Crazy Cat Ladies Are Taking Over The Internet!

I was reading a book recently that stated that in 2011 half of the 173 million blogs that were online were about cats. It made me wonder how many of those blog are written by cats!, about cats or by crazy cat ladies. People have an image of crazy cat ladies sitting at home surrounded by hundreds of cats that they talk to on a daily basis.

Offering Cat Sitting to customers across Ireland we see hundreds of very well loved cats – all of which have owners that truly love them. But what does make you a crazy cat lady – and is there even such a thing?

Because you love your cat does that make you a crazy or just a good pet owner?

So What Do You Do That People Might Consider Makes You A Crazy Cat Lady?

I love my crazy cat momma!!

You talk to your cat – I must be completely crazy then. I talk to my cat, my dog, the donkeys and the turtles. Now I don’t have long 2 hours conversations with them but I do talk to them. I think that even though they don’t understand what you are saying they still like to hear the sound of your voice. It would be weird not to talk to your pets really!

You have pictures of your cat on your PC and Phone – I have pictures of all our pets on my phone and my PC. Just like you capture memories of things you do yourself, it’s nice to take pictures of your pets. I take lots of Coco, as she loves to pose for the camera. Smug is harder – unless he is asleep.

Your cat has a bed next to yours – I don’t actually leave our cat in the bedroom to sleep, just because he wakes you up to play. He does however have the most gorgeous felt handmade cat bed that he sleeps in. It’s on top on the radiator in the window and its so cosy! We  have lots of customers that have cats in their room and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. It really depends on the cat – Smug never settles unless he is in his own bed and just wants to play!

You love your cat more than your friends or family – I think we all love our pets and I am sure there are some people you love them more than!! But friends and family are very important.

You have more cats in the house than people – The  number of cats you have doesn’t make you crazy – how many cats is too many? If you can’t move for cats then perhaps that is too many – but only you can decide that. I think as well it depends on where you live. 10 cats where you have a nice garden and space for them is fine. 10 cats in a one bedroom apartment could be a little too much!

You sign cards and gifts from you and your cat – I think this is harmless. Maybe if you sign it from you and your cat – and leave your kids and husband off the card that could be considered crazy! I also think that it depends who you are sending the card to. Generally if you love animals, you have friends that do – and they probably sign their cards the same!

You hand feed your cat special homemade food. If your cat has special needs or a diet that requires this then I see no reason not to. If you are taking time off work or putting off social events to do it – then maybe it’s a step too far.

If you have special requirements for your cats, then these can all be taken care of as part of our Cat Sitting Service.  We can also play games with your cat.

We don’t judge – whatever your cat needs we are there to provide it!



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