Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2020 (Semi Finalists)

Thank you to everyone who took part in the first stages of the Nose of Tralee. It’s been so lovely seeing all of your entries and your social media posts. Your pets are all absolutely amazing ?

A big Congratulations to those who have made it through to the next stage of the 2020 Nose of Tralee 

  • If your pet’s photo is featured below it means they are in the top 3 for their county – based on the votes they received.
  • Next our judges take over and they will decide which pet will represent each of the 32 Counties. And then go on to compete for the overall title of Nose of Tralee 2020.

What Happens During Judging?

Each pet will be judged on the following and the pet with the most points will go through to the final. Final scores will not be made public and in the event that the winner does not want to participate in the final stages then the runner up will be put through to the final.

  • Number of Public Votes (33% of score)
  • Quality, cuteness and uniqueness of photo (33% of score)
  • Written entry (33% of score)

When Will The Winners Be Announced?

We hope to be able to announce the final 32 Noses around the 21st July – with voting starting again on the 5th August.

We will be in touch with each of the final 32 with further instructions for the competition.


Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2020 (Semi Finalists)



Rico is a little rescue dog adopted the week before the COVID pandemic and he has helped both my husband and myself getting through twelve weeks of cocooning he is so loving cheeky and so funny, he would make an excellent ambassador


I call him Andy Capp because he swaggers around like a wee hard man on his way to his long shift at the shipyard, wearing his donkey jacket & carrying his wee tin lunchbox under his arm.. In this photo I imagine him playing a saxophone in a smoky jazz club, with his cigar & glass of bourbon on the table beside him. He’s afraid of absolutely nothing, he is brimming with confidence & energy, greets every dog he meets like a long lost friend, and never misses an opportunity to have fun, even at the grand old age of 10. We should all try to be a bit more Jake.


Roxy is a 1 year old female Border Collie. She is the most loving, stubborn & smart little girl. She loves nothing more that chasing her ball and having a good run about I’m the fields. Has a bit of a chip on her shoulder when it comes to sheep 😂 she is currently learning all the Collie ropes and has mastered the roll over technique but be rest assured it only happens when treats are presented. Roxy would make the perfect nose of Tralee as she is the most photogenic lillte dog and will win you I’ve with cuddles and lots of nose boops



Trixie is an 8 year old, 3 legged Bichon Frise. She’s affectionately known as Trixie the Tripod. Having 3 legs does not stop her or even slow her down. She loves walkies and meeting people, who automatically make a fuss of her due to her missing leg. She always has a smile on her face and brightens up my day.


He is such a handsome, loveable and funny character. He makes me laugh and smile every day. Rory would make a great nose of Tralee gor his outstanding personality! And I want to share his lovableness with others so he can brighten their day in these hard times.


Freyja is the Miss Congeniality of dogs. She has to meet everybody and give them a fair chance to admire her. If she likes the look of a person on a walk, she will not pass them by, even if it means throwing herself down at their feet in a full on tantrum against being pulled away by the lead. She will lie in a path in front of complete strangers demanding pets. Of course, lockdown has been particularly hard for her what with not being able to greet her public.   Freyja might be a princess, but she also loves the outdoors, having summited almost every mountain in the Ring of Gullion and competing in Waggy Races and other canicross events. She currently venturing into the Mournes for her first camping trip. When she’s not exploring the wilderness, Freyja is also a formidable sock thief, having planted hundreds of socks in the back garden which continue to disappoint her by not growing into sock trees. Last year Freyja became an attentive mother to an orphaned black kitten. They pair are still inseperable – usually because one is holding part of the other in their mouth – and share everything – except socks. No one can touch Freyja’s socks. Freyja can be yours -or anyone’s – for the small price of a dried chicken foot, a spoonful of peanut butter or an ear scratch. She also answers to Thunderfloof, Fartyplume, Fang Slipper and Trash Panda.



I think my dog would make a brilliant nose of tralee as he’s so clever so loving towards others he’s the type of dog that if he knows your sad he’s right there beside you to make your dark days a brighter one. I really hope he has this chance he deserves it


Hi I’m Smokey and I would make a great nose of tralee because I’m the bestest boy, Mammy tells me all the time. I’m very unique I have the personality of a dog but I’m smarter! I do tricks and walk on my lead. I have an Instagram page because I’m so funny everybody loves my videos and thinks I’m very handsome which is very true. I’m a nebelung cat so I’m very rare, I’m such a character that everybody is always amazed by me. My favorite thing to do is to show off I love attention and am a real ladies man. I love treats so much that my mam has to lock the press door or I will open it and eat them all. My mam loves to sing to me and I meow at her she thinks I’m singing with her when really I’m telling her to shut up! I love to take my humans things and hide them in my bed and watch them look for them. Okay that’s enough from me I could stay here talking about myself all day but somebody has to run around the house and meow for no reason. Love Smokey from Co. Carlow


Bear has changed my life since he came into last year. He makes me smile every single day. He has looked after me when I was unwell and even though he is only 15 months old, he is so in tune with people. He loves people and other dogs. He loves to water, to play ball, and run through fields. He is the most amazing dog and I think he deserves the recognition for that.



Lucy is head of hospitality at Derryham Stables where she works, she loves to greet everyone as they arrive for their horse riding lesson and she is the real boss! She is a four year old rescue and she is a whippet collie cross. She loves helping out at the yard & hanging out with her other horse, cat & donkey friends before coming home to relax with her sister Skip the terrier & her foster sister Luna the Collie who is staying until she finds her forever home. Lucy is an excellent role model to foster dogs & makes them feel welcome & at home and teaches them how to play and relax. Lucy is loved by everyone who meets her, she is incredibly friendly & playful, she loves long walks & adventures. Lucy is a very special dog who brings joy to everyone she meets & I think she would love to represent Cavan in Nose of Tralee to show everyone how amazing rescue dogs really are!


