North County Dublin Vet: Portmarnock Vet Clinic


As part of our series on vets in Dublin, we interviewed Portmarnock Vet Clinic in North County Dublin about the service they can offer you and your pets. This sounds like a ‘Wagtastic’ vet.  If you don’t have a vet for your pets, pop in to meet with them and see if their practice is a good match for you and your pets.

Emily McAteer

1. Tell us the name of your vets, where you are located, and how potential customers can contact you. 

I own and run Portmarnock vet Clinic on Strand Road in Portmarnock and I am keen to use any opportunity to advise the pet owning public about my unique approach to illness and wellness in pets.



Phone: 089 428 1884

2. Tell us about your facility and what services you offer. What makes you different to other vets in your area?    

I practice a form a integrative veterinary care, incorporating as many forms of conventional and holistic therapies as possible. I have a scientific approach to diagnosis and use x-rays, ultrasound and laboratory tests but I also use homeopathy, nutrition, nutriceuticals as well as pharmaceuticals in the treatment and maintenance of well being. I find this to be a very effective combination and I have had much success in treating chronic illnesses, such as skin disease, arthritis and cancer where conventional medicine is not as effective or sometimes fails.

We have recently added ultrasonography to the list.

3. Tell us about your amazing staff? Why will our pets LOVE them?

I am the main vet in the practice but I have a part time assistant, Emi. I have two nurses working for me – Caryn and Michelle – and Angela has been on reception in the practice for 20 years. She was here with the previous owner, Jimmy Fox, and knows all the clients by their first name.


4. How do you make your clients tails wag like crazy?

We all love animals. We have only been here since February of 2013 but the client base is growing. Our focus is on the animals, keeping them well and maintaining the owner pet bond. I try to work together with the owner to find the right individual solution for both owner and pet. I have clients traveling to me from Wicklow, Cavan and Louth for homeopathic consultations. I am happy to work with their local vet.






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