Review of The Weenect Dog Tracker

Weenect Dog Tracker Review

Weenect Dog Tracker Review 

The Weenect Dog Tracker is a GPS dog tracker that can track your dog (or cat) in real time. Pet trackers are great for peace of mind for pet owners – whether you have a dog that you fear might escape or slip the lead OR you have a cat that you want to track where they go at night.

We tried the tracker on our dog Joey to see how accurate it was from a tracking point of view and also how easy it was to use as a pet owner.

The tracker is easy to set up, but below you will find 2 videos that walk you through everything.

How to use the Weenect App

How to use the Weenect Tracker

Review of The Weenect Dog Tracker

Pros of the Weenect Tracker

  • It’s really easy to set up – just charge it, install the app and sync them and you are ready to go.
  • It’s a great price and isn’t lacking in any features due to its lower price point.
  • The silicone case means it’s really easy to take off your pets collar to charge and then slip back in.
  • It feels sturdy – so I am not worried if my dogs are playing that it’s going to get damaged
  • The app alerts you if the battery is going flat
  • The app also shows, with good accuracy, where your pet is. And you can choose how often their location is refreshed.
  • You can set up geofences so you can see if your pet is going further from your home than you want. This would be useful if you had a cat you wanted to keep closer to home

You can read more about the Weenect Tracker on their website

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Cons of the Weenect Tracker

  • The actual tracker doesn’t have a light or switch to show if it’s on or off – you can only tell by opening the app on your phone.
  • You can ring the tracker and make it vibrate. I would love to be able to disable this as when I buzzed it when we were setting up the collar my dog was not happy.

Overall I would recommend trying out the weenect tracker for your pets.  It’s a great price, has all the features you need and it’s super easy to get on and off your pet to charge it.

Check out the weenect trackers here 

Disclaimer: We were given a Tracker for the purpose of this review.