I think Ruby would be a great Nose of Tralee because she is fun, friendly, kind and playful. She is bursting with energy and loves people. Ruby was born on Moycullen. Co. Galway and took the long journey from there to lovely Cavan at 10 weeks only. Ruby always remembers her roots and still supports Galway in the hurling but Cavan in the football! Ruby even dons her Galway jersey for the big games. Since Ruby arrived in Cavan, shes become a huge part and a main part of our lives. She enjoys and helps oh t her fur dad every chance she gets and he can go nowhere but shes at his side. Sheâs made friends with all the cows on the farms and has great fun playing and running round on the farm. Ruby often gets for spins on the tractors especially when silage is on because she simply couldnt miss the action. Ruby loves to hang out with her fur mum too and often gets taken for a walk by her fur Mum or correction, ruby takes her fur mum on a walk and often a run whether she wanted to run or not. Ruby loves her walks because theres always so much to sniff, every piece of rock, every ounce of ground, flowers, leaves and much much more, sniffing everything. Another pastime of Rubys especially on a relaxing Sunday is to watch the birds in the sky. Shell stare and stare and stare, then slowly get up, crouch and creep a few soft quiet steps until boom, away she goes like a shot in pursuit of the bird!! To her surprise, she has yet to catch one, I dont think the realisation has sunk in that they can indeed fly. Lol a great wee head scratcher for her. Anyway ruby is a gorgeous little lady, and we love having her here as our pet and a big part of the family. Ruby has great fun playing with my nieces and nephews also, they get great enjoyment with her petting her and playing fetch. And of course lots of treatos when theyre around, they loving giving her treatos! Thats all on Ruby, so wishing her the best of luck in the Nose of Tralee!


Winston arrived to Ireland from Romania in Sept 2018. He needed major surgery on his legs which went wrong with an MRSA infection that took 15 months to fix. He is an inspiration to never give up. So happy, full of personality and never once stopped giving kisses throughout his journey



Little miss Winnie was adopted from Limerick Animal Welfare after becoming an unwanted Christmas gift. It was my lucky day when Winnie became a member of my family. When she first arrived, Winnie was like a little fluffy chick. She has become the sweetest little dog. She loves to sleep on my feet, or sit on my lap and keep one paw on my face. She has overcome a bad start in life to become a most adored member of our family. For such a little dog Winnie has the largest personality in the house. She keeps us safe from the post-lady and every person who dares to pass by the house on a daily basis. She adores her walks and runs on the beach, and adores curling up to sleep afterwards. Winnie is really the heart of my family.


Kobe was rescued from an abusive situation but he really rescued me, I have bi-polar disorder and Kobe has helped me through the darkest days, his need for a walk got me out of bed on days when all I wanted to do was curl up and die, he has laid his head on me when I’m low and comforted me when I’ve cried into his fur, he has saved me in so many ways and has made my life worth living. My mental health is so much better now and as we walk the beach each day I thank God hat he was brought into my life 8 years ago. My daughter has autism and although she has no interest in Kobe I see how he minds her and protects her when we are all out together, he will constantly stay by her side even when off lead and he tolerates her when she becomes volatile. He really is a very special boy and it doesn’t matter if he wins this or not because we know how amazing he is.


Charlie would be a great nose of tralee..He was born nearby and now resides with me… Born in the kingdom growing up in Clare.. Sporting the green and gold will be his biggest flare He’s 4.5 months and has a black and white coat…with a white tip on his tail and 4 white socks hes a dote.. He loves to fetch his tennis ball…. up he soars for that high ball Also a fan of a good chew socks shoes could be anything new!!! A walk and a swim is what he loves to do best then home we’ll stroll for a well deserved rest He arrived my companion just before this pandemic The comfort he gives theres no limit. Charlie would make a perfect nose of Tralee Hes fun and embraces anyones company.


Pixie Petunia Pugglesworth

We collected our fur baby on the first day of lockdown and she has definitely made it easier for all of us.She has warmed our hearts,licked our faces,nipped our toes,given the best cuddles,fallen in love with a hot water bottle,made our cranky daddy all warm and fuzzy,and has made our family complete.Pug cuteness can cure all xx


So friendly, full of joy, laughter and fun, and can smell food out of anywhere

Robert Blackwell

Robert is one of the most brave, adaptable and empathetic dogs I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and it makes my heart glow to know he is my furever companion. A survivor of the Greyhound Racing and Coursing Industry, he came to me a shell of a dog, scared of his own reflection and so unsure of the world around him. He quickly learned however, that he was no longer a commodity, or a cheap bet, but a companion and beloved pet and once he realized he was safe, loved and respected, he blossomed into the amazing, social, confident dog he is today. He has an incredible ability to find the one person in the room who needs some canine company, and goes out of his way to make others smile. He is still learning how to navigate this strange world, a far cry from the cold concrete kennels he was raised in, but once he discovered the joys of the couch there was nothing that could stand in his way! I think Robert would make a GREYT Nose of Tralee as he is an ambassadog for his breed, one of the most systematically neglected breeds in Ireland. His natural smile and happy go lucky, laid back attitude have shown countless people just how fantastic greyhounds are as pets, and though he bears the scars of his past, he doesnt let them slow him down. To win the title of Nose of Tralee would be a win not just for Robert, but for Greyhounds as a whole, showing the country and the world their value as couch-loving, Pajama embracing , cuddlebugs, not the money making commodities they are treated as. Robert is a food-obsessed, duvet-hogging, toy-loving greyhound, thriving as an adored companion, but he could have ended up as another number on a spreadsheet, one of the 6000 healthy greyhounds routinely euthanized in Ireland every year for failing to make the cut. There is no difference between Robert and one of those 6000, only that he got lucky. In honour of those poor dogs that didnt make it, I enter one of the lucky survivors, my rescued greyhound Robert.



Florence Le Floof is a fabulous lab/poodle cross. She loves new bandana day (that’ll be her fashionable poodle side) but also splashing about in the water and getting muddied (still definitely part labrador too!) Her favourite places include the beach, the park and visiting local coffee shops to meet the other Derry doggies. (Pre-lockdown of course! But she’s waiting patiently for them to reopen soon!) Florence would make a great Nose of Tralee because she’s a true Derry Girl at heart and enjoys meeting new people (and dogs!) and is friendly to all.


The handsome Alfie is a 2 year old cockapoo who is extremely playful, friendly and happy. He loves his walks especially when he can run free off the lead and then cuddling on the sofa with his human. His favourite place is the beach and his favourite toy is his squeaky ball that he always plays with loudly at the most inappropriate times. Alfie would make a PAWfect Nose Of Tralee as he is always dressed to impress as he never leaves the house without one of his signature bow ties!


Our Jack is almost 13 years old & loving life. He enjoys his daily walks to the par. As he is now completely deaf, he relies on his nose to get about, he would make an ideal NOSE of Tralee . His sister dolly was the Derry nose two years ago & I guess jack wants to even things up



Such a curious dog loves to walk the woods and sniff out the squirrils.she has such a cute face and personality. she is eleven but still such a puppy and give all her love to everyone


Oceanus would make an amazing Nose Of Tralee. He is so funny and friendly. He loves to visit the beach and travel along the wild Atlantic way in Donegal and gets extra belly rubs from everyone because he is so adorable. He loves to get everyone’s attention whether it’s something cute or hilarious. He is so full of love and is a big puppy. When he’s not running around playing or being my part time dog model posing for photos, he is cuddling up with us all and always on the look out for any treats when he is an extra good boy! I’m sure he would be so happy to meet all the noses too!

