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At Pet Sitters Ireland we offer Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services all over Ireland. We understand that sometimes you have travel plans or have to work and cannot be there all the time for your pets.

We have experienced that feeling of dread when you are asked to attend family events because you don’t want to leave your pets, but you still want to be there for your friends and family.

That’s why we started Pet Sitters Ireland. We wanted everyone to be able to experience the freedom of being able to travel away when they needed to, or stay late at work when they had to, without worrying about their pets.

We knew we couldn’t do that alone, which is why we have a team of people that love pets and want to take care of them for you daily. People that work with us to provide the best pet care possible.

What Does Pet Sitting Involve?

Reviews Of Pet Sitters Ireland

We love answering all the questions you have about Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, and even have a fantastic Ebook that you can download to read all about how we work.

Need anything else answering then just contact us and we will do our best to help you with whatever it is you need.

What Do Our Customers Think About Pet Sitters Ireland?

We love that our customers are happy and we are even happier when they share great reviews on our website. You can check these out on our reviews page. All of these are independently submitted by Pet Sitters Ireland customers.

If you are a customer and you haven’t left a review yet then feel free to do so.

What next?

Well if you are wondering what to do with your pets when you travel away or perhaps you are not happy with your current arrangements then give us a call on 1800 30 30 10 or contact us using the form on the website.

We will walk you through the next steps and let you know how everything works. Remember there is lots of information in our Ebook as well.

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