Corkagh Park In Dublin Gets A Big Paws Up From Us

Have you ever been to Corkagh Park In Dublin?

This vast park (120 hectares) is located in Dublin, just off the Naas Road and has a great selection of facilities that keep both my canine and human family happy.

Beautifully maintained Wide-Open Spaces Welcome you and offer:

  • A Dog Park
  • Walking / Jogging Routes
  • Cycle Track
  • Pet Farm
  • Fairy Forest
  • Duck Ponds
  • Fishing Lake
  • Rose Gardens
  • Wildlife
  • Children’s Playground
  • Camac Valley Camping Park

Canines and Humans will all find something to enjoy when they visit Corkagh Park!

Corkagh Park.

All About Corkagh Park In Dublin


Corkagh Park is easily accessible off the Naas Road near Newlands Cross.

Car Parks

There are two Car Parks available.

Naas Road Entrance (Dog Park): Small but we always get a space and less than a 5-minute walk to the Dog Park. Follow directions for the “Green Isle Hotel” turning left off the Belgard Road and left on to Boot Road, then drive past the hotel and the park is on your right.

St. Johns Entrance (Childrens Playground): This is the main car park with plenty of spaces and close to the Children’s playground and is further down off the Belgard Road / Fonthill Road. It usually has a Coffee / Snacks van and in the warmer weather an Ice-cream van.

Corkagh Park Walk

Review Of Corkagh Park In Dublin

Here is what my Canine pal, Cavalier / Jack Russell Tiny thought of our latest visit

Dog Park: Paws Up!

Tiny gets so excited when we arrive and jumps out of the car – we can see the DOG PARK and freedom beckoning, just a little distance off near the trees.

Corkagh Dog Park Run

On arrival at the Dog Park, it is lovely to watch him lap up a cool drink at the water tap to quench his thirst, before off-lead playtime in the Dog Park.

Dublin Dog Park

He races off eager to check out what all the other dogs have been up to and we humans can relax on a bench watching them play.

It is quite a large space so dogs can interact with their pals when they want to or have a bit of “time out” and relax away from the group, when they need a break.

Most of our furry pals love to go off and investigate, then come back and relax with the family for a while, before heading off for more playtime.

Corkagh Dog Park Dubin

There is a double gate entrance for safety and both gates shut behind you automatically … so Tiny is in a small quiet area where the water tap is, when we arrive and then we move through another gate into the main area for playtime.

There is a bin at the entrance to help keep the area clean.

Corkagh Dog Park

We would love to see the dog park divided into two sections so that the energetic, bouncy dogs could happily race around on once side, while their quieter, more relaxed neighbours could take things at a slower pace on the other side. A bit like at Marley Park where they have 2 areas to suit all types of dog personalities.

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Dog Friendly: Paws Up!

What’s not to love for my canine pal Tiny.

Forest paths, wide open spaces, his very own Dog Park with liquid refreshments and thankfully a children’s playground (so he can have a rest when his human cousins are having fun and recharge his batteries for the next adventure trail).

Corkagh Park Dublin

As we enter the park from the Naas Road, the incredible beauty of the park embraces us.

Tiny is exhilarated with this feast for the senses.

I watch as his nose twitches trying to decide “where to first”?

  • Is it the Dog park to meet his friends for a woofly catch up and run around? … But the Forest beckons too with its tempting scents to investigate?
  • Or maybe it is Picnic time and if he uses his best “puppy dog eyes” look it could be tasty treats on offer?
  • Decisions!!! Decisions!!!

Corkagh Dublin Park

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Dog Fun Times: Paws Up!

Every day is different, and every day is fun!!!

A dip in a glistening stream on a hot day…

A sniff through the forest trails to investigate what treasures they may hide…

Relaxing at the lakeside watching the ducks float by…

Picnics on the grass with goodies for “the best boy ever!!!”  😉

Last stop Always Has To Be … The park they made specially for Tiny… The Dog Park!

Time for one last quick run around and play, then up on the bench for a cuddle with the family and a cool drink on the way out before we head back to the car…

Always a fun and satisfying Dog Day out!

Does your dog love Corkagh Park? We’d love to hear in the comments below what you favourite park is in Dublin

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