Review Of Dreamies Cat Treats & Snacky Mouse

Dreamies Cat Treats.

When I saw this interactive cat toy in the shape of a mouse I was really excited to see how my cat would interact with it and if he would like the Dreamies Cat Treats that it dispenses.

When I asked in our Facebook Group I was excited to see that lots of other cat owners had purchased them for their cat, so I was interested to see whether my cat would have the same experience.

The toy cost me 3 euro and came with a 60g pack of Dreamies cheese treats. If you want to buy more treats they are only 2 euro a packet, which is really reasonable. They also come in lots of different flavours.

Instruction for use

  1. Twist the snacky mouse’s head off
  2. Pour in your dreamies
  3. Pop the head on and twist clockwise until tight
  4. Wait and watch your cat play with the toy until the treats come out
  5. Wait a bit more…
  6. Show them how to do it…and then wait!

Let’s See How Amanda and Huxley Got on!

Review Of Dreamies Cat Treats & Mouse Dispenser

Huxley loved the treats but was not really interested in helping herself. She preferred the treats to be handed to her in an orderly fashion and didn’t want to work for them.

Perhaps more time spent demonstrating how to use the treat toy could have helped.

My own cat Smug had no interest in the toy at all. He looked on quite annoyed that I was disturbing him and moving things around near him.

He definitely wanted the treats though. As soon as he saw the bag he got up and was trying to get into them. But when I left him with the toy to help himself he went back to sleep.

Feedback from the Facebook Group:

There were mixed opinions from the owners of the cats who had tried it in our Facebook Group. It seemed to depend on the age of the cat and how motivated by treats the cat is.

“My kittens play with it, but the older one looks at it with disgust. He eats the treats no bother” ~ Elizabeth

“My cats don’t know how to work it out.” ~ Alison

“My cats don’t find it amusing at all” ~Ciara

“My cat is all about the food so figured it out in no time!!” ~Linda

“My cats are very smart but couldn’t figure it out, they’re used to me being the dispenser of dreamies.” ~ Caroline

“My kitties aren’t interested in it at all….the packaging on the other hand!!” ~ Olivia

Should You Buy Dreamies Cat Treats and Snacky Mouse?

The Dreamies treats are a real hit with cats. I only got the cheese flavour for my cat, but I am sure the others are just as tasty for them.

The toy seems to be a bit hit and miss. You know your cat best, so if they like playing with toys then maybe this will be for them. If not, then you might want to give it a miss.

For 3 euro it might just be worth a try though!

Let us know in the comments below if your cat loves Dreamies and if they liked the Snacky Mouse