Ireland’s Best Vets

In 2014 we asked our Facebook Fans what they loved most about their vet to try and find Ireland’s Best Vet.

The response was amazing from pet owners who were truly passionate and appreciative of the services that their vet provided.

It would be impossible to pick just one vet! So instead we decided to showcase all of the vets that were nominated and the amazing things that you had to say about them.

We would love to interview each vet personally and find out more about the amazing service they offer you and other pet owners – so please share this article with your vet and ask them to get in touch.


Is Your Vet One Of Ireland’s Best? Find Out Below!

Irelands Best Vets


A Country practice – 06733725


“Caroline is just amazing!  She loves every animal like I love mine (like babies). She goes above and beyond to take care of my pets whether it is something simple or something serious.  She really is just amazing!”


Acorn Veterinary – 087 237 0254


“Breeda is the most caring amazing vet I have ever met. She is so in love with all animals and it shows in everything she does….. be it a routine annual vaccination or an emergency case each animal is cared for and loved by Breeda. What makes Breeda the best vet?? Animals love her and they say that if ur dog doesn’t like someone then u shouldn’t either :) I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful lady and I think nobody deserves this award more than her! “ – 041 9810000


“My vet is amazing, she has looked after my 2 dogs since I moved to the Drogheda area. She always makes them feel at ease and they love going in to see her. She has been so thorough, friendly and professional in every consult and procedure that my pets have had. She rang me frequently to check on the progress of my Doberman x Rottie when she had cruciate surgery. She genuinely loves animals and always does her utmost to get to the bottom of any ailment that my two precious dogs. I would highly recommend her to anyone as she treats your pet exactly the way she would her own!! She’s just so genuine, kind, caring and professional. I can’t praise her enough!”


“They treat the animal as if it’s their own.”


Anicare – 01 6409010


“He is kind and caring to all our pets we have been with Anicare for 17 years and he really is great with our animals eg we had to have an outdoor cat we had for years put to sleep recently we thought she was a bit vicious but Fintan reduced me to tears when I saw that he had her purring in her final moments he was so gentle with her years ago we had a dog who needed a few operations and she would run to Fintan when we went to collect her Lol”


“The first time I went to Anicare, it was 6am and they nursed my rabbit back to health under very unlikely circumstances. So amazed by this, I have continued to go to them ever since and have met so many of their wonderful staff. Every one of them has impressed me but in particular I would like to mention Zara Cummins. So smart, so caring, so kind and informative, she sees my rabbit on a regular basis for a procedure he needs and always meets him with a comforting pet and leaves him with perfect health. She really knows her stuff.”


“Mary is always there for myself and Keiko .she has been our vet since we brought Keiko home as a pup . She has helped not only Keiko when he was ill but also myself ,listening to my worries and doing her utmost to allieve my stress.She always keeps me in the loop as to what is going on and what she is planning to do ,treating me as an equal and not someone who has no veterinary knowledge  .Mary goes above and beyond the level of care one would expect from any vet and for that i thank her .”



The Animal Hospital, Main Street, Tallaght, Dublin 24 – 01 4596194


“He is the best vet ever! he is honestly a very hands on vet, very compassionate, understanding, and gives the animals 100 percent! he goes above and beyond his duty as a vet..he makes sure they get the best of care..I had all my dogs with couldn’t find a nicer most genuine guy..and he doesn’t rip you off, like some vets I know.”


“He is full of compassion and understanding. Never forgets our cat and dog’s various ailments or various quirks. The surgery is always clean and the staff are friendly and helpful”


Athenry Pet Clinic – 091 844 085


“Our vet practise is brilliant. I can ring for advice at any time of day or night. When my cat was really ill, i rang to book her in for the monday, and they told me if she got anyway worse to bring her straight in. They love and care for my pets so much. I had 3 feral kittens for a rescue that i was fostering, and the way the vet and the vet nurse Caroline treated them was amazing. They have so much experience dealing with so many types of pets. Even the feral cats liked them, and let them treat them for cat flu.. I had my hands scraped any time i tried to clear their eyes.

