The Best Dog Kennels In Dublin (Locations and Cost)

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If you are thinking of booking a holiday or weekend away one of your first thoughts as a dog owner is probably “What are we going to do with the dog?”

You might consider boarding kennels, I know that’s what we had to do before we started our Pet Sitting & Dog Walking business – and we didn’t love it and neither did our dog.

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So what are your other options when it comes to care for your pets? Do you always have to use a dog kennel in Dublin or are there other options in Dublin that you and your dog might like better?

Is Pet Sitting A Better Option For Your Pets?

We are biased of course, but using a Pet Sitter means that your dog gets to stay at home while you travel away. We visit them in your home while you are away and

  • Feed them
  • Walk them
  • Spend time playing with them – just like you would.

All done at times to suit you and your dog. So if your dog gets his breakfast at 8am that’s when we will be there to make his breakfast.

If he likes to play ball at lunchtime – no problem we’ll be there.

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Pet Sitter?

  • Your pet gets to stay home in their own familiar environment
  • Their routine stays the same – feeding, walking, bedtime, playtime
  • They aren’t worried about being moved to a new location (and you can even get a pet cam and keep an eye on them at home)
  • Your home is more secure as we are visiting throughout the day – giving it that lived in look.

Other Options For Pet Care

  1. Ask a friend or family member
  2. Use a host family
  3. Use a House Sitter
  4. Take them with you
  5. Use a Dog Boarding Kennel

If you have decided that a Dog Boarding Kennel is a better option then the following information will be a great help in finding the perfect place for your dog.

The Best Dog Kennels In Dublin (Locations and Cost)

As we know that not every pet owner in Dublin will want to use a Pet Sitter, we have put together a list of Dog Kennels in Dublin that might suit your needs. Ones that we thought looked professional and reliable.

We would of course recommend that you arrange to visit a Dog Kennel before you use them to make sure that they have the facilities that you are looking for and that they can meet the needs of your dog.

Questions to ask might include:

  • Who looks after the dogs?
  • What security measures are in place?
  • Is the facility insured?
  • What will my dog get fed for dinner and treats?
  • Who walks the dogs?
  • Where to they sleep, go for a walk and eat?
  • Are the Kennels heated and dry indoors?
  • What happens if my dog gets sick?
  • How will I know my dog is ok while I am way?

DSPCA Pet and Spa Hotel

The DSPCA offers secure boarding onsite at their facility in Rathfarnham, Dublin. They are a very popular boarding facility in Dublin and request pet owners try to book 6 months in advance during busy time.

They cater for both cats and dogs, and require all pets to be fully vaccinated in order to use the facility.

To find out more you can visit

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Hilton 5 Star

Located just off the Malahide Road and only 5 minutes from Dublin Airport the Hilton 5 star offers boarding facilities at the back of their own house. A convenient location when travelling to the airport, this could suit your dog.

To find out more you can visit

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Doonane Dogs

Doonane Dogs is set on 10 acres in the Dublin Mountains in Coolmine, Saggart. Offering boarding all year round in a a beautiful setting this looks like a very popular kennel. You can also get your dog groomed while they are staying.

To find out more you can visit

Happy Hounds

Located in County Meath on a 2 acre site this location is perfect for any dog owner in the Meath and surrounding area. It is 17 miles from Dublin, 9 miles from Navan, 8 miles from Ashbourne, 8 miles from Dunshauglin.

Each kennel is heated and there are 3 large runs for exercising dogs that stay there.

To find out more you can visit

How Much Does Dog Kennel In Dublin Cost? (Prices/Rates)

If cost is your main factor then these figures might help you. We looked at 5 Dog Kennels in Dublin and the cost varied quite dramatically, from just 13 euro to 40 euro.

Obviously each place is offering something very different, but essentially your dog is away from the home in a kennel facility where you drop and collect them.

  • Kennel 1 – 40 euro per night for 2 dogs
  • Kennel 2 – 20 euro per dog
  • Kennel 3 – 25 euro per day for 2 dogs
  • Kennel 4 – 13 euro per dog
  • Kennel 5 – 30 euro a night for 2 dogs

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If you are considering a Dog Kennel for your dog then I would always suggest that you take a walk around the facility before you use it.

All Dog Kennel owners should welcome visitors and allow you to tour the facility. As pet professionals they will know how important it is for you to feel confident that you have chosen the best facility for your dog. Don’t be afraid to visit more than once to make sure that your dog likes the facility.

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