How To Vote In The Nose Of Tralee & Share Your Entry

How To Vote in The Nose Of Tralee

Are you wondering how to Vote in the Nose of Tralee? 

Firstly, congratulations on entering your pet into the Nose Of Tralee. Please find below the next stages of the competition with instructions on how to vote.

Note – There are some steps you need to take when you first vote to verify yourself as a genuine voter. These steps have to be in place to stop any fraudulent voting. If you have previously voted in the Nose of Tralee you may not be asked to complete these steps again.

Voting Dates & Information

Public Voting 27th June – 10th July 2022

Note – Vote counts (or position in the competition) will not be made available to the Public or Entrants at any stage of the competition.

Judging Process 11th July – 2nd August 2022 – The 3 pets in each County with the most votes will go through to the next round and our team of Independent Judges will then select one finalist for each county.

During this process the 32 finalists will be notified and asked to re-enter their pet wearing their County Nose Sash ready for the final Public Vote.

How Will Entrants Pets Be Judged if they get through to the Judges Stage?

Each pet will be judged on the following and the pet with the most points will go through to the final. Final scores will not be made public and in the event that the winner does not want to participate in the final stages then the runner up will be put through to the final.

  • Number of Public Votes (33% of score)
  • Quality, cuteness and uniqueness of photo (33% of score)
  • Written entry (33% of score)

Public Vote  3rd August – 22nd August 2022- A public vote will decide which of the 32 Finalists is Crowned the 2022 Nose of Tralee.

The 2022 Nose Of Tralee Winner will be announced on the 23rd August 2022.


How To Vote In The Nose Of Tralee

Step 1

Go To and you will see all the entries.
Type your pets name in and click the magnify glass to search.
Note – entries rotate so you will not see the same ones at the top all of the time.

Step 2

Enter your email to verify you are a genuine voter and then click Vote
(Note – you will only need to do this email verification once and if you voted in the Nose of Tralee in previous years it may not ask you to complete the verification)

Step 3

Confirm you are not a robot by ticking the box that appears on screen

Note – depending on if you are on a mobile, tablet or laptop you may need to scroll up or down the screen to see this captcha box.

Step 4

You may be asked to take a double captcha. Just complete the simple quiz. (They will be different pictures each time – sometimes even just a word you have to type in)
Note – these are all important steps to prevent fraudulent voting.

Step 5

Make sure you check your email as we will be sending you an email to verify you are a genuine voter.
You must do this to make sure your votes count.
We cannot do this process for you. You need to log into your own email. If you don’t get the email just click the resend button to get another one sent to you.
Note – you only need to confirm your email ONCE and if you have voted in the Nose of Tralee before you may not be asked to do this.

Step 6

If you want to share your entry on social media or with friends then click the 3 small dots in the middle of the entry.

Step 7

A new window will open and you will see on the right that you can copy the link to share it or just click the social share buttons.

Happy Voting and Good Luck with your entry