But what stands out so much to me is, is the day i had to put my 15 year old labrador to sleep, It was so hard for me. I rang that morning, and Caroline told me to come in, when i was ready. I arrived up with him, and we gently lifted him up on the table, and Tina explained everything to me, what was going to happen, and when, and what would happen afterwards, which was so nice. When my beautiful boy had passed over, we all cried together. It was such an emotional time for us. Tina had done so much to help keep truls with us for longer. We tried different medications, everything to try and keep Truls with me while he was comfortable. Tina never told me when the time was right, but told me i would know and more importantly truls would know and would let me know, which he did.

My dogs are always relaxed when they go in there, there is no fear, worry, or anxiety, they sit at my feet waiting patiently, and are always happy to give Tina a wag of the tail when we are called into the consultation room.

Tina always listens to my concerns, and has always alleviated any of my worries.”


Athlone Vet Clinic – 090 6492623


“When our cat Crikey had a fit at 5:30am and Gerry was phoned he agreed to meet my parents at the clinic. He then did all he could to ensure the best possible outcome for Crikey including helping to organise bringing him to the animal clinic in UCD. Unfortunately Crikey didn’t make it and we had to make the difficult decision to have him PTS on November 1st 2013. We will always appreciate how Gerry worked with us as a family to give our furbaby every possible chance! “


“He’s the type of vet who, when he sees you fighting for your pet will match your efforts every step of the way and you can tell he loves to see well cared for animals!”


Bairbre O’Malley Veterinary Hospital – 01 2723857

“Bairbre is an exotics pet specialist and I went to her after being told in Ark (DL) that there was nothing could be done to save the life of my rat, Powder.  It is rare to find anyone at all that can look past the ‘rat’ reputation and see them as the sweet little friends that they are.  Bairbre has this perfected – she goes that extra mile to learn about my rats and has been so open minded about what might be wrong instead of just assuming it is the usual stuff.  When I bring my rats to see Bairbre and receive bad news I have the comfort of knowing they have received the absolute BEST chance possible which is so important when trying to come to terms with the loss of a tiny, fluffy loved one.  The girls at reception are just the best too!”



Bainbridge Village Vets – – 01 2987510


“Both the vets and the nurses are utterly amazing. I had 3 cats for 18 years (one still alive in his final days), and the care and love that every single one of the staff has bestowed upon them has been inspirational. These people have BIG hearts. They go the extra mile and more, I really can’t praise them enough.”

Beaufield Veterinary Centre – – 086 2250568

“The 2 guys at Beaufield are amazing. We drive an hr to see them because they are the best. They diagnosed a calcium problem in one of my cats that would have killed him. They helped us solve the problems of 2 others, 1 who has a chicken allergy and the other has a red meat and grain allergy. They understand animals and care so much about them. They are available at any time. We lost a white bsh girl this year and the compassion shown was unforgettable. They are the best.”

“They are efficient and helpful, go the extra mile, all staff, nurses and vets are great.”

“Paddy Crumlish is the most caring vet who puts everything into caring so much about my dogs, even the cross one Jack. Both Finbar & Paddy just go that extra mile, they are so kind to the animals, but they are also so up to speed with the latest medicines & procedures. They explain whats happening so well & most importantly they take the time with both the owners & the pets… I have every faith in them, after all, my Jack is 18, had a major op to remove 15 teeth earlier this year & thanks to Paddy Crumlish he’ll live another 18 years – brilliant job.”

Borovalley Vets – 053 9247849

“Dedication to small and large animals over and above the call .   Very personal attention to all pets”

Blackrock Veterinary Clinic – 01-2889641

“Eamonn has tremendous love a and compassion for all his furry friends, and takes a very personal interest in each one. I love his gentleness with my pets, as well as his knowledge and skills, which after 15yrs of him being our vet, we have more than proved to be top class !”

Blackwater Vet Clinic – 022 22340

“They care for my pets as much as I do. No matter what time of the day or day of the week they are always happy to help even if it is 3.00am! They are always welcoming and my pets are always at ease going to the clinic. They know how much I worry when they are sick and always go that extra mile to help and put my mind at ease.”

