Pet Lovers Guide To Dublin

Welcome to our Pet Lovers Guide To Dublin

If you are living in Dublin and you have a pet, or are thinking of getting one, then at some stage you will need a Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Cat Sitter, Vet, Dog Trainer, Groomer, Rescue or Pet Shop.

But how do you find the best solution for you and your pets? We have put together a list of resources to make this easier for you.

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Pet Lovers Guide To Dublin

Dublin Pet Sitter

Dublin Pet Sitter

If you are planning to go away on holiday, or just looking to book a weekend away, then a Pet Sitter can be offer real peace of mind. Instead of having to take your pets to kennels, or pester a friend to take care of them, you can book us to come in and make a fuss of them in your absence.


Dublin Dog Walker

Dublin Dog Walker

Sometimes we are short on time and when we have a dog it’s important that their Dog Walking schedule doesn’t suffer.

That is why it’s can be really important to have a Dog Walker in Dublin on hand to help when you are busy with work, family, friends and other commitments.


  • If you need a Dog Walker in Dublin then you can read more about our services by visiting our Dog Walking Services section of the website.

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Dublin Pet Shops

Dublin Pet Shops

We all want to treat our dogs with special gifts and toys from time to time, so finding the perfect pet shop is really important when you have pets. You also need to have somewhere to pick up supplies, such as food, bedding, litter etc.

Pet Shops In Dublin Include:

  • Pet Stop
  • Pet World
  • Kinsealy Pet Store
  • Maxizoo
  • Pets Kingdom
  • Nature and Nuture Pet Store

In our recent article on Pet Shops in Dublin we find out more details about the different options you have as a pet owner in Dublin and where you can locate them.

Dublin Rescues

Dublin Rescues

There are hundreds of cats and dogs in rescues that are looking for a loving home. If you are considering rescuing a dog, rather than purchasing from a breeder, the below is a list of Rescues in Dublin.

If you are unsure whether rescuing is something that is right for you and your family then check out the articles below:

Why Rescues Need People To Adopt A Dog For Life

Love Your Pets Ep5: Dog Rescues In Ireland: What Can We Do To Help.

You can also learn more about different breeds of dogs in our breed articles which will help you find out which might suit your family.

Dublin Vets

Dublin Vets

Choosing the perfect Vet that you trust, and more importantly your pets love, can be challenging. It’s important that you know if there is something wrong with your pet then you have the perfect team of vets ready to take care of your best friend.

We chatted to some of the Best Vets in Dublin to find out more about them and the services they can offer you and your pets.

Dublin Dog Trainers

Dublin Dog Trainers

Whether you have a puppy or an older dog then sometimes we need to take them to Dog Training. Whether they are chewing the furniture or won’t come when you call them dog training can be helpful in solving the problem.

Dog Trainers in Dublin include:

  • Positive Dog Training
  • Dublin Dog Training

Dublin Dog Friendly Hotels

Dublin Dog Friendly Hotels

Sometimes you want to take your dog with you on holiday and it can be hard to find Dog Friendly Hotels in Ireland.

We’ve put together a guide of some of the hotels in Dublin that allow dogs:

  • Hilton Hotel, Charlemont Place
  • Hilton Airport Hotel Dublin
  • Ibis Dublin
  • Conrad Hotel (Service Dogs Only)
  • The Dylan Hotel, Eastmoreland Place, Dublin 4
  • Brookville House, Dun Laoghaire
  • The Uppercross House Hotel, Rathmines


Dublin Dog Groomers

Dublin Dog Groomers

For lots of dog owners a trip to the Dog Groomers is a regular occurrence, whether that’s because their dog needs regular grooming because of the type of coat they have or they like to get really dirty.

We took a look at the Best Dog Groomers in Dublin and where you can find them.

  • Dog Groomer Sandyford – Little Paws
  • Dog Groomer Terenure – Dogsbody Grooming Salon
  • Dog Groomer Dublin 2, Dublin 8 – Mutt Ugly
  • Dog Groomer Fairview, Dublin 3 – Glamour Dogs


You can also read the full article on Dog Grooming in Dublin and the different costs..

Dublin Catteries

Dublin Catteries

If you have a cat and you are travelling away then you are either going to want to look for a Cattery that can take care of them or find them a Cat Sitter that can give them lots of love and cuddles.

You can read more about our Cat Sitting Services and below we have included a list of Catteries in Dublin that might suit you and your cat.

  •  Dobbs Cattery, South County Dublin
  • Cattery Dublin, Dundrum
  • Alpine Cattery, Dublin Mountains


If you are unsure whether a Cattery is best for your cat or whether you think they may benefit from our Cat Sitting service then we have outlined in our article the difference between Cat Sitting and a Cattery, and the different costs.

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Dublin Dog Boarding Kennels

Dublin Dog Boarding Kennels

Choosing somewhere to leave your dog can be a daunting process. All sorts of questions enter your mind about the level of care they will get and if they will miss you while you are away.


In our recent article about Dog Kennels in Dublin we look at what a Dog Kennel can offer you and the pros and cons of using one. We also talk about the difference between using a Boarding Kennel and a Pet Sitter.

You might also want to read: The Best Dog Kennels in Dublin 

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Dublin Doggy Day Care

Dublin Doggy Day Care

Most of us have to work every day and so it’s not always possible for you to be there 24/7 for your dog. While you are out at work there are a couple of options that might suit your dog.

  1. You can send them to Doggy Day Care
  2. You can hire a Daily Dog Walker to take them out for a walk while you are at work.

Choosing the best Doggy Day Care can be a challenge and there are lots of factors to consider, including whether your dog is suited to Day Care or not.


Find out more in our recent article about Doggy Day Care in Dublin.

Dublin Pet Friendly Places

Dublin Dog Friendly Places

Find out the Best Places To Walk Your Dog In Dublin

Dog Friendly Cafes Dublin

For a full list of Dog Friendly Cafes in Ireland >>

Do you have a resource that you want to add to the Pet Friendly Guide to Dublin? Let us know via the Contact Form so we can check it out.

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