Lord Luther

Luther is no stranger to grand titles as he is a Lord of Glencoe, owning his own little square foot of land! This accolade would allow Luther to have lucrative titles in both Scotland and Ireland! Luther is not Irish born but moved here almost 2 years ago with his mummy and he has since adopted it as his home! He loves going for walkies on his harness on Donegals beautiful beaches, and he loves exploring walking trails and parks. Luther is a very special boy and has become an emotional support companion to his mummy who has suffered a great deal of loss in the last 3 years, Luther is always there with a kiss and a nose rub. Luther is the best big brother to his fur siblings; Luna and Ludwig, he is the most gentle, patient boy in the world and we all love him to the moon and back. Luther would make a good nose of Tralee because he is elegant, poised, adventurous, loves a good hat and most importantly, has a big loving heart


Mays Pearl

Pearl is the sweetest most loveliest of Pearls, loyal and loving and a joy to be with


Not only is it cute and ripe for booping – it creates snores that sound like a tractor and makes more noise than a vaccum cleaner when shes on the hunt for treats.

Wendy’s Daddy

Daddy is the sweetest loveliest pup always wagging his tail and always happy. I named him as he was born 4 days before my own Daddy passed away, a little tribute to him



Meet Toby, the goodest boy in the history of good boys. Toby is 2 years young Boston Terrier who is extremely gentle, enthusiastic and full of character. He gives me something to laugh and smile about every day. Toby just wants to hug everyone he meet and he loves if somebody Pat him, rub him but his favorite is bum scratches. Hes very good with kids and other pets, hes a good natured boy. It’s pretty hard for anyone not to smile and feel in a better mood after meeting Toby, he will teach you unconditional love. Simply put, he would make the best Nose of Tralee because todays world needs more Tobys.


I think Teddy would make an amazing ‘Nose of tralee’ because he is basically a real life teddy bear! At only 7 months old, he is the most lovable, friendly, cuddly dog with the biggest personality. He loves meeting new people and animals and loves to be the centre of attention. On walks, teddy grabs everyones attention with his bubbly and playful personality. Teddy makes everyone smile and always gives a great greeting. Teddy would make a great nose of tralee because of his amazing personality and if he won, no doubt you would see a lot more of him! Teddy is the best companion you could ever have and deserves a little treat!


Oisin is our special little dog. He is an 18-month-old tripod Miniature Schnauzer who is full of life. He is a rescue dog who lost his leg when only 3 months old due to puppy farm neglect. The amazing Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Ireland (MSRI) saved Oisin, nursed him back to health and entrusted him to us. Oisin has never let his disability slow him down in any way. He is full of energy, curiosity and pure divilment! He loves playing with our other dogs and can outrun and outjump them all, in spite of his 3 legs. He loves stealing shoes and socks and running away with them, so you will chase him. He’s a real cuddle bunny and loves sitting on your lap and having a belly rub. He enjoys his food and is always first in the queue at mealtimes. Carrots, banana and blueberries are his favourite treats. Oisin is a true inspiration. Although he had a terribly cruel start to his short life, he has never let it hold him back in way . He has such a sweet, kind and gentle nature. He captures the heart of everyone who meets him and we love him to bits



Jen chose us as her family from Mid Ulster Re-Homing Centre. She was skin & bone & a nervous wreck but look at her now….she’s a happy dog, full of cuddles and a real poser.


Judy is a character with attitude and a real zest for life. A typical springy Springer, her ideal day is a long walk and a swim but once she gets home she loves nothing more than a big cuddle.


Ruby is a 11 month old rescue thats been with us for 4 months now. She was being dumped so we grabbed her and brought her home to her other rescue brothers and sisters. She has brought everyone to life here and she has her nose into everything and she is super cute too. Everyone that meets her loves her. She is a poser for sure, as soon as a camera is present she is there. She is a ray of sunshine. She has bought the oldies to life again and keeps them all on their toes( and us too) everyone needs a Ruby. She is a bundle of fun and mischief and a bossy little madam too. She has a home for life here with us now but her life could have been so much different. . She as her nose into everything learning about life and is a dutiful gitl letting us know if anyone is about that shouldnt be.


Lady Penelope Shaughnessy

Meet Lady Penelope Shaughnessy, who landed her four paws firmly in our hearts & family at the same time as covid_19 took our wedding dreams away, despite that, we haven’t stopped similing or laughing since the day she arrived! And she got the family surname before I did!! Penelope is more than a pretty pooch, already queen of the castle, has taken on her big brother Rocky in style, 4 chickens to mind every evening & 5 horses to herd too! It’s a tough life but this Kerry Blue Beauty has only been with us a short time, we simply can’t remember life befire her!! beauty


Izzy is the best friend a girl could ask for, and the best dog by far. She loves everyone she meets & is our go-to when trying to settle in any new foster dog or dog we’re minding as she’ll make friends almost instantly. We adopted her 5 years ago from GSPCA as a 12 week old pup and it’s the best decision we ever made. Izzy’s favourite things to do are bury herself in the couch in case there’s any trears hidden that she may have missed-often all we can see is her 2 back legs & tail sticking up in the air! Her best friend is her (younger) big sister Akoya, a GSPCA rescue lurcher/saluki. Such an unlikely pair, Izzy befriended her straight away & was the main reason she came out of her shell & overcame her fears. They’re inseparable! Luckily Izzy is as lazy as I am & loves chilling on the couch watching netflix after a quick walk or run around the garden. Izzy was my little model while I was training to become a dog groomer & to this day she’s still the hardest to get a nice “after” photo of because as soon as she’s tidy looking she loves to roll around & do headstands-just to make sure she looks messy again-such a monkey! We’d be absolutely lost without our cheeky little monkey.


Dexter is so happy in life and loves meeting new people especially other dogs and children. He makes everyone smile and brings joy to all. Hes my constant companion and very loyal. As Dexter is a Beagle his nose is hes stongest muscle, going one direction one minute and they taking you on a journey in a different direction within a second. So this competition is very apt for my Dexter, I should have called his nosey. When we on walks, its Dexter who wants to stop and look in over walls and gates for a nose and check out whats the other side. Makes anyone watching have a good laugh. Dexter has a spot on my window stil inside that over looks the main street of our home town. Most people passing see him and wave up to him. Its like he was made to be on a throne. He makes me laugh when Im sad and just knows how to cheet me. I think and believe Dexter is a champion already, just think the rest of the country needs to know too..



