Should Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed? The Pros and Cons

Should Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed

When we ask ‘Should Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed?’ on social media it’s always very much split – people are either a hard no that a dog should be in their own bed or they wouldn’t consider going to bed without their dog.

I let our dogs in the bedroom in the morning or early evening – I love having cuddles with them while I watch TV. But I don’t let them sleep in the bed at night. Mainly because they are big dogs and they take up all the space in the bed. And they kick you to move over so you end up hanging off the edge of the bed and getting no sleep.

Whether you decide to let your dog in the bed or not is personal choice, but here are some things you might want to take into consideration when you make your decision.

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5 Things To Take Into Consideration When Deciding If Your Dog Should Sleep In Your Bed

#1. Is There Room For Your Dog?

I love our dogs and love nothing more than a cuddle with them. It’s lovely when they sneak in on Saturday morning and lay on the bed and watch Saturday morning TV with me. But I don’t let them sleep in the bed all night with us because they just isn’t room for two large dogs and us.

If you have a smaller dog then they are probably more suited to keeping you company at night as they don’t take up quite as much space.

#2. Is It Good For Your Dog?

Some dogs don’t want to sleep in the same spot all night. They might get warm and move to a hard floor to cool down, then be in their bed, on the couch and so on. So they prefer to have access to those different environments.

They also might prefer more space to themselves – so would enjoy somewhere that they can stretch out a little more.

So while you may want to cuddle in bed with them they might prefer a bit of alone time at night.

#3. The Dog Hair

If you have allergies then it’s probably not ideal to have your dog in the bed. Being constantly exposed to pet dander can cause respiratory symptoms.

Also, because when dogs are outside they attract dust and pollen this can make any allergies worse. And once they get on the bed they deposit the dust and pollen – meaning it’s around for longer.

However, if you regularly wash your bed sheets and vacuum then this will address the issue.

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#4. Is It Affecting Your Sleep?

Sometimes your dog can be the cause of a bad night’s sleep. If you are a light sleeper your dog moving around, getting on and off the bed, the little kicks when they stretch out etc. can mean you are woken regularly through the night.

Unlike your dog, who can take several naps during the day to catch up on their sleep, the next day you can be sleepy which often affects your mood.

Training your dog to sleep at the bottom of the bed can solve this problem and help you get a good nights sleep.

#5. Whose Bed Is It?

There are instances where dogs can get very dominant over the bed and don’t want their owners in it. A quite rare circumstance but something that you want to keep in mind.

“Guarding is when a dog aggressively protects something precious to him–most commonly food, toys, or a favorite spot in the house (such as the bed)”

If you feel this could be an issue and still want to have your dog in the bedroom then why not create a nice area for them in the corner of the room with their bed and toys – so they can still be nearby but have their own space.

Let us know your thoughts. Where does your dog sleep? Would you allow them in the bed? Do you think people are crazy to have their dog sleep in their bed?

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