Imagine a Dog Walker Your Dog Loves (Almost!) As Much As You!

Don’t worry! We’re not trying to muscle in on your puppy love! No-one could ever replace you in your dog’s eyes, nor them in yours, and as Pet Lovers first and foremost we get that! But for so many reasons, most of us can’t be there for EVERY walk our dogs need much as we’d love to!

And we know you want your dog to have a great time with your Dog Walker when you’re not there.

And to be sure they never let you or your dog down!

And that’s why we’ve built a business you can put as much trust in as your beloved dog puts in you!

As an established Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business of 10 years we have a reputation for reliability and genuinely loving your pets! Recent winners of The One To Watch Franchise of the Year Award 2019, we have systems and contingencies that keep our business running like a well-oiled machine and your doggies well looked after no matter what comes up!

Book A Dog Walker
Dog Walker

When you decide to book with us

  • We’ll give you a personalised quote that best suits your pooch’s needs, then a meet and greet so they (ahem, I mean you!) can make sure you’re happy to leave your dog in our care for their walks.
  • And you’ll receive photos showing how much fun they’re having so you never feel guilty when you’re not walking them yourself. We promise it’ll be just a tiny bit less fun than they have with you!

Ready to book?

  1. Get in touch (or call 1800 303010 / 087 9898042) and tell us about your dog. We want to know where they like to go for a walk, if there are any other dogs to avoid on the street, if they have a favourite coat and whether they like to walk fast or just enjoy a stroll.
  2. Let us give you a personalised quote for the dog walking option that best suits you and your dog. Not all dogs are the same and so we want to make sure that we create a schedule of visits that suit your dogs’ needs.
  3. Meet with your Pet Care Assistant to make sure it’s a good match. This is your chance to get to know us and make sure you are happy. We don’t want you worrying about your dog at all.
  4. And finally…Relax knowing we have everything taken care of. And if you need us any time we are only a phone call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get that people have questions about what we do and how we do it. I know I would if I was trusting someone with my pets.

Here are some articles answering our most frequently asked questions. But of course if you have any other questions just Get In Touch Today

Pet Sitting

What Others Say About Us

Igor has been walking Buddy and Pearl for the past few months. He has been an absolute god send. So reliable and punctual. They are so excited and happy to see him when he arrives, which gives great comfort knowing that they feel that way towards him. I know there is nothing to worry about. Igor is so polite and has even helped out at short notice. Pet Sitters Ireland really are top dog!


Pet Sitters Ireland were able to set up walks every day for two weeks while I was away on business at short notice. My sister minded the dogs but cannot walk them. The two girls who walked the dogs were not only reliable and professional, but they were real dog lovers who gave kisses and treats. I cannot recommend this service highly enough. Thanks


Get in touch with us today or call 1800 303010 / 087 9898042 to find out more about how we can help you and your pets.