Marlay Park in Rathfarnham, Dublin gets the 5 Star Paws Up!

marlay park review

This park on the foothills of the Dublin mountains has been a firm favourite for my canine and human family and friends over the years.

It ticks all the boxes:

  • Welcomes Dogs
  • Breath-taking Scenery
  • Dog Friendly Cafes
  • Dog Park 
  • Wildlife
  • Historical Buildings
  • Irish Craft Shops 
  • Farmers Markets
  • Children’s Playgrounds
  • Events

There is certainly something to suit everyone and their dogs when you visit Marlay Park.

Marlay Park in Rathfarnham, Dublin gets the 5 Star Paws Up!

Marlay Park is easily accessible with a good network of roads leading into the Rathfarnham area and the M50 Dundrum / Sandyford / Ballinteer exit 13, is only a couple of minutes away. 

There is also extensive parking available with a recently extended car park at the Marlay Park House entrance on Grange Road and also a new car park added a couple of years ago on College Road.

Marlay Park Dog

Here is what my 2 Canine pals, Cavalier King Charles / Jack Russell terrier brothers, Tiny and Marley thought of our latest visit …

You can certainly see how happy they are in the photos ?

marlay Park Tiny

Marlay Park Is Dog Friendly: 5 Star!

We usually park at the Grange Road entrance, as that is where the Farmers Markets are at the weekend and the delicious aromas tempt us, as we stroll in past the historic Marlay Park House and in through the Courtyard of Craft Shops, to check out what delights are available…

Getting a free complimentary sausage for the dogs at the Markets might have something to do with why Tiny and Marley get so excited on our arrival!

marlay park water

On the days the Markets are not there, we visit one of the Brambles Cafes instead, where there are always dog bowls left out with fresh water for our canine pals to satisfy their thirst, while we enjoy the delicious coffee and maybe a cake or two.

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marlay Park Dublin

The Beautiful Scenery: 5 Star! 

As we enter the park from the Grange road, incredible views of the Dublin Mountains greet us.

I watch as our dogs inhale the sweet, fresh mountain air…they are exhilarated, as are we!

Then decisions to be made, do we follow the path left and over the bridge towards the Dog Park or maybe right today through the forest and up towards the main Children’s playground.

marlay park walk

Either route will take us past glistening streams for a quick canine dip and through woodland hiding wildlife that excite our dog’s senses…squirrels, hares, hedgehogs.

If we venture right, we can pass the ducks and swans as they gracefully float by on the pond.

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marlay park .

The Marlay Park Dog Park: 5 Star! 

What we love about this dog park is that there are two sections available, so it suits all types of dog personalities.

The high energy, bouncy types can play wrestle with their canine pals, while the more relaxed, chilled out types can have a quiet sniff in peace on the other side of the fenced divide.

Marlay Park Dog Park

The two option sections are helpful too if you and your dog are new to the Dog Park experience and you are just starting to introduce your dog to off lead fun. You can stay in the quieter section initially, so your furry pal can study the canine body language from a safe distance, while building up confidence.

Water bowls are left out for refreshment and there are bins at the entrance to help keep the area suitable for clean fun.

Marlay park walk.

Exhausted after all the chasing fun in the Dog Park, we make our way back, stopping for a cool dip in a sparkling stream on the way.

Just time to pick up some treats in the Café and Markets for later, as we browse past the Crafts shop windows in the Courtyard.

Satisfied and happy, Tiny and Marley gave me a definite 5 Star Paws Up… Just before they dozed off to sleep in the back of my car, on our journey home ?

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