5 Things To Consider When Getting a Puppy

Things To Consider When Getting a Puppy

Do you know what things to consider when getting a puppy?

While most people think buying a puppy is something that you do with ease; buying a puppy should include a lot of preparation before finalising your choice.

Let’s face it, every puppy is cute! However, those adorable faces grow, change, and have very distinctive needs according to their breed or mix of breeds.

There are many things to consider before bringing home your new best friend.

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5 Things To Consider When Getting a Puppy

1. Consider how active your puppy will be

Know how active the breed you are looking at is and decide how much stamina you have as far as keeping up with your dog as it grows. Know what your limits are as far as activity levels and find out what breeds match your lifestyle; both in puppy hood and adulthood.

Some dogs are simply full of energy and you will need a lot of energy to keep up with them. Read up on the breeds and ask for help in choosing a breed to match your wants and lifestyle.

2. How much room do you have?

Knowing how large the dog is going to be at full adult age is very important. If you choose a dog that is larger you will need to not only have enough room for the dog when it is full grown inside your home but outdoors as well.

If you have a small 2 room flat it is probably not wise to consider a dog that is going to grow to be 54kg!

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3. Beware of chewers

There are some breeds that just seem to be known chewers, but the fact is all dogs can and may be chewers as puppies. Think of it in terms of a small baby who is teething – they need something to gnaw on and that could be anything from your furniture to your shoes and everything in between.

Keeping them intrigued with toys will often help or maybe break up the day with a Dog Walk for them.

4. Understand feeding your dog.

Every dog has different nutritional needs. Larger breeds that tend to grow quickly need special food to accommodate their quick growth. Small dogs will need special food that is intended to give them more nutrition with smaller amounts.

Remember that some dogs may even require a special diet due to the fact of common allergies or needs of the breed. This can involve having to purchase more expensive brands and styles of food.

5. Vet Care is a must

Like humans, dogs have medical needs, such as annual injections. This can be costly. You must be ready, financially, to support your puppy and any of their medical costs throughout life.

Some breeds can be more prone to certain diseases or medical issues (allergies, skin issues, skeletal and muscular issues, etc.) so it is best to know the good and bad of each breed you are interested in and understand what may come into play as far as vets bills.

Having a Dog in your life is extremely rewarding – but doing your homework first makes sure that you and the dog have a very happy life together.

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