Dog Friendly Ireland Day: June 25th 2021 #DogFriendlyIrelandDay

Dog Friendly Ireland Day

Dog Friendly Ireland Day is a day of celebration of our Furry Friends and Family! A Day to Spread Kindness and Respect towards our Canine Companions!

So, now that our restrictions are lifting and we are able to book cafes and
restaurants and dine outdoors, let us all promote Dog Friendly Day 2021 by:

  1. Supporting a business that is Dog Friendly AND
  2. If you are a business, provide a Dog Friendly Welcome
  • Have a Dog Water Bowl outside your premises.
  • Have some Dog Treats available for your Canine Customers.
  • Provide some poo bags and bins so owners can act responsibly.

Your Checklist For The Perfect Dog Friendly Ireland Day

#1. Preparing For The Day

Half the fun is in the preparation for the big day. So have some fun getting your dog ready.

#2. Dog Groomers

The weather is warming up and it is the perfect time to treat your dog to a bit of pampering at your local dog groomers. An added health benefit is it will help keep them cool and comfortable in the Summer heat.

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#3. Pet Gifts

Why not get a new ball to play fetch with or a new comfy collar and lead to try out for your walk on Dog Friendly Ireland Day.

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#4. Home Baking

It is always a good idea to have some dog treats for your pal while you are out and about to help keep their focus on you.

And what better way to show you care than baking the dog treats yourself!

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Dog At Park Dog Friendly Day

What to do on Dog Friendly Ireland Day

So, the big day has finally arrived. See our tips below to ensure your dog has a fun filled day.

#1. Walks / Dog Parks

Wherever you decide to go for your walk and play, remember to bring some refreshing cool water and a foldable water bowl, so you can keep your pet refreshed on their adventure.

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#2. Keep An Eye on The Weather

Follow our Summer Safety Tips for your furry pal.

Summer Safety Tips

#3. Be Prepared When Travelling

If you are travelling in a car here are some essential tips to consider before you set out on the road.

#4. Check Out Your Options For Dining Outdoors

Here are some of our favourites:

Dog Friendly Ireland Day: What is it and What does it mean in 2021?

Dogs Trust Ireland run Dog Friendly Ireland Day and this amazing animal charity, just like many others, has been badly hit during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Their goals continue however and they want to nurture and support kindness towards our incredible canine pals.

This June 25th Dog Friendly Day will have to be very different, for obvious reasons. Usually Dogs Trust are encouraging businesses across Ireland to open up their doors and become dog friendly.
They believe, like us, that you should be able to take public transport with your dog or enjoy lunch indoors with your furry pal.

So, until restrictions have lifted, Dogs Trust are still going to celebrate and this year, like last year, they are making their campaign digital!

For some of us, our homes are now our workplaces and at our feet, through it all, has been our faithful four-legged friends.  They are our constant companions, sit in on every meeting and have virtually met your co-workers.

Your canine has become your colleague and Dogs Trust want to celebrate them on a job well done!

Pet Sitter

Here’s how Dogs Trust explain you can get involved

  • Give your dog a job title! Maybe they’re an Office Mutterials Associate, Chief Canine Officer, Head of Puplick Relations, or a Pawject Manager?
  • Share a pic on social media of your pooch ”working from home”.
  • Remember to use the hashtag #DogFriendlyIrelandDay and include their new job title!
  • Share stories of how your Canine Colleague has helped to support you through lockdown.
  • Bake your pal a well-earned Dog Friendly treat.
  • Treat your dog to an enrichment puzzle that will keep him occupied while you get on with work.
  • Host a “Yappy Hour Pup Quiz” for your work colleagues!

You can support Dog Friendly Ireland Day at work by arranging a fun virtual event with your work colleagues!  We have created a fun interactive “YappyHour Pup Quiz” to test your work colleague’s general knowledge, including lots of dog friendly questions too.  We will even supply a special “Top Dog” prize for the winner!

If your company or team would like to support Dogs Trust by hosting a Dog Friendly Ireland Day quiz, contact for all the details.

Support and Enjoy Dog Friendly Ireland Day with your Pawsome Pal!

Whatever way you and your dog choose to celebrate this year’s Dog Friendly Ireland Day – Dogs Trust Ireland want to know about it, so don’t forget to use the hashtag #DogFriendlyIrelandDay. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter!

Dogs Trust is a charity that relies on the generous support of dog lovers like you to fund their life-saving work so they would be delighted if you could donate your usual commute to work or daily coffee cost to them. It could help make all the difference to a dog in need.

Support Dog Friendly Every Day!

Of course, we want to encourage kindness and respect towards our wonderful dogs all year around and Pet Lovers Guide to Ireland will help you do just that with your furry friends… Enjoy!

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