Frequently Asked Questions 

If you are entering the Nose of Tralee then it is likely that you might have questions. Below we cover all of the most frequently asked about the competition.

What is the Nose of Tralee Pet Competition?

The Nose of Tralee is Ireland’s largest pet competition that is open to all types of pets. 2024 is the 11th year of the competition and each year more and more people from all over Ireland take part in a bid to win the title of Nose of Tralee. 

The competition is open to pet owners in all 32 counties of Ireland and all pets are welcome – dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, horses etc.

Why Would You Enter Your Pet in The Nose of Tralee?

The Nose of Tralee is a fun competition to celebrate the love that people have for their animals.

It allows Pet Owners to show off their pet’s unique talents. Maybe they can sing or dance or are just too cute not to show off.

The honour of being Nose of Tralee for the year comes with great prestige!

What Type of Pets Can Enter the Nose of Tralee?

We allow all pets to enter the Nose of Tralee. It’s not just a competition for cats or dogs, every type of pet is welcome.

In previous years we have had horses, pigs, birds and much more enter.

Can I Enter If My Pet If They Have Already Won in A Previous Year?

If your pet was a winner or runner-up in a previous year then you cannot enter them into the Nose of Tralee again.

If your pet was a county finalist, then you can enter them into the competition again.

Can I Enter If I Live Outside Ireland?

You and your pet must be resident in one of the 32 Counties of Ireland. We do not accept entries from outside Ireland.

You can only enter the competition for the County that you and your pet reside in.

When and Where Does the Nose of Tralee Take Place?

The Nose of Tralee is an online competition that takes place between the 4th June and the 20th August 2024.

What Is the Voting/Judging Process?

Open For Entries 4th June – 25th June 2024

Note – Entrants must submit a current photo of their pet that was taken in the last 6 months and they must enter their pet in the county in which they reside in Ireland.

Public Voting 26th June – 10th July 2024

Note – Vote counts (or position in the competition) will not be made available to the Public or Entrants at any stage of the competition.

Judging Process 11th July – 1st August 2024- The 3 pets in each County with the most votes will go through to the next round and our team of Independent Judges will then select one finalist for each county.

During this process the 32 finalists will be notified and asked to re-enter their pet wearing their County Nose Sash ready for the final Public Vote.

How Will Entrants Pets Be Judged if they get through to the Judges Stage?

Each pet will be judged on the following and the pet with the most points will go through to the final. Final scores will not be made public and in the event that the winner does not want to participate in the final stages then the runner up will be put through to the final.

  • Number of Public Votes (33% of score)
  • Quality, cuteness and uniqueness of photo (33% of score)
  • Written entry (33% of score)

Public Vote  1st August – 19th August 2024- A public vote will decide which of the 32 Finalists is Crowned the 2024 Nose of Tralee.

The 2024 Nose Of Tralee Winner will be announced on the 20th August 2024.

What are the Prizes for the Nose of Tralee?

First Prize

  • Title Of Nose of Tralee 2024
  • 250 euro Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Voucher
  • Photo Shoot with David MaCauley Photography including canvas image
  • 500 Euro Tesco Voucher

Second Prize

  • 100 euro Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Voucher
  • 150 Euro Tesco Voucher

Where Can I Vote for The Nose of Tralee?

You can vote during the following dates at

Public Voting 26th June – 10th July 2024

Public Vote 1st August – 19th August 2024

When Will the Winner Be Announced?

The winner will be announced at 5pm on the 20th August 2024 on Social Media.

Can You Tell Me How Many Votes My Pet Received?

Vote counts are not displayed at any stage of the competition. We also do not release a list of vote counts at any stage during or after the competition.

 What Are the Rules for Nose of Tralee Entrants?

The following rules apply to all entrants at whatever stage of the competition. Failure to comply will result in immediate removal from the competition.

  • Entrants cannot use paid advertising to promote their entry.
  • Entrants are not permitted to buy votes in any form.
  • Entrants suspected of cheating in any form will be removed from the competition.
  • The Nose of Tralee logo, and the Pet Sitters Ireland logo, can only be used with the written permission of Pet Sitters Ireland. 
  • Sponsor logos cannot be used on any promotional material.
  • No other companies may claim to sponsor or endorse the Nose of Tralee, unless they are an official sponsor. This includes, but not limited to, adding their name to posters, flyers, tshirts, awards

Code Of Conduct. Any entrant found to be harassing other entrants, organisers, or sponsors in any manner will be removed from the competition (and future competitions) with immediate effect. Organisers decision will be final