Our Kid is a loveable rogue he has brought so much happiness and love to our home he is more than our pet he is a member of our family


This is Molly our 2 year old baby. Molly is full of fun and personalty and loves the camera!!! She would make the best Nose of Tralee because she would just love the fame and has eyelashes to die for. She pretends to be brave and tough but is a right little softy and loves nothing more than being scratched behind her ears and cuddles. She would spend her prize money on her favourite tesco treats!!


In September 2019, we decided it was time to add another member to our Family. We wanted our twins, Charlee-Ann and Aideen, to experience the joy of having their own puppy. Unfortunately we didn’t qualify for a rescue dog. The twincesses were crazy for Pugs so wee Scamp the pug came into our life’s. Our senior dog Lubo (who was half Pug /Min Pin) got a new lease of life with his new pal. Unfortunately their precious time together was short as Lubo passed in May. Lubo gave us over 15 years of joy and unconditional love. It’s true what they say, a dog is only part of our life but we are the dogs entire life. Scamp has a massive presence in our home. He brings our girls so much joy and happiness. We recently celebrated their 9th birthday and Scamps 1st. The girls were more excited about Scamps celebration than their own. He loves going on adventures with us. His favourite is trips to local dog shows and fund raising events (such as Santa Paws) for local dog rescue centres. He would love to represent the Kingdom of Kerry in The Nose Of Tralee. He’s a small dog with a huge personality and I’m sure everyone would love his fun loving antics as much as we do.



Hudson is a Rottweiler cross Bernese Mountain Dog who would make the perfect Nose of Tralee. He is about a year and a half old. He is very intelligent and can perform countless tricks. Some of our favourites include counting, closing the door and figure eight. He is even a bit of a Harry Potter fan. When I shout Avadakadavra (the killing curse) he plays dead. He can also hold things in his mouth on command, which makes for a cute photo. He works hard to practice and learn new tricks and has even made a name for himself on Tiktok, where we show these tricks. His skills and charm have earned him over 40K followers. His most popular video, which is a tribute to his brother who unfortunately passed away this year has over 5 million views. If you would like to see Hudsons tricks in action you can check us out at TikTok with the username rachels_rottie. Every day, Hudson defeats the stereotype that Rottweilers are untrustworthy dogs by being extra gentle with our little cousins and showing love to every new person, dog or any other animal he meets. He proves that in the right home any dog can be an amazing companion. He loves being around people and going on adventures. Whenever I leave the house he looks at me with his big sad eyes to guilt me into bringing him. His favourite places to visit are places where he can do lots of climbing. He is a very active pup that can explore for hours. Perhaps Hudson’s only flaw is that he doesn’t understand his size. He still thinks he is a lap dog who can sit on you in the evenings, however, his excellent cuddles are worth it. Hudson is a big softie who loves to play with his teddies and relax by the fire. He enjoys his belly scratches and playing with our cats tail. He is also extremely photogenic and manages to look beautiful in every photo. He is a pleasure to have in our home and he would be a great Nose of Tralee.

Teddy Bear

Our bichon frise Teddy Bear, in our opinion and a lot of others too, would be the best candidate for the Nose of Tralee 2020. He is the most lovable, loyal, playful, adorable and clever ball of fur. He’s very polite providing paw shakes with anyone who asks and quite cool giving fist bumps with the kids. He’s very inquisitive, picture case in point. He loves to snuggle and be snuggled. He’s very sensitive to others emotions and will always try diffuse any situation with a play of his toys. He has so much love to give and is not shy in letting us know. To us he’s one of the family to others a cute and cuddly friend.


Odin is a 15 year old rescue dog who was found by protecting pound dogs rescue in 2019. Since he’s come into our home he has really become part of the family and every who meets him loves him. He is the kindest, gentlest animal I’ve ever met and just wants to sit with you and have a cuddle, and he has time for everyone! As you can see by his teeth, he has a unique and very loveable smile! I think he’s a very worthy winner of the Nose of Tralee as he is the perfect example of how special rescue pets are, and he makes us smile every day.



Bailey is a special dog She puts a smile on everyone’s mug, She loves to run around and play, With her three best friends everyday, Their names are Bakers, Ozzie and Belle, They chase each other around the well. Bailey is the leader of the pack, Leading them through the fields snd back, To the yard so they can take a nap, Together they lay On a fresh bed of hay, And take a nap together, And when Bailey is refreshed she goes on patrol around the yard, Making sure no predators are near, No rabbits, pheasants or cats are welcome here. Not while Bailey is on patrol! When her shift is over she makes her way up the back, There’s a paddock there where we have the craic, You see Bailey, she loves to jump , And in the paddock there is a set of showjumps. Bailey takes them all on, Floating over them, inches to spare , Bailey is a natural that’s for sure, And when she’s in full flight, For everyone watching its pure delight. She can jump over a metre ten, Gliding through the air, she’s better than, Any horse you’ll ever see. Bailey has a heart of gold, and brings joy to us all, young and old


Meet Loki , he is our baby and our best friend. He is the kindest , sweetest and most fun little boy. He loves to go on adventurous walks in the woods , he thinks he is Indiana Jones on his adventures.He likes to take lots of naps , he especially likes to nap in mammy and daddies bed ! Loki really enjoys family time and likes to cuddle up to mammy and daddy on the sofa when they are watching movies. We recently got married and during our photoshoot Loki was the star of the day ! We are so lucky to have our little boy in our lives , we think he would be a Pawfect Nose of Tralee


I think may should win as in my eyes she is the best in the world



Ruby is such a gentle soul, dumped in the pound with her sister at 8 weeks old. She has helped me foster many puppies over the past 8 years.


Pixie is a great cat she is very gentle and friendly, she ‘nose’ s lot of things…like when it is feeding time, when it is time to wake her owners up and where the warmest sleeping places are. We got her from the LSPCA, and we think she landed on her feet here! Her name was Jane , but we thought that name too plain for her so we changed it. We think she is a very photogenic cat and would be a great ambassador for the nose of tralee.


Hi I’m Mylo, I’m almost 9 months old. I’m from Laois. I have loads of toys but ripping up toilet roll is my favourite hobby. I don’t normally dress up but as you can see I scrub up well and would make a great nose of Tralee 2020.



Marley is a beautiful 7 year old rescue dog. She loves football and swimming. She is smart, friendly and very cheeky but has a heart of gold. She is a very loving dog and her beautiful eyes turn heads everywhere she goes!


