Puppies For Sale: Instead Take #ThePuppyPromise

Christmas sees a massive increase in Puppies For Sale in Ireland, something that increases every year as people capitalize on the fact that many people give dogs as gifts for Christmas.

We all know the saying that a “Dog Is For Life Not Just For Christmas” and the Dogs Trust’s #ThePuppyPromise campaign is a timely reminder that it’s not always a wise decision to give a puppy as a gift.

Dogs take a lot of work and commitment from the owner and anyone deciding to get a dog needs to enter into that decision with all the facts.

Dogs Trust are highlighting this issue and asking people to pledge that

I promise not to give a puppy as a gift, because giving puppies as presents results in hundreds of abandoned pets. A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.”

You can read more about The Puppy Promise HERE

Their campaign see’s paper mache dogs being abandoned all over Dublin to highlight awareness for the campaign and get people to make #ThePuppyPromise.

Here are some pictures we found on Twitter today that people took of the dogs around Dublin that were placed to promote #ThePuppyPromise.


Are you going to take #ThePuppyPromise?




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