Pet Insurance: A Review of Allianz Pet Insurance

Once considered a luxury, pet insurance is quickly becoming a necessity. As advances in veterinary medicine and technology increase, costs of veterinary care continue to go up. To ensure their pets receive proper high quality veterinary care in case of injury or illness, many pet parents now purchase pet insurance to help defray some of the cost of vet expenses.

Pet Insurance_ A Review of Allianz Pet Insurance

Allianz Pet Insurance is one of the pet insurance companies that offers coverage to pets throughout Ireland.


  • Allianz Pet Insurance policies cover dogs and cats, including veterinary fees, kennel and cattery costs, theft, and holiday cancellation.
  • For both dogs and cats, the pet insurance excess is 100 Euros. Pet parents may choose a plan with a higher or lower excess to help toward lowering or making the premium higher.
  • Each benefit has maximum coverage. Third party liability, including legal costs, for example, offers a maximum lifetime pay out of 250,000 Euros.
  • Pets must meet age requirements to be covered. Dogs must be no older than eight years of age, for example.


  • All pets will receive lifetime coverage – provided they have been enrolled prior to the age limit – as long as the policy is renewed each year.
  • Pets are covered for injuries by their insurance policy immediately. Illness coverage kicks in after 14 days.
  • Pet parents can apply for, update, and renew their pet insurance policies online.


  • Allianz Pet Insurance only provides insurance coverage for cats and dogs.
  • Microchipped pets receive a discount only for the first year of insurance coverage.
  • Select dog breeds – such as the Bulldog, Deerhound, and Great Dane – require an additional fee and must be insured prior to their fifth birthday. For a list of breeds who require that fee, go to:


To speak with an Allianz Pet Insurance representative, call 01 448 48 48 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. or Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or fill out the online contact form at

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