Romeo is a cheeky toy poodle puppy who loves to have fun. He has such a positive outlook on life and he radiates his positivity to all the humans he meets. When taking a break from mischief making he loves a good cuddle as much as the next dog. Romeo should be the Nose of Tralee because he loves to be the centre of attention and he brings so much love and joy to everyone he meets.


Hi my name is Mc Faughnan and I would be honoured to accept the award of Nose of Tralee 2020. About time people noticed my true worth. In a wet and cold October in 2018 I was found as a tiny 7 week old on Tesco roundabout Carrick on Shannon, you see my father was a Tesco man and my mother she enjoyed meeting the other felines for a coffee at Esquires. One day, I went for a walk and got stuck on the roundabout, Thank God two young boys saved me and brought me to a safe place where Louise came and got me. Once my gorgeous face went up online everybody wanted me. So my home life is pretty simple, I act like I want something and I generally get it. Louise and Philip are pretty cool, Philip buys me special cans of sardines and tuna that’s my favourite. I like to sit on them so they know they’re my thrones afterall I am a princess. My favourite pastime is tree climbing and I love when they’ve just washed the floor and I can run around a slide everywhere so much fun. Sometimes when Philip and Louise go on holidays I get to go to Ballinamuck where my other servants quarters are, no holidays this year humans. Anyway that’s me, face that gets me noticed, whine that gets me anything. Thank you McFaughnan



This Willow shes a 9 month old Cavachon. Willow loves adventures and is a very happy smiley little dog. I didnt believe dogs could smile until I met Willow. She runs out the front door with a smile on her face everyday. Willow loves getting her picture taken and enjoys nothing more then a little video call to friends and family. Willow has brought so much joy to our door since arriving weve felt so much love from her. She loves to chill with us as we have a coffee. Any excuse shes up in our bed stretching out and hides our shoes in the hope we wont get to work. Willow has her own instagram showing off her adventures and making new friends. If willow was nose of Tralee she would prob dance for joy and give everyone a big sloppy kiss.


My name is Alfie (or Alf, Alfonsis, Alferdo or Alfred when I’m being fancy). I am 7 years old and I have been living in my forever home in Limerick for almost 2 years now. I’m very excited to enter the nose of Tralee because I actually come from Tralee!! My pawrents adopted me from Kingdom cat and dog rescue at Petmania Manor West and I have been filling their house with dog hair since! I love walks, playing fetch, tug-o-war and chewing sticks, but my favourite is swimming. I absolutely love spending time at the beach and jumping around in the waves. Wether I’m walking along the beach or around the city I am always full of smiles. Unless there’s food, then Im all business. I pretty much follow my nose wherever I go, I guess thats the lab in me. Oh yeah I almost forgot, Im a pretty unique looking dog. Like my vet once said Who chopped you legs mate?. Were pretty sure Im a cross of a Labrador and a Corgi, meaning I have a big Lab body, but little corgi legs, and a fluffy corgi butt!! My mom always says Big dreams, Little legs So i guess thats me! If I win I plan to spend the prize money on milk, chicken and toast. Maybe I’ll wear one of my fancy bow ties!!! Lots of Love and rubs! – Alfie


My dog should be the Nose of Tralee because he’s like a typical Kerry man; full of divilment and just cute enough to get away with it. He’s a cockapoo and he will be 1 year old in July. He comes to work everyday and loves to hang out in the garage with mechanics (who all adore him, obviously). Like most dogs, Bertie goes absolutely nuts when someone knocks on the front door but when its opened he just wants to jump and lick whoever’s calling to see him. For a medium sized dog, he takes up alot of room. We each have our spot on the couch but once asleep Bertie loves to stretch out and it’s not unusual for his head to “coincidentally” end up on my lap or his bum in my face. Bertie hates the bath. He puts up with it but when he gets out he gives me the stink eye for the rest of the evening. He is the love of my life and he is such a handsome boy. When I got Bertie I was having a tough time in my personal life but he made carrying that load easier just by being in the room. Bertie loves to play with all dogs; big and small. He has gone nose to nose with the neighbours German Shepherd – he has no fear!!! He is the happiest, most confident dog you’ll meet and he makes me happier and more confident too. He’s so friendly he’d lick you to death. He’s very photogenic too. It was a struggle choosing just one picture. Don’t get me wrong; like all Kerry men, hes no angel. I have lost phone chargers, shoes and €50 to his puppy teething. And when I first started walking him, it was like trying to fly a kite. But he has come a long way since we first met and do you know what, so have I. I am so grateful for every minute i spend with this little fur monster. All animals are beautiful but this fella is just…..well, he’s something else. Pick him for the Nose of Tralee. You will not find a better candidate. Vote Bertie Number 1!!! Thanks very much for hearing us out and we hope to hear from you soon. Katie and Bertie xxx



My Stella is the most bubble and joyful pet Ive ever had. She brings so much joy to our house. She is 4 months old now and is a beagle. She loves to play and chews a lot too. She is just adorable and I couldnt imagine life without her. She has made a great addition to our family. She is very photogenic, my hubby does photography as a hobbie and she is his favourite thing to shoot. I think Stella would make a great Nose of Tralee as she is just full of joy and so playful.


Hi, my name is Pud & Im a Maine Coon from county Longford. I am 13 years old and I live with my humans and my little brother Casper. I am the queen of my household and usually rule the roost, someones gotta show them whos boss around here!! I love playing with my brother Casper but mostly I love chilling out in sun by myself & going on outdoor adventures. My favourite foods are mince & mints, try saying that after a few bottles of milk!! ˜‚ I love having my picture taken and truly believe I am the prettiest cat in all the land. Some people say I look like an evil cat but thats just my blue Steel pose. I would be honoured to represent all the animals in Longford and can hear them chanting my name already! Looking forward to getting to meet other Noses if I qualify!! Peace out, Pud.