Bramley and O’Shea – 053 9145755

“Richard is a wonderful vet he takes the time to treat your animal with the greatest of care  He will go the extra mile and do everything possible to make you and your pet feel at ease  He explains everything that is happening and the best way to go about treating your pet If there was a percentage  I would have to give Richard 1000 per cent He is just amazing  Can’t speak highly enough of him”

Breaffy Veterinary Clinic – 094 9044832

“He always gives pets a chance. We have a lot of pets and are at the vet a lot and he’s the only one who will give them a chance no matter what condition they’re in or how old they are. Recently one of our cats broke his jaw and couldn’t eat, his tongue was paralysed and he had clots in his mouth. Most vets would have told us to have him put down but Vivian didn’t. He knew our cat was in a bad way but he did everything he could for him and now Isis, our cat, is fine. He can eat again and is perfectly happy and it’s all thanks to Vivian. We have had pets that he knew wouldn’t survive an illness but he still tried to help them and gave us more time with them. We’re all extremely grateful to him and his staff and we don’t know what we’d do without him.”

“He is always interested in how our dog is doing and has got us through 2 losses in the past , gives great advice without making you feel daft for asking silly questions .”

“The care and love they give to our pets. Always available.”

Briar Hill Vet Clinic – 091 380000

“I have a number of pets who are always treated with respect, love, and total care, by Ruth and Riona. These include rescue animals who have had tough lives, and nervous and elderly pets who have needed extra special care. After dealing with every veterinary practice in Galway City over the past 20 years and not being happy with the standard of care provided to my pets – who are family to me – I decided to try Briarhill vets, and have been so pleased that I’ve recommended to several friends and family members who now will travel an extra distance to get better care for their pets. I am feeling very emotional writing this, as over the past two years I’ve lost two beloved pets, and Ruth, Riona, and their veterinary nurse Catherine, have helped me so much I can’t adequately express it in words. Their compassion is extraordinary. I know that they go out of their way to help animals, and often take money off bills or don’t charge for extra services – they are not remotely mercenary. I know that they spend weekends and other free time helping local animal groups with spaying/neutering, and have even been known to bring sick or weak animals home with them overnight. When I bring my pets to Briarhill, I know that they will get 110% in terms of care and that peace of mind is priceless.”

“Both of them always go the extra mile.  They’ve treated my dogs, cats and hamster.  They’ve rang me to check how the pets are doing if they’re not well.  They kept one of my cats for two nights for me when they knew we were going to be away and the cat needed to rest her leg.”

“They are wonderful caring people.  My main tribute to them would be their compassion shown to Galway Cat Rescue who inundate them with abandoned/stray/feral cats and kittens. They help each and every one of them without hesitation and yet they know they must wait for payment until Galway Cat Rescue can gather the funds.  Both these groups are such caring people. Without Briarhill Vet Clinics help a lot of these cats would be left to die but they neuter them for GCR who then return them to their own stomping ground – thus eliminating an influx of more feral kittens! Where would you find such a love of animals that does not entirely involve mo ey. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to laud their praises!”

“Wow, where do I start? We first met our vet with our elderly red setter, Poppy, who was treated with the utmost respect and care, even though she was dying of cancer. Riona always explained things to us in a way that was professional yet compassionate. Eventually, we made the difficult decision that our darling dog was suffering, and the only fair thing to do was to put her to sleep. Riona explained what was going to happen, and supported both Poppy and ourselves in her final moments, even shedding a tear with us. About a week after, we got a card through from Riona sending us her condolences, just one example of her going above and beyond! Not long after, we noticed that our new kitten had an ulcer on her mouth, and Riona looked after her amazingly, diagnosing her with eosinophilic granuloma (an autoimmune disease). Whenever Ellis has a flare up, she is there to help decide which treatment option is best for her. In October 2012, our dog Callie had a bit of blood in her stool, but was happy and bubbly. We were given antibiotics and told to come back in 2 days. When we returned (with a still very happy and bubbly Callie), Riona said that although she couldn’t feel anything, she had a bad feeling. After giving her an x-ray, which still showed up nothing, she said she still had a really bad feeling and asked our permission to open her up. We are so glad we did, as she found an intestinal interception the size of a large sausage, which would had been fatal had it been left another day of two! Riona operated on our dog until the small hours of the morning, yet still rang us to tell us how she was. Callie would have almost certainly died had we gone to another vet! We have also gone for more minor things (check ups, vaccinations etc) and we are always greeted with a fantastic welcome, our animals are given the best care and we leave knowing we have done the best thing for our beloved pets. All of the other staff in the practice are also lovely, and if we could recommend them all, we certainly would (especially Catherine, the veterinary nurse in the practice). They are all worth their weight in gold!”

