Review Of Irish Produced Barley Pellet Clumping Cat Litter

Review Of Irish Pellet Clumping Cat Litter

As a cat owner you know how important a good clumping cat litter really is. It means less smell, less waste and an all-round better experience for you and your cat.

So when we looked at Larkfield Pellet Products we were happy to see that they ticked all the boxes for a quality cat litter.

Who are Larkfield Pellet Products?

Owner Peter McGlynn and his son Peter Jr founded the Pellet business in 2017 after a move back to Ireland.

However their interest in pellets stems back to their farming days in the USA where they discovered that by pelletizing the hay they fed their sheep they were able to reduce the feed waste and also made it easier for the sheep to digest.

This discovery changed the way they ran their farm forever as they went on to provide better bedding for their animals, process the animal manure into an organic fertiliser and eventually make fuel pellets from sustainable materials.

Why Barley Pellet Cat Litter?

Barley is one of the most widely grown crops in Ireland and as the crop grows every year it’s completely sustainable. It also has natural enzymes which are a natural odour canceller – something all cat owners are looking for in a cat litter.

The high level of starch in Barley means that it is extremely absorbent – but it also clumps together to make removing the used litter easy.

The barley used for making the cat litter is sourced from local farmers in County Kildare.

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Features of the Barley Pellet Clumping Cat Litter

#1. Produced in Co Kildare, Ireland

Currently this is the only cat litter being produced here in Ireland.

#2. Chemical free

The natural enzymes in barley eliminate odours – so there is no need for additional harmful chemicals. Most clay litters have sodium bentonite in them which help the clumping process – which your cat will then ingest when they are grooming.

#3. Clumping

If you clean your cat’s litter daily then clumping litter is a must. It means you are only removing the small amount of litter that has been used – reducing waste and saving money.

#4. Flushable

There is nothing in the product that would be harmful to sewage systems – so you can flush the litter if this is your preferred method of disposal.

#5. Low tracking

A lot of litters you get dust or small pieces of litter that stick to your cat’s feet and then spread all over the house. With this litter you don’t get that.

#6. Ultra Absorbent

Barley is very high in starch which is highly absorbent but also clumps together when it absorbs moisture, this is what makes the cat litter clumping.

Review of the Barley Pellet Clumping Cat Litter

We used the Barley Pellet Cat Litter over a period of 3 weeks with our cat Smug. He is an indoor cat and so uses the cat litter all of the time.

There were lots of things we loved about the litter

  • We have wooden floors which would normally have cat litter dust and small bits of litter on from his paws – but the pellet litter doesn’t do this. Which means less clean up!
  • There was no smell from the litter – which is always a must for us.
  • The litter clumped very well and meant that you were only disposing of used litter each time you cleaned the litter tray.

A couple of things that we would like to see developed

  • The litter comes in a plastic container and it would be nice to be able to get a refill – rather than purchasing a new tub each time. This is something under consideration at the moment.
  • We needed to purchase a different scoop for the litter. To ensure you are not throwing away perfectly good litter you need a scoop with slots that allow the clean pellets to fall through. We would have liked to be able to order this (or get it with our first order) from the website.

We would definitely recommend the litter. Home delivery is a convenient option and the product itself ticks all the boxes of what we want from a litter.

So if you have a cat and would like to support a family run Irish company that is focused on sustainability then this could be the product for you.

For more information about the litter and other green products visit

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