Pet Sitter

Pet Sitting

We know what it’s like to truly love your pets and yet sometimes want or need to travel without them. Whether it’s a weekend away, a holiday or a business trip, if you’re really going to enjoy it and make it successful you have to KNOW your pets are cared for the way YOU would care for them!

Dog Walking

Recent winners of The One To Watch Franchise of the Year Award 2019, we have systems and contingencies that keep our business running like a well-oiled machine and your doggies well looked after no matter what comes up!

Dog Walker


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Pet Sitters Ireland provide Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services across all of the Republic of Ireland for all types of animals.

Cat Sitting

  • We understand that for some cats (and their humans) the stress of moving them out of their home environment into a cattery is unfair on them and worrying for you.
  • Even the idea of having a professional Cat Sitter come in to look after your cat can be a worry.
  • We even understand some cats won’t even grace us with their presence! And we won’t get offended. And in that case we will make sure they’re eating and drinking, but we won’t go hassling them to socialise with us against their will! – until they are ready to hang out.
Cat Sitter

Rabbit Sitting

If you own a rabbit or other small animal, you probably worry what you are going to do with your rabbit when you travel away. There are lots of boarding and pet sitting options for cats and dogs, but not many people are offering options for hiring a rabbit sitter.

Wedding Visits

  • It’s Your Big Day!

    And you wouldn’t DREAM of doing it without your most beloved family members.

    And that INCLUDES your pets!

    But you’ll be way too busy enjoying your day with your guests to take care of them!

    And you want your friends and family to be free to enjoy the festivities too.