How Safe Is Your Home When You Are Out At Work?

We get calls in the office from time to time from potential customers asking how they know their home will be safe when someone is coming into their home every day to walk their dog.

It’s an interesting question, because I always think that our service is very similar to that of a cleaner. You are giving someone access to your home to provide a service for you. I think most of us would jump at the chance to let someone in to clean their home – I know I would!

So how safe is your home while you are out at work?

Some stats on House Burglaries according to the Irish Examiner

  • 80% of break ins happen during the day.
  • 12-4pm is the most popular time for a break in.
  • The Most Common entry point is the back door.
  • 2nd Most Common entry point is the front door.
  • Thursday is the Most Popular day to be broken in.

How a Dog Walker can help increase Home Security?

Visit Time Windows – Your Dog Walker should never come at exactly the same time each day (unless of course you want them to!). By varying the times of day they come it will mean that anyone who is thinking of breaking into a house in your area is not going to pick yours – as they won’t know what time the Dog Walker is going to arrive.

No Uniform or Signed Vehicles – You don’t want your Dog Walker turning up in a tshirt that advertises what they do. It’s like a big sign saying that the home owners are out all day. The same goes for vehicles that are sign written.

Bring In Bins/Pick Up Post – Sounds a small thing, but if your bin is the only one left out on the street it does suggest your aren’t home. You don’t want your house to look empty with a big pile of post on the door step..

Being Observant. you want your Dog Walker to keep an eye out for anything unusual or strange happening in your area. Is there a car that wasn’t there the day before? Are people hanging about that shouldn’t be? Are there any signs of a forced entry at all?

No Group Walks – Turning up with 5 other dogs suggests you are a Dog Walker. If you Dog Walker arrives on his/her own then they don’t draw any attention to themselves.

Those stats about Home Security would certainly make me think about hiring someone to come into my house during the day – with the added bonus your dog gets a walk! What about you?



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