A Day In The Life Of A Dog Walker In Dublin: What’s It Really Like?

What is the Life of A Dog Walker in Dublin really like? A few years ago, I made the best decision I have ever made and it has changed my life completely! I became a Dog Walker in Dublin (and of course a Franchise Owner).

Now I have the absolute privilege of taking care of people’s pets and this is what I was born to do ?

Dogs have always been part of my family and now I help people take care of the canine members of their families.

I decided to change career and studied animal behaviour at an animal welfare charity working with dogs, cats, rabbits, hens, goats, horses, pigs, turtles and snails.

Animals embrace life today and do not worry about tomorrow and I wanted to try and give back to them, some of what they have given me.

A Day In The Life Of A Dog Walker In Dublin

Doggy Greetings!

Now every day I wake up and smile as I think about which dogs in Dublin I will be taking care of today.

Will it be a gentle amble through the park with a little Bichon? or a high-powered walk up the mountains with an Old English sheepdog?

There are so many different personalities to meet and the greeting we receive is so rewarding.  It is like they are saying “The entertainment has arrived” as they look out excitedly ready to go on their adventure.

Dog Walks in Dublin Are Not  Just For Young Dogs

Whether you have a Puppy or an Older “Ageing gracefully” dog they love nothing better than getting out the front door for a sniff, to see what has been going on in their neighbourhood. It is truly one of the most satisfying and rewarding things you can do for your canine pal.

We always organise a “Meet & Greet” for our new clients so that the first time your pets meet us you can introduce us and show us your pet care routine. This gives your pet time to relax with us and get to know us, so they are happy to welcome us for the next visit.

What I Like To Carry on My Dog Walks

There are a few essentials I always like to have in my crossover bag for our walks – some chopped up carrot sticks for treats, a fold up dog bowl and water for thirsty moments and of course some poop bags (there are some great biodegradable ones available now).

Adventure Walks In Dublin

Dublin is a wonderful place to live for a dog walker.  We are so lucky with a vast selection of green areas to visit with our furry friends.

Parks from Cabinteely to Marlay offer such a variety of forest and streams to explore and have dog parks for a safe run off the lead.  Smaller ones like Ballawley park in Sandyford has been the sight of many of a squirrel investigation for a curious Golden Retriever.

Along the River Dodder Walk is a favourite for a cocker spaniel – where better to splash in a stream to cool down!

A Dog Friendly Cafe is a definite plus on a long walk and Brambles in Marlay Park always has water bowls at the ready for their canine visitors.

So many adventures and no matter what the personality or age of your dog the bond they share with us humans is an incredible gift we have been given.

Capturing The Perfect Pet Photo For Your Pet Care Journal

I Love capturing those happy moments when I am out on a walk with a pet so I can share them with their family after our walk via the Pet Care Journal – the excitement of running through a field or relaxing enjoying the sunshine.

If you are getting frustrated trying to get a photo of your pet that truly does them justice, there are a few tips I find helpful.

  • “Look” is a great word you can easily try with your pet to help them focus their attention on you.
  • Start with a treat in your hand, let them sniff it, then bring it up to your eyes. When they “look” in your eyes immediately say the word “Look” and reward them with the treat.
  • Repetition is key. Try frequently at home first where there are less distractions and then start practicing outside.  You will soon find that whenever you say the word “Look” you get their attention immediately, which is great for photos and more importantly for keeping their focus on you when you are out and about!
  • Aside from using the word “Look” think about what expression you are trying to capture before you take your photo – what type of photo do you want of your pet?
  • Is it an action shot you want? Wait until they are sniffing happily and not focussed on you, then call them towards you  – some distance helps, so an extendable lead works ideally to get a nice running shot.
  • Or maybe you would love to capture one of their many facial expressions? A favourite squeaky toy is perfect for bringing out what you are looking for.

As my dog walk comes to an end and we head back home they are happy to settle back into their bed for a nap after all their excitement.

Fresh water in their bowl, a little treat and a goodbye cuddle until the next adventure – that’s what the Life of A Dog Walker in Dublin is really like ?

If you want to hire a Dog Walker in Dublin, or any county in Ireland for that matter, get in touch with us via our Contact Form or call Freephone 1800 30 30 10 or 087 7453847

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