5 Signs You Should Invest In a Dog Walker


You turn the key in your front door. You can already hear the sound of your dog’s feet – going tap, tap, tap, against the hardwood floor – pacing then picking up speed as you turn the knob to open the door.

You’re exhausted.

Your best pal, however, has more than eight hours of untapped energy saved and ready to go – he wants a walk. He wants to play. He has the energy of a puppy.

What choice do you have? Exercise him or your favorite shoes may face the consequences of his teeth.

Well, you have a choice. You can come home to an excited yet much calmer dog every day if you hire a dog walker.

Here are five signs that it’s time to call Pet Sitters Ireland’s dog walking service:

Your dog has an abundance of energy.

Every dog has a different level of energy depending on their age and their breed. Some dogs are naturally more energetic than others and need time to get out, to walk, and to play in the middle of the day to exert that excess energy. A dog walker can help your dog get the exercise his body needs and he craves.

Your dog is very young.

Puppies are like little kids. They’re often balls of energy. A dog walker will get your dog out of the house for fresh air, to eliminate, and to get the exercise his body needs.

You work long hours.

You want to spend more time with your dog. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible if you work long hours. A dog walker will provide your dog with the socialisation, affection, and exercise he needs during his walk, making returning home a happy experience for both you and your dog.

Your dog is overweight.

It’s hard to resist those gorgeous, sad puppy dog eyes looking up for just one more treat or for one last bite of dinner. Our inability to resist and to say no may result in our dogs becoming overweight. One of the most effective and enjoyable ways for a dog to lose weight is to walk. A dog walker will help your dog get the exercise he needs – and help him lose weight – while you are at work or away from home.

Your dog has become more aggressive and destructive.

An unhappy dog may exhibit his unhappiness through negative behaviours, such as aggression and destruction. Dogs need fresh air, time to stretch their legs, and to enjoy the outdoors. Just as you might like to go outside during your break at work, your dog craves that same break from the monotony of his day alone. A dog sitter will ensure your dog gets sufficient exercise that will allow him to relax, instead of becoming frustrated, while waiting for you to return home.

Hiring a dog walker from Pet Sitters Ireland is an investment in you and your dog’s happiness and wellbeing.




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