The Best Alternative To Cat Boarding In Dublin

We get lots of calls from concerned cat owners who are worried about travelling away as they don’t want to put their cat into a cat boarding facility. We totally understand as we have a cat as well, and our cat likes the comfort of their own home and their own familiar food and bed.

A Cat Sitting service is the best answer to your problems, because now your cat doesn’t have to go into Cat Boarding and instead they can hang out at home and have one of our Cat Sitters come in and take care of them.

How Does a Cat Sitting Service Compare To Cat Boarding

Alternative To Cat Boarding

Your Cat Doesn’t Need To Travel Anywhere

I think we can all agree that cats don’t like cars! Well I know mine doesn’t. Where as a dog will bounce into the car with enthusiasm thinking they are going on a walk, a cat has its claws out at the ready and is generally not happy about travelling anywhere.

So whenever you think of taking them to Cat Boarding, or the Vets, there is a sense of dread. Trying to get them into the cat carrier and then into the car – no fun!

Who wants to stress their cat out like that!

Your Cat Gets To Stay In Their Own Environment

My cat is a creature of habit and really doesn’t like change. He likes his routine and he likes his napping spot! So to take him away from all of that is not something he would be happy about.

The strange smells, the new cats, the different noises – none of it would be what he would be used to.

He likes to get out for a stretch in the garden and then get into his own bed when he comes back in. Not to mention he likes to be fed at certain times and loves his belly rubs!

Your Cat Gets To Keep The House Secure

Cat Sitting not only offers your cat the luxury of staying home in their own house, but it also keeps your house safe while you travel.

No more will you worry if everything is alright, as your Cat Sitter will be coming in 1-2 times a day to check on things. Alternating curtains or blinds, turning on/off lights, bringing in post and bins all helps to create that lived in look.

With crime on the increase no-one wants their home left unattended.

With a Cat Sitting Service available to you, you now have options. You can choose the best option for you and your cat and travel with the peace of mind your cat is safe and your home is secure.

Get in touch today and talk to us about your Cat Sitting Needs.



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