Aah where do I start about my boy Leroy!!  Leroy is a 3yr old boxer who is full of devilment Let’s just say he keeps me on my toes! And keeps me smiling and laughing with his crazy antics ˜… His favourite pastime is sulking when he doesnt get his own way or when his mammy isnt paying him attention — Leroy is a clever boy more than what he lets on to be! He NOSE the sit,give the paw and lie down command. Leroy is very friendly& loves all dogs but sometimes he doesnt realise his size especially when it comes to our morning cuddles! Myself & Leroy love running together and sometimes participate in canicross events, we do great together until we get to a steep hill and I really have to encourage him to keep going˜… Leroy lives with his 5 siblings( 2 rescued greyhounds(Callie&Misty), 1 rescued boxer(Rosie), his brother Wilson & sister Bainne) they all get along so well. He is very accepting of other dogs coming in to our home when I am fostering rescued dogs, Leroy shows them how to be a dog again by playing, being affectionate towards them & also sharing his bed. He loves his lakeside walks and enjoys a swim during the summer months. Every dog is perfect in there owners eyes and to answer the question as to why Leroy should win is simple! Apart from the fact that I love him to bits & would be lost without him but There is not a day that goes by without Leroy making me either smile or laugh



As well as being devastatingly handsome, Bruce has the sweetest temperament. He’s gorgeous and he knows it.. literally smiles every time the camera comes out! Bruce, despite his youthful appearance is 10 yrs old..we still get asked if he is a puppy! Hes a mixed breed.. collie sized, retriever’s luscious locks! He was a rescue and was our first baby.. since then our family has grown and he is just amazing with the children. He brightens every day with his loveable nature and we adore him


Ozzy is a true representation of a word King in Cavalier King Charles. He loves a relaxing bath after an exhausting day of sampling treats in the local cafes.


Meet Finn, the Dundalk Dog Rescue labrador who joined St. Vincent’s Secondary School as a 4-month-old puppy last August. From the moment he arrived in the school, he stole the hearts of students and staff alike, and is now a very important part of the school community. Finn comes into school every day.He has his own outside area in the school where students regularly visit him throughout the day, and the clever pup now knows when the change of class is happening even before the bell rings! He also has an indoor office where he can chill out when tired. Finn spends his day visiting classrooms, going for walks and being pampered and petted by his fans. He has even become bilingual in a very short space of time, learning commands in English, Irish and French. (The treats may have helped.) He enjoys going to the park with different classes and has also begun work with the school’s guidance counsellor. Finn also plays a role in the wellbeing programme, where first year students study a module called “Caring for Animals,” learning about the importance of caring for a pet and aiming to help them to make an informed decision when considering pet ownership in the future. Finn would make a great ‘Nose of Tralee’ winner. He is a clever and affectionate dog but still has plenty of puppy madness!!



I adopted Alfie from Madra Mutts. We are not sure of what his life was before the rescue found him. He is the most affectionate dog. He is bursting with love. I can take him anywhere he loves people of all ages and gets on well with other dogs. I take him to the nursing home where I work and they all love him. I love him


Giovanni is a beautiful fluffy Maltichon and is 4 and half years old. I call him Gio for short or more often I call him Son! He has his own Instagram page. My teenagers think I love him more than I love them….haha they’re absolutely 100% right! He follows me like my shadow. He is literally my bestie! He gives me the best welcome anyone could wish for, even if Ive just popped out for 5 minutes. He greets me with kisses and hugs! When I was a kid I used to dream of having a ˜real life teddy bear..well that dream came through when Gio came into our lives. He was given to my daughter Sophie as a special present from her grandmother when Sophie was diagnosed with scoliosis and due to undergo spinal fusion. Wow, what a distraction Gio was for Sophie during all of that! Gio is well known too within our business as we operate a hostel & cottages resort and he gets actively involved in the family business.he takes his job very seriously and thinks hes ˜head of security and head of meet and greet¦every guest that stays with us absolutely loves Gio and his big welcom ¦he even gets rave reviews on Trip Advisor, Facebook etc. Gio loves his walks, especially on the beach! Gio loves dressing up in his doggie clothes and he is so possessive about his cuddly toys. He absolutely loves to play but then when hes tired he loves to sleep! When hes asleep he snores and its the most beautiful noise on the planet!! Gio is very photogenic and always poses for photos. He’s not the best at giving the paw, however he’ll give a great ‘hi five’ whenever there’s a treat to be had…..he’d sell his soul for a treat! I’d love my fur baby Gio to win the highly coveted title of The Nose of Tralee, however every dog and cat entry is a worthy winner for sure, so good luck all you pawgeous dogs and cats from Giovanni!


Sashas my name, Im from Ardnaree, Id like to become the Nose of Tralee. You may very well ask, If Im up to this task? Common Scents you see, for a sniffer like me. Ive been blessed with gifts and talents galore, Modesty prevents me from saying any more. I dont like the Catwalk, Id much prefer a Dogwalk, Where my nose and I the world can explore. The sun will be declining beneath the blue sea, When they announce the winner of the Nose of Tralee. Good luck to the Noses, Were as good as the Roses. This year I hope the crown will fit me.



Bailey would make a great nose of Tralee as he constantly has his nose in everything! Supervising any cooking or baking (hoping for a lick of cream or a piece of cheese) or poking you in the knee with his nose to give you a friendly reminder hes at your feet! He is the most loveable pup who have enjoyed lockdown more that any member of my family! Playing all day with his human brothers, sharing snacks or keeping me company on the sofa while we watch a movie.


Snoopy is a very chilled out dog, and he surprises me every day. He loves being outside and watching the world around him. He takes great interest in watching the birds in the garden and he is quick to run any cat from the place that may show up! His favourite things in life are a good nap, McDonald’s chicken nuggets, and walkies. He loves ear and chin scratches and amuses himself by battering his favourite teddy Mr. Fox around the house before licking his wounds so they can stay best friends. He craves human company and will always choose to snuggle up beside someone on the sofa rather than being alone. He LOVES his food and will always be able to deduce who is most likely to give him tidbits from the table. He always sits closest to this person for begging purposes. There is only one thing that he absolutely hates …and weirdly enough it’s people farting!! If he hears a noise that even sounds like a fart he will give the person the dirtiest look he can give! I think he would make a great Nose of Tralee because his little squishy nose will capture hearts!

Tom Jones

Tom Jones our cuddly pet , The best cat you’d ever get. He strayed in – amidst recession , And saved us all from depression. His cutest nose is made to be kissed , Tom Jones is our Family Therapist !



Boo is fabulous and she knows it! She may be tiny but she has a huge personality and a heart of gold! She loves to pose and is no stranger to the camera. Just look at those eyes!


I think Buddy would be perfect as despite Cancer taking hold, he is the most gorgeous dog Ive ever known and ever will know!


BOBBY is 13 years old, and was recently diagnosed with stage 2 kidney failure,, he was recently in the vets very unwell,, Bobby is one of the most loyal, gentle, and lovable dog, that any one could wish for,, He may not have many years left to live, so I would love if Bobby could be Monaghans nose,,, this would be a great achievement in his old age..



