Litter Kwitter: Revolutionary Product Trains Cats To Use The Toilet


Cleaning the litterbox can quickly turn into a hassle.

Many cat litters produce dust and often don’t mask the scent of a cat’s droppings. You have to change the litterbox, haul the dirty litter to the bin, and repeat each day, sometimes more than once a day. Some cats even enjoy kicking litter out of the box, making another nice mess for you to clean up.

Litter Kwitter allows you to put your litterbox chores into the past by teaching your cat to use the toilet. You can either continue cleaning litterboxes or simply flush the toilet. Which would you prefer?

How Does It Work?

Don’t expect your cat to just jump up and start using the toilet as soon as you introduce the Litter Kwitter. Training is a three step process that should result in your cat hopping on the toilet any times he has to eliminate.

The Litter Kwitter (see picture below) comes with a red disk, an amber disk, and a green disk, each of which is used in corresponding steps.

Litter Kwitter
Litter Kwitter


Step One

You will start by putting the red disk, with litter in it, next to the toilet. Your cat will become familiar with the red disk, making the transition to the amber disk and to the toilet easier.

Step Two

You will place the amber disk, which will help your cat maintain his balance, on the toilet. The amber disk features a hole so your cat can eliminate into the toilet and there’s space on the edges for litter.

Step Three

Once your cat has mastered the amber disk, you will switch to the green disk, which has a large hole that allows your cat to eliminate directly into the toilet. You will no longer need litter at this point.

That’s it!

Pros of Litter Kwitter

The award winning Litter Kwitter has numerous benefits, including:

Save Money

Cross cat litter off of your weekly shopping list. Once your cat (or cats) has mastered using the toilet on his own, you will no longer have to purchase cat litter or litterboxes. The Litter Kwitter fits all standard size toilets so you can take it with you if you travel or if you move without having to worry whether it will work on a different toilet.

Save Time

Cleaning litterboxes surely tops the list of dreaded chores. The Litter Kwitter eliminates the need for litterboxes which gives you more time to focus on more important things – such as giving your cat extra affection and treats.

Proven Effective

Cats as old as 12 have become toilet trained with the assistance of Litter Kwitter. Handicapped cats – such as one who has only three legs – have also successfully mastered toilet training.

Train All Your Cats

The Litter Kwitter allows you to train all of your cats at the same time provided they all use the same litterbox.

Cons of Litter Kwitter

While you will many benefits to the Litter Kwitter, you will also discover a few disadvantages, which can eventually be overcome.

Training Takes Time

You must have patience in training your cat with Litter Kwitter. Toilet training doesn’t happen overnight for anyone – even cats.  The Litter Kwitter creators assert that it generally takes approximately eight weeks for most cats to master using the toilet.  Kittens have the easiest time learning how to use the toilet. Cats as old as 12 have become toilet trained with the help of Litter Kwitter, although training may take longer than two months for elder cats.

Not Suitable For Very Young Kittens

The creators of Litter Kwitter recommend not using the product for kittens under three pounds and if they are not yet able to steadily balance themselves. If your kitten cannot balance himself, he risks falling in the toilet. Wait until he is older or stronger to start the toilet training process.

Cats Should Be Litterbox Trained

Training with the Litter Kwitter is most effective with those cats who are already fully litter trained. However, even if your cat has not yet perfected his litterbox habits, he can still become toilet trained using the Litter Kwitter process, according to the product’s creators.

Litter Kwitter is available for purchase online. To purchase your own Litter Kwitter, including instructional DVD, or to learn more about the revolutionary product, visit the official website at https://Litter

What do you think? Would you want your cat to use a Litter Kwitter? Maybe they have already – we would love to hear how they got on.

An remember, if you don’t want to leave your cat to use the toilet – we can always come in and change their litter!!



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