Review of the Tractive GPS Tracker (Features, Pros, Cons and Costs)

Review of the Tractive GPS Tracker

Have you ever thought about getting a Tractive GPS Tracker?

Not knowing where your dog is can be the most frightening time for a dog owner. The panic and worry sets in as you try to think where to look first.

But imagine if there was a way to track your pets all the time. A GPS tracking system that could pinpoint where they are as soon as you realise they are missing. And not only that, it tracks your dog’s activity at the same time.

Well this is exactly what we got when we tried out the Tractive GPS Tracker.

Review of the Tractive GPS Tracker (Features, Pros, Cons and Costs)

How Does The Tractive GPS Tracker Work?

The tracker connects to the best available mobile network – just like a phone – to provide location data everywhere your pet goes. You can then view the location of your pet on the app on your phone and even look at the history of where they have been.

The tracker works worldwide – so if you are on holiday you can still track your pet and see they are safe with their Pet Sitter.

Features of the Tractive GPS Tracker

tractive GPS Tracker

Tracks Worldwide.  Perfect for use at home or on holiday. Works in over 150 countries. Meaning if you leave your pet with a Pet Sitter you can track them to make sure they are safe and sound

LIVE Updates. The live mode gives you location updates every 2-3 seconds – so if you are worried about your dog’s then you can get updates in real time and locate them quickly

Virtual Fences. Set up virtual fences so you get alerts when your dog goes outside the fence

% Waterproof. Making it perfect for active dogs who love the water

Lost Tracker Locator. The light and sound feature (that can be activated from the app) helps you find your GPS tracker in case you drop it.

Long-lasting battery. Lasts up to 5 days – with in-app notification when the battery is running low and when it is charged

Lightweight – Weighs 1.2oz (35g) – so suitable for all size of dogs

Features of the Tractive Activity Monitor

Track Activity. Allows you to see how active your dog has been throughout the day and night – so you can make sure your dog gets enough exercise and rest. You can also view the history of your dog’s activity

Set Goals. Set exercise goals and earn badges for your dog in the app

Join the Community. Meet dog owners in your area and see how your dog is doing on the local leader board and against other dogs of the same breed.

Tractive Activity Monitor

How Much Does Tracker Cost?

The Tractive GPS Tracker starts at €49 with additional costs for a monthly subscription.

Considering the extensive list of features the price point seems extremely reasonable.


Why Should Pet Owners Buy A Tractive GPS Pet Tracker?

A GPS Tracker gives pet owners the peace of mind they’re seeking – to know they can both locate their pets on demand and will be notified if their pet escapes past the virtual fence.

How many Lost Pet signs do you see around on a daily basis? It’s constantly in the back of every pet owners mind and a GPS Tracker can take some of that worry away.

Review Of The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

We have found the tracker to be excellent. Our favourite features include:

  • Long battery life – the battery lasts around 3 days and the notification on the app when the battery needs charging is excellent. You also get a notification when charging is complete
  • The tracker attaches very securely to Joey’s collar and doesn’t come lose at all. I would be extremely confident it would not come off his collar
  • The activity monitor allows us to see how well Joey is sleeping at night or when we are out. Joey is quite an anxious dog so it’s nice to be able to see that he is relaxed and sleeping
  • The monthly subscription cost is very reasonable and can be paid monthly or yearly (for a discount)
  • The virtual fence gives us complete peace of mind knowing that if Joey did get out we would be notified straight away

Overall having the tracker has given us great peace of mind. And the added benefit of the activity tracker has been a plus.