Luxury Dog Bed That Allows Your Dog To Sleep In Your Bed

Do you let you dog sleep in your bed? We have asked this question loads of time on social media and it’s always a yes from the majority of followers. We are just a nation of dog lovers…and part of that is letting our dogs sleep with us!

So this bed from a Brazilian Bed Company is definitely the bed for Dog Lovers all over the world. It’s half way between allowing your dog in the bed and letting them have their own bed.

With a thicker than normal mattress, the bed has a cute compartment (including curtains!) that your dog can cuddle up in at night. Only suitable really for small dogs, it’s still a genius idea and one I know lots of dog lovers will be totally on board with!

Dog bed

And how cute does this dog look! With those adorable curtains and cute pillow!

Dog Bed

Let us know! Would you buy one for you dog? Or is it still dog on the bed?