A Day In The Life Of A Cat Sitter In Dublin: Meet Annmarie

Cat Sitters In Dublin

One of the most intriguing and captivating animals on the planet.  Shy, Playful, Mischievous, and let us not forget adventurous. And I have the absolute privilege of taking care of these feline beauties. And now you can find out what Cat Sitters In Dublin get up to when I tell you about a typical day as a Cat Sitter.

A few years ago, I decided to change career and studied animal behaviour at an animal welfare charity working with cats, rabbits, goats, dogs, hens, horses, pigs, and turtles.

Now I help people take care of the feline members of their families.

To be in the presence of cats is to understand how to appreciate life.

A Day In The Life Of A Cat Sitter In Dublin: Meet Annmarie

They are masters of both “The art of relaxation” and “The art of the ancient power of Ninja”. The way they observe the world, capturing every tiny detail in slow motion, as if every minute is an hour, and then suddenly are able to spring into “Ninja Cat” mode and head off on to their next adventure. They truly are masters of life at its best!

Cats LOVE their daily routine and while you are away my job is to ensure everything is just the way it should be in their feline castle – their breakfast will be served just the way they like it, then maybe some cuddles on their favourite sofa and then in the evening some pre-dinner fun-time games and of course, for the more discerning cat, a treat on their pillow before bedtime ?

Cat Sitting

Feline Greetings!

Cats have the most expressive tails of the animal world!

As they jump excitedly from their slumber to greet “the entertainment” when I arrive, they think … what will it be today???

Maybe I will ask my pet sitter to play “hunt and pounce” or “hide and seek” or maybe actually I am just too hungry for that, so lets wrap my tail around her legs and purr loudly so she gets the message that dinner needs to be served now!

Cats are such good communicators!  They tell you exactly what they need from you.

Their hypnotic purr leaves you in no doubt as to what it is, they are seeking out …it might be cuddles, or breakfast or playtime – whether you have a Kitten or an Older feline friend.  All we need to do is watch and listen and all be revealed ?

Cat Sitter

What happens when you use a Cat Sitter in Dublin?

When you decide you need a Cat Sitter in Dublin to help take care of your pet, the first thing we do is organise a “Meet & Greet” so that the first time your cat meets us, you can introduce us and show us your pet care routine.

This gives your cat the opportunity to observe us interacting with the family in your home and as you show us your routine with your cat, they have time to relax with us and get to know us, so they are happy to welcome us for the next visit.

Capturing Your Perfect Feline Photo!

I love capturing those feline expressions  -an inquisitive look or the thrill of the hunt as they chase their favourite toy.

If you are getting frustrated trying to get a photo of your cat that truly does them justice, there are a few tips I find helpful.

  • Arrive in the door with your camera at-the-ready, to capture the moment of “Welcome Home”.
  • Playtime with a cat dangler or teaser wand are brilliant for catching those “Ninja cat” stretches and pounces.
  • Nothing looks more comfortable than a sleeping cat. Record all those extraordinary positions they manage to get themselves into while they dream.

As our visit comes to an end, they are happy to settle on to their favourite cushion for a nap after all their excitement.

Water refreshed, a little treat and a goodbye rub until the next visit ?

If you need a Cat Sitter in Dublin, or any county in Ireland, then please get in touch on 1800 30 30 10 or 087 7453847.

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