5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

Put yourself in your dog’s paws. His birthday is quickly approaching. He watches as family members celebrate their birthdays with birthday cakes, ice cream, presents, and maybe even a party. Now it’s his turn.

How would you want to celebrate your birthday if you were your dog?

Well, the good news is your dog will probably be thrilled with whatever you decide. After all, you’re his best friend and he just wants to be with you. But, have fun with planning your dog’s special day.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

#1. Throw your dog a birthday party.

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

Birthday parties aren’t just for people. Dogs like to socialize as much as we do and your dog probably has already made
some friends at the dog park or even in the neighbourhood. Throw a fun birthday party, complete with your dog’s favorite treats. Invite your friends and neighbors and celebrate with an afternoon of good food and fun games of fetch and Frisbee.

#2. Give your dog an edible birthday card.

That’s right. Imagine getting a birthday card you can eat. A gorgeously decorated birthday card, made from 100 percent safe rawhide and just for your perfect prince or princess, will keep your dog excited and busy for hours.

#3. Spoil your dog with birthday presents.

Dogs are like kids. They can never have too many toys. And, what’s a birthday without presents? Treats are probably at the top of any dog’s list for the perfect birthday present, but don’t forget to add an interactive dog toy, a dog ball, and a kong squeaker toy to make his gift list a real hit.

#4. Let your dog sleep with you.

Maybe your dog sleeps in his own ultra-comfortable dog bed, but he’s always looking longingly at your bed. Let him join you for the night as a special birthday treat.

#5. Go for a long walk.

Dogs love to walk. A long walk gives a dog the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, to meet people, and to get plenty of compliments from new friends. It’s also a great way to expend your dog’s energy, especially before a full day of celebrating. Choose a path that your dog particularly enjoys or stop by the dog park for a vigorous play session to cap off your dog’s special day.

Our time with our beloved pets is often far too short for our liking. Make every moment – and every birthday count – by finding fun, creative ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday and create lifelong memories for yourself and your family at the same time.

Tell us what you did for your dogs birthday!



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