was able to combine my business experience with my love of animals. Living in County Carlow I get to enjoy the countryside with my husband Mike, 2 Dogs Coco and Joey, Cat Smug and 3 Donkeys and a Turtle. All of which are very much loved and spoilt. Through our website I enjoy sharing information about pets and pet services in Ireland, and particularly enjoy chatting to all our Facebook followers.

Annmarie Reynolds


Growing up in Dublin our family always had pets (dogs, rabbits, cats and even a duck).  At one stage we had a dog, rabbit and duck at the same time, which kept life interesting! My fondest memories are of walks with my best friend in Dublin and my cousins in Roscommon always accompanied by our dogs.  Whilst we walked and talked for hours, our pets followed the trail, enjoying the adventure of the day, wherever it brought us. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had a childhood surrounded by animals and would recommend it to any parent, as it is a fantastic grounding for any child. Currently an 11-year-old Shetland Sheepdog runs the house, supported by two Cavalier / Jack Russell brothers.  My nieces and nephews have such a special bond with them and love to visit and spend overnights with their furry friends. Having spent a long career in the business world, I knew I needed to make a change and that change would simply have to involve animals.  My pets have taught me so much over the years about life. Their fascination with everything around them and their capacity for love and fun and compassion is inspiring.  Animals embrace life today and don’t worry about tomorrow and I wanted to try and give back to them, some of what they have given me. I decided to change career and spent a year studying animal behaviour in an animal welfare charity and worked with dogs, cats, rabbits, hens, goats, horses, pigs, tortoise and snails. I joined the Pet Sitters Ireland team shortly after qualifying and love this opportunity to care for pets and provide a happy and safe environment for them to enjoy, while their families are away from home. Read More

Michael & Karin Schroeder


In 2006 we decided to move from Germany to Ireland while working for a boat hire company. We immediately fell in love with Ireland and the beautiful countryside – and we love the Westmeath area. I grew up with dogs and my own dog was my best friend. Karin didn’t have pets as a child but was known as the dog whisperer to all the neighbours – being the first to always offer to help care for them. Since moving to Ireland we have rescued 6 cats and are firm believers that cats choose their owners – not the other way around. We couldn’t imagine being without them now and each of them make a perfect addition to our family. Our last rescue Hope joined us in November 2018 when she was about 3 weeks old and was abandoned by her mother in the bog. We fed her with a bottle and trained her to use the litter box, and even the other cats joined in with helping care for her. We feel very blessed to have been able to help her. As pet owners we know how hard it is to get away. We never want to move our cats to a cattery as they are used to their home – so being able to have a Pet Sitter come and take care of them means we can now get away. And to now have the opportunity to be part of such a great team of pet lovers is amazing. We love that we can offer these services to many other pet owners and make their life easier and we can’t wait to meet you and your pets.