Top 5 Complaints about Dog Walkers

I am sure we have all had bad experiences of different service providers before – where on reflection maybe we didn’t do enough research about the company before hiring them. Maybe it was a painter who couldn’t paint in a straight line or a window cleaner who didn’t clean corners! Whatever it was we always say to ourselves that next time we will check the person out before using them.

So how can you avoid hiring the wrong Dog Walker?

  1. Make sure that you check out the Dog Walker and the company that they are representing. Are they a registered business or just a local person doing Dog Walking for a bit of cash on the side? Is this their full time job? – if not then it’s unlikely they are fully committed to the care of your pets.Dog Walking Dublin
  2. Do they have a website or Facebook Page – are they active on either? If someone posted on their Facebook Page a year ago, it would suggest they are not focusing on their business full time and/or are not interesting in engaging with their customers.
  3. Find out when, where and how they walk dogs. Do they walk them in packs? And if so what are the other dogs in the pack like? Do they transport the dogs to a park or wooded area? If so, is the transport safe and suitable? What is their policy on walking dogs of the lead?  – you don’t want your dog getting spooked on a pack walk and running off!
  4. What is their back-up plan if they get sick or get called away and can’t walk your dog? Your dog does not want to be sitting waiting for someone to arrive to take them out for their walk – only to be disappointed.
  5. What happens if you are not happy? Who can you contact? Let’s face it we all have complaints from time to time, so it’s important you have someone you can express these complaints to that with deal with things in a timely manner. We can all ask for references from previous clients – but you will only get to speak to the happy clients.

If you require any assistance in selecting a Dog Walker or need any advice on Dog Walking in general then please give us a call on our Freephone number 1800 30 30 10



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