Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Reasons To Brush Your Dogs Teeth

Should you brush your dog’s teeth – probably not something you necessarily thought of when you got a dog.

But dogs have many of the same needs as kids. They require socialisation, regular baths, and regular grooming that includes having their teeth brushed. Although vet experts disagree on how frequently you should brush your dog’s teeth – some say every day while others assert twice a week – one thing most agree on is you should brush your dog’s teeth regularly for numerous reasons.

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Reasons Why You Should Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

#1. Your dog may suffer from bad breath.

Bad breath isn’t just a nuisance. It is also the sign of a problem. Failure to regularly brush your dog’s teeth can result in bad breath which, in turn, can signal periodontal disease or gum disease. If you notice your dog’s breath has a foul smell, schedule an appointment with your vet immediately.

#2. Dental care often requires anesthesia.

Dogs might need their teeth brushed like kids. But, unlike kids, dogs cannot open up and say “ah,” so the vet can take a good look at their teeth. That means dogs often have to be put under anesthesia to get a good assessment of their dental health.

Anesthesia can pose a health risk to those dogs that are older or that already have other health issues.

#3. Dental problems can become costly – very quickly.

The cost of caring for dental problems can easily snowball. If your dog has gum disease, she may require anesthesia to do a full dental check-up and her problems may lead to more serious problems that require ongoing veterinary care.

Your best option, to avoid dental problems, is to regularly brush your dog’s teeth.

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#4. Bad dental hygiene can result in other health problems.

If your dog suffers from gum disease, you must get treatment quickly. Otherwise, you put him at risk for developing other, even more serious problems, including heart disease. Heart disease in dogs generally requires long-term medication, can be stressful on your dog, and can eventually lead to death.

How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth Without Brushing

In addition to brushing your dog’s teeth regularly, you can also give him hard bones and feed him dry dog food which will help keep his teeth healthy, clean, and strong.

How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth (And How Often)

It is always best to ask your vet how often he recommends brushing your dog’s teeth and for a demonstration on the proper way to brush his teeth.

Your vet should also be able to recommend the best product to use when brushing your dog’s teeth.

You’ll need to buy dog toothpaste as you cannot use regular human ones – they are not suitable. A special dog toothbrush that goes over your finger can be used to brush their teeth, but if you don’t have this a child sized toothbrush is fine.

All of these things can be purchased at your local pet store.

Let us know – do you brush your dogs teeth?

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