10 Facts About German Shepherd Dogs and Why We Love Them

What do you know about German Shepherd Dogs? Unless you have one, you might not be aware of these awesome facts about them and why owners of German Shepherds love them so much.

10 Fun and Interesting Facts About German Shepherds.

#1. German Shepherds originate from Germany and are often known as GSD’s, or in the UK as Alsatians.

#2. German Shepherds were originally used as working dogs for herding sheep. Now they are used for assistance work, search and rescue and military roles.

German Shepherd

#3. The German Shepherd is the 2nd most popular dog in the USA, and 4th most popular in the UK.

#4. The most common colours for a German Shepherd are tan/black and red/black, with other variations including all black, all white, liver and blue.

#5. German Shepherds are known for their intelligence. According to Wikipedia they can learn simple tasks after only 5 repetitions and obey the first command that they are given 95% of the time.

#6. German Shepherds have a natural curiosity, which makes them perfect when it comes to search missions. If you want something found them a German Shepherd is a perfect choice.

#7. German Shepherds are very protective of their owners, however when trained properly make loving and extremely loyal pets.

#8. German Shepherds have a great life span, and can live from 10-13 years.

#9. German Shepherds are known for shedding, and A LOT of it. So get that vacuum at the ready.

#10. German Shepherds LOVE to play and are extremely active. They need a lot of walking and exercise to keep them occupied. They are ideally suited to someone who walks a lot or who has a very active lifestyle.

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He is a gentleman, he teaches us how to be kind and patient and how to love unconditionally. He has qualities that most humans don’t possess. He is clever beyond words and I think he can read humans like a book. Oh and he is simply just amazingly awesome!! ~SharonSharon GSD

She’s my family, my bestie, my everything. She is so intelligent, sweet, loyal!! Life wouldnt be complete now without her ~ Laura

Laura GSD

This is Finn and she’s a girl with a boys name! She’s six now and came into ours lives at nine weeks old. She was given to me by my husband as I wasn’t doing well after my mam died. We do everything together and she totally saved me and gave me my life back. I think that’s reason enough to love her. That and her fab smile! ~ SelenaSelena GSD

I named him Hachi after seeing the movie a few years ago, honestly think he would protect me with his life even tho he’s the biggest baby ever. He’s my first dog & he went from puppy to huge in no time. Can honestly say he’s my best friend love him to death. We have 2o ther dogs & he’s great with him nearly 70kgs but biggest baby at heart , have a great bond with him ~James

James GSD

This is khan my German shepherd, I was always brought up with this beautiful breed, so when I was ready to own my own dog I decided to view puppies at a house. Well when I walked in I should of walked straight back out, there was eight male puppies huddled in a corner with very sad eyes not bounding around. I decided if I could save just one of them and give them a happy fulfilling life. So this is how my story began, I brought him home and introduced him to my best friends dog Leia. Well he was so unbalanced he attacked Leia, so with a lot of love and understanding from Leia and training from me and Natalie we now have a beautiful well balanced six year old boy. ~Margo

Margo GSD

I can’t think of words to say about our Chica… I would be writing a novel BUT the words that do come to mind are “Unconditional Love”!!! ~ Lynden

Lynden GSD

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