Who Will Be My Pet Sitter?

When customers are calling to book Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services for the first time one of the questions that they ask is who will be my Pet Sitter.

It’s natural that you would want to know who was coming to take care of your pets and into your home – I know I would.

How do we select the right Pet Sitter for you and your pets?

1. Everyone who work for Pet Sitters Ireland starts out by filling out an application. It’s important that we find out about the people that are potentially going to represent Pet Sitters Ireland.

2. Once the application is accepted and we have positions to fill in an area we then start interviewing.

3. If an applicant is successful at Interview then any references will be checked.

What happens before you schedule the services of a Pet Sitter?

1. Once you have decided to use our services we will send your Pet Sitter around to meet you and your pets. This is your chance to check out the person and make sure they are a good match. We know that we like them, and would be happy for them to take care of our pets, but it’s important that you feel the same.

It’s also a chance for you to run through your pets daily routine and the things that you want us to to. Even things like when do you put your bins out, where do you want us to put the post.

2. If you are not happy with the person you meet, for any reason, then you can call the office and we will send you someone else. We realise that sometimes you just don’t take to someone, and that’s fine, we want you to travel away feeling 100% comfortable that you have the perfect Pet Sitter.

3. Once you are happy with the Pet Sitter they will be your primary Pet Sitter and Dog Walker. In the event of an emergency, and your Pet Sitter cannot make your visits, will we advise you of your secondary Pet Sitter and you can arrange to meet them as well.

We offer complete peace of mind by having back up Pet Sitters in place.

What are the benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Company with a team of Pet Sitters?

1. If you are hiring one person to take care of your pet and they get sick or can’t provide services when you need them – what do you do? We always have Pet Sitters available to take care of your pet.

You will never receive a call or text to say we can’t visit your pets. It’s our standard to complete 100% of all visits.

2. If your Pet Sitter is not doing things exactly the way you want – do you want to have that awkward conversation with them – or would you rather have someone deal with that for you?

We monitor the performance of all our Pet Sitters and Dog Walker to make sure that they follow your instructions and report back to you via the daily journal.

3. What if you are out of the country – you will need someone to check on your Pet Sitter and make sure your visits are being completed. We have an online scheduling system to monitor visits daily.

You will never need to worry if a visit is completed or not – that’s our job!

If you have questions about hiring a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker then please feel free to contact us on Freephone 1800 30 30 10 or Contact Us via the website.



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