5 Memorable Ways to Celebrate Your Cat’s Birthday

Have you every thought about how to Celebrate Your Cat’s Birthday?

Everyone wants to be pampered and treated like royalty on their birthday. Your beloved feline friend is no different. But, she’s also already spoiled every day, living a relaxing life of luxury. So, how do you celebrate a birthday for that happy cat who has everything?


Mix a little bit of creativity with sentimentality and a dab of catnip, and you’ve got the perfect birthday celebration for your best friend.

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5 Memorable Ways to Celebrate Your Cat’s Birthday

#1. Give her a birthday card made just for cats.

No birthday is complete without a birthday card. Nothing will drive your cat crazy with excitement like a colourful, intricately drawn birthday card complete with a catnip toy inside.

Give the cat her catnip and add the card to a scrapbook, so you can remember your friend’s birthday forever.

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#2. Presents, presents, presents.

Sure, your cat probably has everything but there’s always room for a few new presents, especially on her birthday. Every cat loves catnip and you can choose from a variety of different catnip toys, including a toy mouse with catnip, a catnip banana, and a catnip wall ball.

And if your cat loves to scratch, you can’t go wrong with a cat scratching pad that they can use for months to come.

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#3. Surprise your cat with a new sleeping spot.

Most cats love to spend their days lounging in the sun. A comfortable cat bed promises long, relaxing naps. Treat your cat to a brand new bed or even create your own bed, with old clothing and blankets, using a bed stuff sack that allows you to make your cat’s bed as big and as comfortable as you want.

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#4. Add a little bling to her day.

Every princess and prince needs bling that says “watch out world, it’s my birthday. Here I come!” A crystal adorned cat collar will show your cat for the rock star she is while a leather cat collar offers delicate style. Choose a cat collar that fits your cat’s size and unique personality.

#5. Schedule a family photo shoot.

Time with our beloved pets is too brief. Capture the memories of your cat’s latest birthday by scheduling a family photo shoot. Have your cat wear her new collar and get the whole family in on the fun. Photographs, unlike memories, do not fade with time.

It’s your cat’s birthday. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy an unforgettable birthday experience.



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