Did You Know We Can Sleep Over With Your Pets?

For some Pet Owners the thought of leaving their four legged friends alone overnight is just not something that they want to consider. Many people feel that their pets will not do well just having Pet Sitting Visits throughout the day and want something that more closely replicates their pets normal routine.

How do you decide if your pet needs Overnight Pet Sitting?

I love my Overnight Pet Sitter!

There are many reasons you might want to hire the services of an Overnight Pet Sitter.

  • Do you worry about your pets being lonely at night with no-one in the house?
  • Does your pet sleep in your bed with you at night?
  • Do you sometimes need to get up with your pets to let them out?
  • Are your pets used to sitting in front of the fire all evening while you watch TV?
  • Do you have puppies or kittens that need full time care and attention?

What does an Overnight Pet Sitter Do?

  • Your Overnight Pet Sitter will stay with your pets for 12 hours overnight. So they might arrive at 7pm and leave at 7pm the next morning.
  • They will spend time with your pets taking them for walks, playing with them, giving cuddles and treats and then finally tucking them up in bed. They will then be there in the morning for breakfast with them!
  • If you are away for more than one night you can arrange for a mid-day visits before you Pet Sitter returns in the evening for another evening of fun.

If you think Overnight Pet Sitting might be the right option for your pet then give us a call on 1800 30 30 10 to discuss the options that we offer.



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