Hiring A Rabbit Pet Sitter: Can You Take Care Of My Rabbit?

If you own a rabbit or other small animal, you probably worry what you are going to do with your rabbit when you travel away. There are lots of boarding and pet sitting options for cats and dogs, but not many people are offering options for hiring a rabbit sitter.

We realise that your rabbit is probably happy at home in their normal surroundings and that having a Rabbit Sitter call in and feed them and clean out their cage is a lot less stress for them.

Previously you may have asked friends or family, sought out boarding kennels or maybe found a neighbourhood kid to help you out. Instead though why not consider a Professional Pet Sitter who can take care of your rabbit just as you would.

What Does A Rabbit Sitter Do?

When you use the services of a Pet Sitter your pets get to stay at home in their normal surroundings. What this means is that you can have visits throughout the day to feed, clean out and play with your rabbit.

If you want your rabbit to be out during the day we can let them out in the morning and then lock them up in the evening, giving them the chance to run around in their penned area during the day.

We can also clean out their cage, change bedding, refresh water and feed them. If your rabbit is used to fresh vegetables each day then we can also chop and serve those to them.

How Often Can A Rabbit Sitter Visit?

The number of visits you require will depend on the routine that you have for your rabbits. If they are in their cage during the day then you may only require one visit per day, however, if they are allowed into their penned area during the day you may require a visit morning and evening.

Once we talk to you about your rabbit’s routine we can suggest the best visit schedule for them.

How Will I Know My Rabbits Are OK?

After each of your visits, you will receive a pet care journal with photos of your rabbits to let you know that they are happy and healthy.

We also track all of our visits with GPS so that we know that they are completed on time and to your specifications.

You also have access to our Freephone number to check on your pets any time you wish.

How Much Does A Rabbit Sitter Cost?

The cost of hiring a Pet Sitter will vary depending on the number of visits and the length of time we need to be there. For a detailed quote please contact us to discuss your pet care routine and needs.

Can You Take Care Of Other Small Animals?

We take care of all types of pets, from spiders to horses. We charge the same price for 1-3 pets so if you are multi-pet household there is no problem us caring for lots of additional pets.

Do you have a rabbit and need someone to care for them while you are on holiday? Contact Us for more information about our services and how we can help you.