“Riona has time and time gone above and beyond the call of duty for our dog Sparky. Sparky is a 16 year old Cocker Spaniel and has had moments of incredible illness the last few years and Riona has always been there for him and us.i would go so far as to say that Sparky would not be with us if it wasn’t for her and her willingness to go that extra mile.”

Brittas Vets Thurles – 050424401

“He always goes that extra mile in helping out my dog. No issue is ever to small and he always picks up on every little thing. He always makes me feel at ease if my dog ever had to stay over in the vets.”


Cara Vet Group  – – 01 8853253

“Syd doesn’t seem to own a watch or a clock – he is always there for the anxious owners & for their sick furry friends . He even travelled specially from his other clinic on the North Circular Road to Ballycoolin after his clinic had finished to meet us in Ballycoolin one night when we were facing saying goodbye to our much- loved Kittie, Jessie & didn’t get annoyed to find that we had deferred her trip to a Rainbow Bridge because she had made a slight improvement that evening. His response was ” I am not in the business of putting animals to sleep so let’s see how she gets on over the next couple of days’ He was so understanding for a vet who had been working all day up to 10pm. “

“He always listens, always explains things in layman language & always talks so gently to the pets who come to seek his help.“

“He has engendered the same kind of patient, loving  supportive ethics in all of the wonderful staff in both his clinics”

“No other practice even comes close.  26 years knowing Syd and the team says it all.”

Carey & Kean, Dublin – 016791975

“They know every pet by name and take their time to not only give medical care but also talk to and calm the owner. When I come with a stray/feral animal in need of help, they give me a good price to support my goodwill and when my own cat required a leg amputation as result of abuse suffered by a previous owner, they explained everything in detail and made me feel secure about the procedure.”

“All of the staff at Carey and Keane vets in Dublin 8 are wonderful. They look after my sometimes cranky but beloved cat Ozzie and try their best to make him feel relaxed and have let him stay over in there clinic when I had to go away. They are wonderful with animals. When I found a poor little bird outside that had been injured I took him to them and they looked after him even though he wasn’t going to make it. I love going there and would never change vets.”

Castlefarm vets – 0872780949

“She always pays extra attention. She adores all animals and has such empathy for them. She also takes care of so many feral cats for us :) She always goes that extra mile :) She is still not immune to any animals suffering unlike many vets and if she doesn’t know the answer, she will research until she does”


The Cat Hospital – – 021 4824601

“Really knows everything about cats, really interested in their health welfare and a lovely person to chat to.”

City Vets – – 051 371155

“The clinic is incredibly clean and well managed, the care our animals have received there is second to none, they have the best interests of all pets in mind, we recently adopted a kitten that had been abandoned there who they had spayed and removed an infected eye, not knowing whether anyone would adopt her. Any subsequent visits I’ve made with her have been very reasonably priced and they offer an on-call service so we knew when our dog had a huge operation that if we needed anything we could just call and she’d be safe.”

“Extremely compassionate with great expertise.  A professional and caring service is always provided. 24 hour care is also there with a vet answering the phone no matter what the hour!”

“Goes beyond the call of duty, can reach someone at any time of the day or night. Very informative and explains everything as he goes.”

“He is always at the end of the phone and gives sound advice”

“All of the team in City Vets are extremely genuine, caring and thorough when it came to the care of my cat. They treated her as though she was their pet which in my opinion is an brilliant quality in a vet.”

“They always have time to listen.  My pets mean the world to me, and they make me feel they really care.  One of our dogs needed multiple surgeries at one stage and they NEVER gave up”

“City vets have helped us through one of the toughest times in our lives, losing our beloved family member – our black lab. City vets (both William and David) acted with such kindness, compassion and grace, we could not have been treated better.”

