How Pet Owners Get Free Pet Sitting Services!

The role of a Pet Sitter is to take care of your pets in their own home. They follow your instructions, without judgement, and let you know that your pets are safe and your home secure at the end of each visit.

But, there is often more to Pet Sitting than just taking care of your pets.

So, what Additional Pet Sitting Services are offered for FREE!!

Things for the Pet Sitter to do!

Open/Close blinds and curtains – You may want someone to open curtains or blinds in the morning and close them again in the evening. This could be to make sure your pet feel more at home or for home security.

Putting out your Bins – Everyone’s bin is out and yours is not, that is a sign you are away on holiday. So let us put your bin out and bring it back in – empty and ready for you to use when you get back from holiday.

Bringing in Post – Don’t let your post build up on the mat or fill up your post box. We can pick up the post or bring in any parcels for you and leave them in a designated place ready for you to go through

Watering Plants – Don’t let your favourite plant die while you are holiday. Let us water it and keep nice and fresh and bright for you.

Turning Lights on and off – A light left on at night can be comforting for your pet, but can also be great security for your home. Maybe you want a landing light left on at night, or the kitchen light left on for your dog – whichever you need us to do we can.

Turning Heating On and Off – Maybe there is a change in the weather while you are away and you want us to turn the heating on in that instance. Or maybe it gets hot and you want us to turn the heating down to make it more comfortable for your pets.

Home Security Checks – We can walk around your house daily to check for any signs of a break in or any signs of damage to your property. Read how Home Security is becoming increasingly important in Ireland.

Checks for Internal Leaks/Damage – Daily checks on your house can make sure any leaks or damage can be dealt with quickly and without further damage to your home.

If you are interested in Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Services and finding out what FREE services we offer then please call FREEPHONE 1800 30 30 10 to chat with us and arrange your FREE Meet and Greet.



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