Cassie is a very sophisticated dog. His hobbies include opera singing, bird watching and chewing the cud with the neighbouring cows. However, his nose is a very sensitive subject. From an early age, Cassie was a big fan of the game “Got your Nose.” To this day, he still believes that I have the ability to “take” his nose and reattach it again. The very mention of the word “nose” prompts a low, warning growl from an otherwise friendly and affectionate Collie. While bird watching may be his favourite hobby, Cassie is partial to a sing along. His set includes “I Will Always Love You” (it has to be Dolly Parton) and “Ave Maria”. He sits outside the window and sings, accompanied by the piano of course. Birds are advised to avoid the airspace and often receive a stern bark if they attempt to land in the garden. However, the birds take pleasure in annoying Cassie. They land right beside his food bowl and frequently take off again with bread or ham from his dinner. A true gentleman, Cassie would never harm them but insists upon chasing them away. While he may be a dog, Cassie is a valued member of the family. My grandparents send an annual “Merry Christmas to the Dog” card along with a new blanket, the ultimate luxury in Cassie’s eyes. Tennis balls and ropes come a close second but he has been known to “accidentally” roll the tennis balls down the road in to the neighbours farm, in the hopes that someone will throw it back! When Cassie isn’t minding the house, patrolling for birds or eating, he can be found napping under the window facing the gate. During the summer, he may be found beside the crops in the field and was the main suspect in the unfortunate incidence involving the disappearance of the first red strawberry last year. While kisses are given begrudgingly, hugs are his specialty . He is a loyal guard dog (Henry the resident hedgehog is the only exception) and highly intelligent. Cassie is my best friend. “The Offaly Nose” has a nice ring to it!


Pippa would make a good Nose of Tralee because she literally has an exceptional snoot! She has such a fun personality- she can be an elegant lady in the home and a wild beast in nature! She loves rubs, attention and being lazy just as much as she loves exploring forests and smelling the world! Her favourite pastime is to distract her humans when they are working from home.


Teddy is very energetic and entertaining. Shes 2 years of age and is and always be the baby in my house. She treated more like a human and live the attention of other people. Shes very friendly and knows how to cheer you up when your w bit down. Teddy would be spoilt so all my family says but u wouldnt have it any other way.



Casey is mans best friend in a nutshell. She loves nothing better than to go everywhere with her master. The front seat is hers on every journey, you are barking up the wrong tree if you think otherwise. Loves swimming and playing fetch with what ever she deems fetchable even if it is a 4 foot long stick. Very loveable doggo and very protective of her owners. Loves belly rubs and long walks down the fields

Meeko Cox

Even though I am Meekos appointed spokesperson, best friend and mum, my opinion is totally and completely unbiased and should definitely be taken as the complete truth. Meeko is the best dog to ever exist, ever. She didnt tell me to say that, I promise. One look at Meeko and your heart will do that warm, fluffy ohmygoodness I love you thing and no one would ever blame you. Shes so cute. But its meekos personality that makes her the best dog in the world. She is caring, kind, thoughtful, funny, excitable, loyal and so clever. Meeko loves snuggles and nose boops with everyone. Among Meekos many talents, is her avid love for the environment. As an environmental activist she ensures all plants are adequately sniffed (for any problems of course) and watered. She even goes so far as to remind me to pick up her poop but staring at me excitedly until Ive completed the task. Meekos philanthropic nature extends to her care for the less fortunate and she will always bring me one of her treasured biscuits (which she usually keeps well hidden) if Im feeling down. Meekos favourite trick is spin and she truly believes there is nothing in the world that cant be fixed without an enthusiastic spin, especially the treat dispenser (this is her little nickname for me). In all honesty Meeko has changed my life, she is the sweetest and funniest dog youll ever meet and although there are hundreds of thousands of incredible dogs out there who are so deserving of the title Meeko would love the opportunity to represent them all as The Nose of Tralee. Meeko sends nose boops and wants to remind you she is an 11/10 good girl.


Rosie is extremely smart. She is a nine year old rescued collie. She loves attention and gets on with every dog and when you ask her for a hug she will give you one. Rosies favourite things are a cup of tea, a long walk or her grandad who comes to visit her once a day. She is full of character and charm!!



She’s such a sweet little lady. Everyone thinks she looks like a fox cub! She loves having her photo taken, has great manners & good behaviour. And she gives the best cuddles. Her favourite game is rough & tumble with her brother Travis & her best friend Olive but she also likes chasing birds & feathers. She turned 1 in May so we had a little party. I’d have been lost without her during covid


That right there is the best dog I could have asked for, Zeena my almost 3 year old girl. Zeena is a fun, outgoing agility mad kinda dog. The fun kind she is the best behaved dog I ever had even gaining her gold in good citizens award we are currently training in agility to learn new skills which she is loving and me too of course! She loves nothing more than playing with her many toys and a nice cuddle on the couch or bed in the evenings which ever she gets to first!


The names Kune (pronounced Cooney), George Cooney. One of the coolest pigs in Sligo, if not Ireland. Also, with such a beautiful snout, how could he not be deemed the perfect “Nose of Tralee”?



I am Beau. I was born in March & have 8 brothers! I stand out from the boy’s because of my cute ears-one floppy, one sticky up!! I am a rough & tumble Collie but love my snuggles on the couch, but only when Gaga is not looking!! I love walkie’s in the forest, playing ball ball with my hooman’s and splashing in the pool on hot days.


Roxy LOVES meeting people! She LOVES opening gifts especially if theres wrapping paper on She HAS to get the post from the letterbox & bring them to you. She eats what our rabbit James eats (carrots,lettuce,swede,rabbit food etc). She loves meeting different animals! Roxy loves licking horses noses & eating carrots with them and bits of apples that fall out of their mouths. She doesn’t leave my sight when my depression is bad. She MUST greet people with a teddy as they come in the door. Theres no need to use the doorbell in our house as she lets us know someone is here, different bark for strangers. Ive fibromyalgia & find it difficult to bend down to picks up things for me when I ask her. If you even drop something shed pick it up in hopes for a treat. I like to call her a big friendly giant as even with newly born kittens, a bird, a snake, a rabbit, chickens, ducks, a bat… you name it she gets so excited by them & is super gentle but she must follow you if you move with them in your hand and sniff them constantly. With certain treats she holds them in her paws in such a way its like she has hands. If youre too slow at giving her a treat she becomes impatient that she barks ha. She doesnt let her arthritis stop her. She LOVES swimming in the river. Shes unbelievably intelligent that she has several interactive toys she just loves doing! She has a sock on a press door that she pulls to open it up & she gets her own treats when she feels she deserves it haha. She loves going in between your legs as you sway her & scratch her butt & singing. If you so much as squeeze a powder bottle she HAS to have some put on her. If anyone hugs or kisses infront of her, she cant have that, she barks at you & jumps up to separate ye. She can hear you change an empty toilet roll from downstairs that she runs up to take it off you to put into the bin for a treat. When she wants to go for a walk she noses her lead & barks at you. At 9pm youd find her in her bed no matter