“From the moment you bring your pet to city vets your pet is the most valued customer there william sees four of my animals three cats and a dog when i bring them for checkups and their vaccinations he is very gentle and examines the animals thoroughly he also listens too the owner and any concerns you may have our cat benji has hyperthyroidism and has advised us how to treat it the pet in question is a very much loved 12 year plus  cat he has treated all four of my animals for cuts from glass from walking on the path, from skirmishes with the local tom cat,chest infections etc the level of care at this vets is next to none i would also like to add the other vet david is very good as well our dog lady would not be in this world as he saved her when she was brought to wspca in a serious condition david saved her after removing three dead pups from her and treating her for a really bad infection she came to me as i fostered her from the wspca she is now the centre of our home and the guardian of our three cats benji tommy bo and rosie thank you city vets for saving and giving our beautiful dog lady another chance at life seven years it has been since she came to my house so weak she couldn’t walk but now thanks to city vets i have a dog that loves to go for walks and loves the sight of the car keys and the sound of ” do you want to go for a drive” and of course i would not have the “joys” of her taking her post to bark at the postman and retrieving the mail from her thank you william and david and sharon the secretary there who takes care of my cats when i go away and runs the nine lives cat rescue all in all this is a animal heaven as the care they give to their animal gets some paw applause here”

“Their nurse Barbara Gleeson. She is always so friendly and has time for everyone.”

“They take lots of time with my dog and always give her a thorough check up every time no matter what I bring her in for. The two men are great I couldnt pick one above the other they both look after her so well.”

“William is just so caring and really loves his job.  Only for William my baby Sally wouldn’t be here, she got knocked down late at night and William was there straight away to help us.”


City Vet, Limerick – 061419760

“Donal is just so gentle and easy going. He never rushes the visit, answers every question no matter how small and I tend to ask alot ha ha. Very easy to talk to and very understanding.”


Claremorris Small Animal Practice – – 094 9373955

“Ester is just so friendly and Maya feels so at ease with her.  She genuinely cares about each animal that passes through her doors. Maya had a tummy bug last week and went to visit Claremorris Small Animal Clinic on Saturday, Ester checked her out etc and told us not to hesitate calling her on Sunday if Maya hadn’t improved.”

“Before Maya was in our lives, we had a rabbit – Floppy. He was treated so well any time he had a check up by all the staff at the practice. “

“All in all, I think the practice has the perfect balance of care, attention, information and warmth!”


Cloverhill Vet – 0404 44505

“Gillian, my vet, is a great detective who uses her vast experience and intuition to make wise and correct decisions for my animals. My animals, not only trust her, but they really like her too!”

Cottage Vets – 045 434848

“We have a rescue centre and Noirin in Cottage vet clinic treats all of our dogs, cats, ex battery cage hens, ducks, pigeons, turkey, hundreds and hundreds,  and her expertise is astounding ! Noirin has saved so many animals for us and is just a brilliant Vet, but also an animal lover. Noirin works very long hours and works most week ends too ..”

“Noirin always goes the extra mile to look after your pet,  regardless of the time of day or night. She is one of the most professional vets around and always keeps herself up to date with the latest developments in veterinary medicine. At the same time she will not put your pet through unnecessary tests. Her team will look after your pets as if they were their own.”

“Very knowledgable, professional great peoples skills and most importantly great pet skills! I have 4 dogs and all receive fantastic treatment and get loads of hugs and the odd kiss! All the staff are very helpful in their own way and all offer their own special individual help to clients. Noirin is a fantastic lady with a big heart and deserves everything and a lot of appreciation for being the best vet people and animals receive from her.  If clients are having a bad day pet wise the staff show great respect for their client and will give them as much time as they need- you will never be rushed out the door. Also cottage veterinary clinic help many lost and abandoned dogs at their own expense that others bring in and never look for payments or donations openly but do deserve help to cover costs on these animals that they willing help. Noirin also checks often for micro chips and fido registration and up to date worming vaccines and proper dental care. Your pet may also even get a selfie pic for the vet files! Noirin and the staff are the best!”

