Why Use A Cat Sitter in Dublin?

Cat Sitter in Dublin

We get a lot of calls from Cat Owners in Dublin asking us if we board cats in a Cattery. But when we tell people about the alternative of Cat Sitting they get really excited about using the services of a Cat Sitter in Dublin.

As a Cat Owner ourselves we know that our cat loves the comfort of his home, hates going in the car and would not like to be taken away from lying on the sofa all day.

In this article we look at how cats prefer to stay home in their own familiar environment and how we can make that possible when you need to travel away by using a Cat Sitter.

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Cat Sitter

Why Use A Cat Sitter in Dublin?

Most cats owner feel that their cats do better in their own home. They don’t like to put them under the stress of moving them from their home to a strange facility.

But what are the main reasons you would use a Cat Sitter for your cat?

#1. No Need to Transport Your Cat If You Use A Cat Sitter

When you use the services of a Cat Sitter in Dublin there is no need for your cat to travel outside of the home. They get to stay at home and a Cat Sitter comes to their home and feeds and cares for them. They will also change/scoop their litter and play with them.

When you use a Cattery you need to transport your cat to the facility and then collect them again at the end of their stay. Sometimes you can’t drop and collect at times that suit you either.

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#2. Cat Keeps Their Regular Routine

When you use a Cat Sitter your cat can maintain the exact routine that they normally have when you are at home. We can come at the same times that they would normally get fed so that it doesn’t disrupt their routine.

We can also make sure their litter is changed at the same time and they get their normal play time.

With a Cattery, your cat will need to adapt to the feeding and play routines of the Cattery. The service will not be personalised to them and their needs.

#3. Same Food and Treats

With A Cat Sitter, we use the exact food that you leave for your cat(s) to be fed on. They get their normal cat food and cat treats that you would give them, meaning that there is no chance that they will get sick from a new cat food.

With a Cattery, you would need to make sure that you are advised of the food they are planning to feed your cats and what treats that they will be given.

Cat Sitter

#4. Home Security Checks From Your Cat Sitter

When your cat stay at home and is cared for by a Cat Sitter your house is a lot more secure. In a recent article, we explained How Your Cat Sitter Can Keep Your Home Safe which should reassure you that we can keep things a lot safer than if you were to leave the house empty.

When you drop your cat at a Cattery there is no-one calling into your home to check on it and make sure everything is secure and there are no home emergencies.

#5. Daily Updates About Your Cat And Your Home

After every visit we complete we send you a Pet Care Journal to let you know your cat is safe and your home is secure. We update you are what they have had to eat, whether they went to the bathroom and any other things we did at the house, for example, opening and closing blinds or putting the bin out.

Not all, if any, Catteries will send you a picture of your cat every day and a journal letting you know how they are.

#6. Your Cat Is Waiting For You At Home

It’s great to know when you return from your trip that you cat is waiting for you at home. There is no need to rush out when you get back to collect the cat. They will be sitting waiting for, happy to see if you bought them a present from your trip.

With a Cattery, you need to collect your cat within the collections times and bring them home. Often this might not tie in with your return and so you will need to collect them the next day.

Find Out More About Hiring A Cat Sitter

Cost Of Cat Sitting in Dublin

Pet Sitters Ireland have 2 Cat Sitting Services for cats:

Option 1 – One visit a day. We come in once a day and feed your cat, change/scoop their litter, play with them and do any home security checks.

Option 2 – Two visits a day as part of our cat nip service. We visit twice a day, morning and evening meaning that if your cat normally gets fed twice a day then we can do that for you.

Learn about the Cost Of Pet Sitting in our recent article. And also read Why We Don’t Offer Every Other Day Cat Sitting Visits

The option you choose will depend on your cat and their needs – and you know your cat best. There is nothing to stop you having a combination of visits – so 1 visit on day 1, 2 on day 2 and then back to 1 visit.

What Happens When You Use A Cat Sitter In Dublin?

  1. Once you decide that you are ready to find out more about using a Cat Sitter then get in touch with us. You can either phone us or use the Contact Form to request a call back.
  2. We can chat with about your cat and the best visiting schedule that would meet their needs. Maybe they like a lot of company and want more visits or maybe they like their own space and only need 1 visit a day.
  3. Once we have put together a schedule and quote for you then we can arrange for you to meet our Cat Care Assistant.
  4. Our Cat Care Assistant will come out to meet with you and your cat(s) and get to know their cat care routine.
  5. You then can travel away knowing your cat is being looked after. After every visit you get a lovely cat care journal showing pictures of your cat (see example below)
  6. At any stage you can call us directly to check on your cat and your home.

Ready to Book A Cat Sitter? Head over to the contact form and get in touch. Or call 1800 30 30 10 / 087 7453847.

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