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Pet Sitting

We know what it’s like to truly love your pets and yet sometimes want or need to travel without them. Whether it’s a weekend away, a holiday or a business trip, if you’re really going to enjoy it and make it successful you have to KNOW your pets are cared for the way YOU would care for them!

Dog Walking

Are you busy at work all day and need a Dog Walker? Do you have meetings on zoom when you work from home and need someone to take your dog out for a walk? Or maybe you just are super busy and need an extra pair of hands to take your dog out for extra walks?

Whatever the reason we can be there to walk your dog for you.

Dog Walker


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Pet Sitters Ireland provide Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services across all of the Republic of Ireland for all types of animals.

Cat Sitting

Thinking of hiring a Cat Sitter for your next trip? Then look no further!

With our Cat Sitting service we can be there to play, feed, clean up after and even walk your cat if you need us to.

Whatever you need we are here to provide the best in home Cat Sitting service for your cat possible.

Cat Sitter

Rabbit Sitting

If you own a rabbit or other small animal, you probably worry what you are going to do with your rabbit when you travel away.

There are lots of boarding and pet sitting options for cats and dogs, but not many people are offering options for hiring a rabbit sitter.

We can be there to take care of your rabbit whenever you need us!

Wedding Visits

Our Wedding Day Service is customised specifically for your needs and how you want to include your dog in your wedding. 

We will meet with you well in advance of your wedding day, to discuss your exact needs and how we can make your pets’ attendance at your wedding go smoothly and be an enjoyable experience for everyone.