Delacy Clancy & Kent – 051 641640

“I have known ger for many years attending him with my pets to be honest I’m not sure where to start with the admiration I have for this man!! I have never in my life met somebody who does their job with such care, compassion and the respect he shows for every animal he attends, Ger goes above and beyond his call of duty on a daily basis the hour of day or night makes no difference to him. His work is carried out with such determination always, both me and my pets are blessed to know Ger. This man truly has a heart of gold x”


Douglas Animal Care Hospital – 0214893033

“They have a 24 hour service. They know my cats names and have a screen in the waiting room with photos of everyone’s pets that they send. All the staff are friendly”


Firhouse Veterinary Clinic Tallaght D24 – 014140830

“My vet Nuala and all the staff are all wonderful and deserve this so much they treat my dog Jake like he is there own when he goes for his visits they are all so gentle and kind and just can’t do enough for u when u attend there clinic. Some people don’t have kids like me and Jake my dog is my child wrapped in fur they know how special he is to me, I’m sure there other people like me if they have a dog, cat, rabbit etc I know many

“Patients will agree that the team they have are the best. One call if ever there is anything wrong and u can go straight up. My dog Jake got attacked and they calmed jake down then me they were just the best they always make Jake feel relaxed when he goes for check ups and boosters etc and are always do gentle. Nuala and all the staff are amazing and I wouldn’t go any where else. Thank u always so friendly and helpful with fantastic advice. Lisa and Jake (the dog) x”

Furry Park Veterinary Clinic – 01 8338968

“Very compassionate and there in times of need. Goes up n beyond the call of duty.”

“Eddie is kind loves all animals has been our vet for over 20 yrs”

“Eddie has been our vet for over 22 years. Over this time he has shown great empathy and support in times of loss. We had 6 cats growing up who all lived into their twenties. As they died one by one, Eddie came over to our house after work to send them on their way to heaven because he knew how upset we all were each time. I know have a puppy called Trixie and she is a wee bit spoiled but Eddie is so funny when he talks to her , like he’s her uncle ha ha. Overall I just think he’s a wonderful man and he would go out of his way for anyone or any animal.”

Glenina Veterinary Clinic – 091752014

“He really cares about my pets and does everything possible to make them better. He goes above and beyond for his patients.” – 021 4511122

“Conor and all his staff are incredible with animals they always spend time with them and do not rush you out the door . They always give you great advice too basically can’t do enough for your pet .”

Greystones Vets – 012872099

“There are three excellent Vets in the Clinic but when Heidi, my cat was so ill with a high fever, Hazel was the main Vet who treated her. She was so caring, friendly and reassuring treating Heidi as if Heidi was her own cat. She did everything she possibly could for Heidi and when Heidi was admitted to the hospital, rang me with regular updates. Heidi pulled through and is now a very healthy cat. Hazel is also very gentle with her and Heidi feels confident not scared when she is in the consulting room, this makes it easier for both of us. She is an excellent Vet.”

“Enda and everyone at Greystones vets have looked after Bonzo and Fuzz for the last 5 1/2 yrs Enda and the team of Vets and fabulous nurses saved our dogs when they were both poisoned a few years ago. Most recently my dogs both had a weight problem and this was resolved with cobstant monitoring by the staff at Greystones vets”


Gubbins & o shea – Distillery Road, Wexford – 053 9145755

“When we had to have our beloved ginnyjoe (cat) to pts due to kidney failure :'( this vets were so compassionate to how we felt and let us spend time in private room after with him.xxxx”

Hermitage Veterinary Clinic – 01 6010060

“My family have been using these guys for years. They are all so lovely and u can tell they really care for the animals, they have all the time for them. Can always accom when needs be. They have a great place down there. Not a bad word about them.”

Horans Vets – 058 22335

“I’ve know tadgh 8 yrs he’s always been there even spend most of a valentines night with us saving my daughter’s Pony and he been there for all our other animals it’s safe to say I’d be lost without his services”


Innisfree Vets – 071 9143817

“Darren is a brilliant vet. Rocket-dog Arthur Biscuit has had a few minor surgeries and Darren just goes the extra mile. Sending me photos of him when he is recovering and tucking him all up in a blanket. I wouldn’t take him anywhere else. In fact it’s a shame Darren only looks after animals and not people.”


Kilcoolevets – info@kilcoolevets.ie01 2874802

“Gail is kind and caring for both her patients and owners.  She talks to you in a language you understand and talks to your animal as if it was her own.  Gail shows a great interest in your pet in every aspect of there lives not just health.  She is an amazing small animal vet and is always looking to improve the care her and her staff provide. they are always at the end of the phone even for just a query.  I have had a number of vets over the years but so happy i walked through the door of animal hospital kilcoole, best thing I ever did for my three dogs .”