As you can already see he loves to pose for the camera! Teddy actually acts as a therapy dog for me and I dont know what I would do without him. I have a medical condition, he can tell when Im not feeling the best and gives me all the cuddles and kisses. On my good days he runs around the house constantly playing games and on my bad days he lies down with me to watch Netflix! He definitely deserves to be crowned the Nose of Tralee as he always brings a smile to my face. He gives high fives and trys to play football daily! He is definitely a pampered pooch. Hes not camera shy and loves a photo shoot. Teddy gets everyones attention and always smiles to show his lovely teeth! As soon as I put runners on he sits patiently at the door begging to go for a walk. He loves people watching and we sit at the window to watch the day go by. Life wouldnt be the same without Teddy and I think the Nose of Tralee sash would look perfect on him!



Sparkles is very sweet natured, very clever adapts to people, from elderly to children. Its as if she just naturally smart. Cute



Trixie the litter trickster was once a shy and quiet puppy who was rescued in September after being abandoned. 4 weeks after we got her she had a litter of 4 little fluff balls who have thankfully gone to great homes. Trixie is a confident, happy, funny, goofy, smart and beyond cute dog who now loves nothing more than going for runs with her dad, walks in the sandhills and playing with her toys. Trixie loves adventure and she can’t wait for many more with us around Ireland.


Woof! My name is Drew! I am a Springer Spaniel, and now four and a half years old. I live in Dungarvan with my Mum Fredi, and Grandma Linda. I adopted them a few years ago. Before these humans became mine, I had lived in a couple other homes. I was breed as a gun dog (but turns out I’m not very good at that), then I was passed onto an elderly man who liked to fish (sitting still wasn’t a great skill of mine when I was young). So I went off exploring and got a little lost… but turned out to be the best adventure ever cause I found my forever humans who I have so much fun with! Me and mum have been on loads of adventures together. I got to go to work with her everyday, she worked on a farm and helped adults with disabilities, I liked this place a lot, I had so many friends here 🙂 When she moved on from this job I got to start doggie day care in town, this was awesome!! I got to play for the whole day and got soo many treats, I love it there. Mum even got me a cool super heroes dog lunchbox to take in! One year we thought we’d try something a bit different cause I have a lot of energy and need help burning it off, so we started dog agility. I was like a rocket, it was so funny watching mum try to keep up with me running round the arena 😀 I got a bit confused with all those weaving poles, they made me dizzy.. but I loved those jumps and the seesaw..that thing is awesome!! I’m starting to mature a little more these days, just a little mind, can’t have mum thinking I’ve gone to calm. Grandma takes me out running, we covered our first half marathon distance together.. mum wouldn’t have a chance with keeping up with us! Instead mum and I go down the canal or beach, I love swimming and chasing stones in and out of the water. Sometimes at the beach we go in swimming together. So that’s a little bit about me anyway, Drew. I really hope you like me 😀 I love showing off my hair to new people (I’m a bit of a poser like that..won some ribbons for my cool hair too!) Drew x


Seamie is little Mr Sensitive ,he adores people and hugging is his favorite hobby ,he gets loves to play ball with his 4 other siblings on the beach



Jake is the most compassionate lovable guy. I’ve lost 2 of my furbabies since Christmas and Jake has helped me get through there liss along with a lot of other stuff. He really is the best friend I could ever ask for.


Olivia deserves to win The Nose of Tralee 2020 because shes a BFG (big friendly dog) and we think she should be judged not by the colour of her skin but by the content of her character. She is loving, loyal and resilient after all of the trauma in her life. After having 10 puppies and spending in the shelter she appreciates every day she has. Olivia also has the best nose going and will find chicken within 2 mile radius.


Meet Teddy! A nine month old half bishon half shitzu puppy. He is the most lovable and friendliest puppy any person could ever meet. He loves his squeaky toys and doesnt like to share them. Teddy loves watching movies and his favourite movie is Jurassic bark. Finally where ever there is a camera teddy is sure to be close by posing. Therefore he would be in his doggy element if he won the photo shoot because i can already here him barking where is the pup-arazzi.


Shirley Bassey

As a rescuse dog she is loving trusting and just perfect to me..she deserves to shine and to see how special she really is xxx


My name is Ronda and I’m a rescue dog. I was adopted by my humans last year and since then I have come a long way, I was very shy and scared at first but with a little patience and lots of cuddles I started to trust again and now I am a very happy dog. I think I would make a great Nose of Tralee because my mam and dad tell me all the time how amazing and beautiful I am and they’re always right (well my mam is!).


Rocco has just turned one in May. He is a rescue pup and is the most lovable happy boy who is very protective over my kids and myself. He loves to bring me in the clothes off the line. He is the best sandwich robber in the house, but always there to give you cuddles. Mischievous but adorable.



Hi there my name is Kia, I’ve just turned 7 and live in Arklow, Co. Wicklow. I am a German Shepherd and have 2 furry sisters, Millie and Lola. I am caring, very friendly, love a good game of chasing, swimming in the sea and long walks along the beach and in the woods. I love going to Doggy Daycare to see all my friends (furry and human) and even take a dip in their pool too  I think I would make a great Nose of Tralee because I am super sociable, intelligent, very friendly and love making new friends and love to make sure everyone is safe and happy.


Boo would make a great little nose of Tralee because he just loves the attention he so nosey he has no interest in playing with toys to busy putting his nose into everyone elses business  boo loves pulling the clothes of the line thats what he calls playing if only he could reach them as he is very tiny .


Shes a flirty fun kitten, with a very sweet personality. Of course she has her wild five at 8pm like most cats but she has been the puuurrrfect addition to our family. Her favorite toy is tinsel. She plays hide and seek with her dad by chasing the tinsel around the house until it goes under the sofa or behind the kitchen cupboard. She will meow where she lost it to let her dad know that he needs to find it. She is definitely the other woman in the relationship, so much so that she has now become custom to sleeping on my pillow during the night. Of course I dont move her because she looks so cute and angelic so submiss to sleeping without a pillow. Shes certainly made her place in this family hehe. Her nicknames are mitten˜squish floofer and most recently chunkasaurus but lets face it weve all put a few covid pounds on, she can just hide hers well under all that fluff!! If you would like to more photos she has her very own insta page @lady_butternut. Thanks, her very proud human mother Lucy