Why Pet Sitting Is A Good Alternative To House Sitting In Ireland

House Sitting In Ireland

We get calls from pet owners all the time looking for a house sitting service – someone who will move into their house full time and take care of their home and their pets.

I can understand why you might think this is a good option for your pets, as a house sitter would be there 24/7 and keep your normal routine. You may even feel that it is more like you being home with your pets.

We realise for some there is no other option they will consider, but for others the option of Pet Sitting may just be the solution you are looking for.

Benefits Of Using A Pet Sitter Versus House Sitting.

#1. Pets Get To Stay Home

Whether you are hiring a house sitter or a Pet Sitter the same thing applies – your pets get to stay home. They get to be in their familiar surroundings, lie on their favourite sofa and eat their favourite food and snacks.

With a Pet Sitter we are calling in and out throughout the day to make sure your pets are happy and healthy.

With a house sitter they are living in your home.

#2. Pets Keep A Routine

Most people are not home all day, they are out working, they have errands to run or they are taking care of the kids. So when you use our Pet Sitting service we try to keep as close to your pets routine as possible. So if you normally feed them at 8.30am then we will be there to do that as well.┬áIf you normally tuck them up at 9pm then that’s what we will do.

We can actually stay overnight with them as well if your book our Overnight Pet Sitting Service. Just like you would be there all night, we can do the same.

With a house sitter you are not booking specific visit and walk times – the house sitter could potentially feed and walk them whenever they like.

#3. Your Home Is Kept Safe

It’s true that if a house sitter was to stay at your house 24/7 and not leave then your house would be very safe. But I am guessing it’s unlikely this will happen. They would need to get out the house for a period of time at some stage.

With a Pet Sitter we come at different times of the day (within your requested time frames), we do home security checks to make sure all windows and doors are secure and we are very proactive in opening/closing curtains and blinds and bringing in post.

And did I mention we send you lots of lovely pictures of your pets every time we visit!

Whether a Pet Sitter is right for you or not, only you can decide. What I would suggest is that your browse through the information on the website and then if you have questions get in touch via the Contact form or call 1800 30 30 10



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