Leeside veteninary – 0667123291

“Gary and the practice nurses Ann Galloway and Catherine Scroope are a fantastic team of truly compassionate, caring people. Through serious illness or routine check ups, I know I can call them, trust them completely and that my pets are in the safest best hands.”

Moss vet’s – 045876187

“They are amazing people that always go over and above to care for the animals. They’re empathetic while still being very professional. So many animals pass through their surgery each day but they remember each and every one of them by name. The staff are so friendly and caring. Definitely the best vets in the country.”

Moy Veterinary Clinic Barretts Street Ballina Co Mayo – 096 70586

“Monica has looked after my Animals for 11 years now, and when my  king charles Cav had a stroke, she sat up at night to look after her, and to get her to eat. and she got better to bring her home, and she lived untill 16 YEARS OLD. All my Animals love her she is a great vet, so lucky to find a vet like Monica when I Came to live in Ireland and our freddy was 16 years old and had a bad fit, Monica and her staff tried to save him but in the end she had to put him to sleep on christmas eve I can not stress enough what a wonderfull vet she is.”

Midleton Veterinary Hospital – 0214613672

“She was so helpful and enthusiastic, she really cared for my little lady Abbey (hamster). When she got sick, Barbara was available at any time, she really made a huge effort to help us and never made me feel that my pet was less important than a dog or a cat. I am so grateful to her and the staff. They never gave up on Abbey and I will never forget it.”

O’Scanaill Vets Ashbourne – 0183519500

“There 24/7 all year round. Christmas night my dog was hit by a car…at night. Called out and xrayed following morning. Genuinely cares for animals and best interest of them”


Paws-a-While, Trim, Meath – 046 9436877

“Patricia and the other vet staff are absolutely brilliant. They’ve been my vet practice of choice for almost 10 years and have tended to a various array of different pets for me in that time,  including some unusual ailments!! They are warm and friendly and genuinely compassionate and always try to go the extra mile to accommodate you. Over the 10 years I’ve been using Paws-a-While they have never let me down and a rare thing in this current climate I have always found them be flexible in terms of fees. They genuinely are there for the animals rather than just focused on how they will make from you and when. I 100% trust them and would recommend them to anyone” – 0539388339

“Karina and her team are fantastic. The practice is has a very relaxing and welcomeing feel . You never feel in the way no matter how small a problem bart , the huskies or cat has.”

The Pet Hospital – 051 856904

“He loves the animals. He is kind and caring. He is great with the animals.”

“They have an excellent service. I had to call them during an emergency. I rang their pager at 9.29am on a sunday morning and left a message. Tadhg rang me back at 9.31am. The vets preformed emergency surgery and kept me informed all day with phone calls and text messages.”

“Very good and no matter how sick or we’ll with my dog he spends the time and don’t charge over the price and when my dog has to be kept in I get regular  updates from them.”

Portlaoise Veterinary Clinic – 0578660551

“Friendly service. Treats every animal as if it’s their own. Compassionate professional staff. Excellent facilities and comfortable environment for all animals”

Riverforest Vet – 01 4430890

“Steve gives fantastic care to our 8 cats and 2 dogs but also to us as the owners – he shares information and let’s us make an informed decision on their treatment, with guidance as required/requested. His out of office hours service is the best I have seen and it’s gives us huge comfort to know that our furry family can be quickly treated in the case of an emergency.”

Roundwood Veterinary Practice – 01 2818000

“Bernie and all her staff, Leonie, Karen and Ellen are amazing with our dogs.  We have 3 dogs (who are rescue dogs), Snoopy, Maisie and Minnie, who are ‘clients’ with them and they have such a personal touch with them.  They have care and concern if our dogs are afraid and gently coax them and have great patience with them.  The veterinary care they receive is second to none.  We live in Dun Laoghaire but choose to go to Roundwood because they are so good.  They really deserve to feature in Irelands Best Vets.”

Summerhill Vets Ennis, Co Clare – 065 6828215

“Summer hill vets go above and beyond their call of duty with every animal that comes into contact with them, not only my too boys. They have the best opening hours and are always available when you need them. Summer hill was recommended to me by a friend after I spent a lot of money trying to get my dogs better when they got an infection, after one trip both my boys were better in a few days, they are now back to them waggy tail self’s. I will never regret going to see the vets that day and I have never looked back, they are simply the best.”

