Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services during Pregnancy

The Services of a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker can be invaluable when you need to get away or just don’t have time to walk your dog. But when you are expecting a child they can become even more important. You may find that closer to your due date you just don’t have the energy to walk your dog or they are a very strong dog and you would be afraid they may pull you while out on their walk.

If this is the case you can organise for a Dog Walker to walk your dog on a regular or adhoc basis.

For example you might decide that our Quick Break service is perfect for you, whereby your dog gets a 20 minute midday walk. Or maybe you want to avail of an hour long dog walk each day to really wear your dog out.

What to do when it’s time to go to the hospital?

If you don’t have family close to you that can take care of your pets when the time comes to go to the hospital, then organising a Pet Sitter to be ‘on call’ ready for that time can give you great peace of mind.

In the same way you organise your bag for the hospital and your baby supplies for when you return home – why not organise a Pet Sitter to help out?

By having a plan in place with your Pet Sitter and Dog Walker you know that when the time comes you can leave at a moments notice.

At Pet Sitters Ireland we offer a Free ‘Meet and Greet’ to all our clients prior to using our services.

The Meet and Greet is a chance for us to meet you and meet your pets. Once you are happy that the Pet Sitter/Dog Walker is the right person for you and your pets then we can take a key.

By us holding a key in advance, this means that when you need to call on our services we can be there at a moments notice to help out.

So why not make organising a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker part of your pregnancy plan!

Contact us via our website or call 1800 30 30 10  to book your Free Meet and Greet with one of our staff today!

The Pet Sitters Ireland Team



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