Does Your Cat Require a Suitable Temporary Replacement for Their Human?

As Cat ‘Owners’ we get that our cats merely humour us with the idea that we ‘own’ them. Let’s face it, we all know the cat’s in charge!

And as such they have high standards and exacting requirements not to be trifled with!

In all seriousness though

  • We understand that for some cats (and their humans) the stress of moving them out of their home environment into a cattery is unfair on them and worrying for you.
  • Even the idea of having a professional Cat Sitter come in to look after your cat can be a worry.
  • We even understand some cats won’t even grace us with their presence! And we won’t get offended. And in that case we will make sure they’re eating and drinking, but we won’t go hassling them to socialise with us against their will! – until they are ready to hang out.

Pet Sitter

Whatever your cat’s personality, we get it. And we get how important they are to you.

  • That’s why we want to know all about your cat(s) and their needs before we create a personalised quote.
  • And during the meet and greet we pay close attention to exactly how they run things.

Your cat will be pleased to know we’re not any old Cat Sitters…

Oh no! As winners of The One to Watch Franchise of the Year 2019, we’re officially AWARD WINNING Cat Sitters.

We pride ourselves on our business running like a well-oiled machine so you can rest assured that we’ll never let you or your cat down and the award is testament to that.

So we should make the grade as replacement humans while you’re away.

Ready to book?

  1. Get in touch (or call 1800 303010 / 087 9898042) and tell us about your cat(s) – we want to know everything about them! We want to know what type of things they like to do, the games they like to play, if they even want to play with us or prefer to chill on their own.
  2. Let us give you a personalised quote for the cat care option that best suits you and your cats.
  3. Meet with your Cat Care Assistant to make sure it’s a good match. This is your chance to get to know us and make sure you are happy. We want you heading away without any worries about your cats.
  4. And finally…Relax knowing we have everything taken care of. And if you need us any time we are only a phone call away.

Cat Sitter

Frequently Asked Questions

We get that people have questions about what we do and how we do it. I know I would if I was trusting someone with my pets.

Here are some articles answering our most frequently asked questions. But of course if you have any other questions just Get In Touch Today

What Others Say About Us

“This was my first time using Pet sitters Ireland to look after Charlie, my cat. Ester was fantastic. Daily updates on Charlie really put my mind at rest whilst on holiday. A totally professional service from the very first contact I made on the website. Easy and seamless!! I will certainly be using Pet Sitters Ireland again and would highly recommend them to any pet owners considering using such services” – Judy

Cat Sitting

“I heard of Pet Sitters Ireland through a friend and decided to try it out for my two Maine Coon cats. First I was impressed by the call explaining everything and asking all the right questions and then I met my pet sitter Fiona who was simply lovely and surprised me by checking on medical history of my cats. I also love getting an email after the visits telling me whether anything happened and I get a picture of my pets! It’s worth the money and puts my mind to rest.” ~Nadine

Get in touch with us today or call 1800 303010 / 087 9898042 to find out more about how we can help you and your cats.

Download Our Guide To Hiring a Cat Sitter (Including Frequently Asked Questions)