“I have a small rescue and take pups and dogs with injuries from the pound ,they are very committed to the Rescue Dogs and give them around the clock care ,always someone on call and 4 wonderful vets and  vet nurse”

Suirside Vet Clinic – 051641640

“Our vet is a complete animal lover  passion about hus qorj abd animals he treati gave to say only for my vet my boxer holly may not be here today no matter  what time day/night he always ready to help   holly who rupture her disc this year having a great vet meana everything she now is a healthy 4tr old and I love her to bits I dont know what I do if anything happened her and ger understand my bond between me and holly its nicce they know that too”


Treacey &Sheehans – 068 21377

“I run a husky rescue just outside Listowel in Kerry and Paul sees to all my animals,some I get and they need treatment immediately,I just have to call and say iam on the way,he explains everthing in detail so I know how to treat it and manage it,he’s also there after hours,he once came away from he’s brother in laws stag party and spent three hours saving a rescued rottie,

They have a fantastic practice there,four vets,nurses,front of house are all fantastic,

I couldn’t do what I do without them,they have been great to me,they give me discounts as iam a rescue/charity and I still get a fantastic service,

He’s just  recently saved the lives of a tiny puppy,that had been kicked and had a massive hernia,took the puppy (cookie) home at night to keep a closer eye on him,also operated on an old terrier I rescued,removed his jaw,a huge tumour and that dog is flying now,he shows amazing compassion towards all animals,and will do everthing he can to give the animals a better life,even taking in unwanted kittens then calls me rather then the “other option”he also does pinning,blood testsing on site,so many things,it’s a small town and iam lucky to have them here,and my animals are even luckier still,he’s saved the lives of so many of mine,I could go on but I think you’ll get the idea”


Tullamore Veterinary Clinic – 057 9320293

“They are always willing to do anything for your pet with great compassion. My Boxer Dog Bruce is always happy when I tell him we are going to the vets as he always gets lots of love and attention! I have even had trouble getting him OUT the door as he does not want to leave! It can get quite embarrassing for instance someone passed by one time and said ‘do you need a hand’ while I had a stubborn dog on the end of a lead not wanting to budge! I was very surprised that Bruce still felt this way after having a major emergency operation on his stomach when they had to cut his whole stomach to retrieve 13 stones that ended up in his belly. Bruce was very sick after as he nearly stopped breathing and his pulse was very low and he ended up in intensive care for a few days after. I believe this is a credit to all the staff and students of Tullamore Veterinary Clinic that this experience did not affect Bruce’s perception of them. Bruce’s brother a cat called Smeg is not as willing to visit however Bruce always comes to reassure Smeg that they are nice people!”

“Margaret is so caring to animals. It’s easy to see, as she’s always very gentle and loving to them. But not only Margaret makes it the best vets, all the staff are the exact same. Their always very helpful and polite. They go out of there way to make sure people’s pets get the care they need. I’d never use another veterinary clinic.”

Tanardstown Veterinary Athy Co. Kildare – 087 6737248

“Nothing is ever too much or too little she will drop anything for a house call just to put our mind at ease, my pets ( some unsociable) all love her, she is very compassionate and understanding”

Vetcare – 0578646841

“We have four dogs, one boxer with fusing of her spine the other one is epileptic and has a degenerative eye condition meaning she gets eye ulcers and is loosing her eye sight. The care they both get in Vetcare is amazing. They are great with two and four legged ones! Nothing is a bother for them. The great care giving to the older boxers means she 12 next week and though on meds is a happy girl. Tom liaises with Millie’s eye specialist in Dun Laoghaire and the great care he gives her means I don’t have to be making the trip to Dublin all the time. The Nurses, Lisa, Andrina and Katie are great too.”


Note – All vets listed above were nominated by Facebook Fans of Pet Sitters Ireland over a period of approx 4-6 weeks. This list is a result of the survey that we conducted and the submissions that we received during that time, and is in no way a definitive list of the best vets in Ireland. If you are choosing a vet then please take the time to do proper research to make sure it is a good match for you and your pets.



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