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GPS Pod Tracker

GPS Pod Tracker

Not knowing where your pet is can be the most frighting time. Maybe your cat has been out longer than they normally would or your dog got out the side gate and you can’t find them.

The panic, the worry and not knowing who has them or if they will return.

So imagine if there was a way to track your pets all the time. A GPS tracking system that could pinpoint where they are as soon as you realise they are missing.

This is what the POD GPS Pet Tracker can offer you for you pets.

We took some time to get to know the owners behind POD GPS Pet Tracker and find out how the product works in a bit more detail.

Who Are The Owners And What Was The Inspiration Behind The Company?

Sebastian Langton & Damien Cantelo are the founders of POD GPS Pet Tracker.

As pet parents, we’re all too familiar with the pain of losing an animal and the panic of not knowing if they’re okay. It was this feeling that set the Pod story in motion.

When Sebastian met his cat Rango for the first time, the bond was instant and unbreakable. Rango became a massive part of his life, riding up to work on the motorcycle, hanging out at cafes on the weekend, tinkering about with various projects. Whatever was going at the time Rango wanted to be involved which is why it was so upsetting when he went missing.

Seb searched for three days and nights for his pal before finally finding a small note explaining that a beautiful tabby cat had been found lifeless on the side of the road. More painful than knowing that little Rango was no longer going to be around was the fact that Seb never got to say goodbye properly to such a great friend.

He learned that one in three pets will go missing in their lifetime, which is more than ten million pets per year – and that it’s preventable. This experience drove Sebastian to create Pod: a device to ensure others never have to go through the same painful experience.

“We created Pod so that people don’t have to go through the pain of losing their pet like I did. By getting people involved in our mission, people are going to be taking a stand and raising awareness that losing pets is now avoidable with the right technology,” said Sebastian Langton, founder Pod.


How Does The Pod Work?

Pod is the smallest, lightest and most versatile GPS pet tracker on the market. Significant time has been spent to develop a best-in-class product which delivers clear advantages in form and function over all other GPS trackers available today.

GPS Pet TrackerThe Pod relieves worry from pet parents with it’s ability to locate pets anytime, anywhere with the Find feature. In the event of an escape, it prevents pets from getting too far with the Escape Alert feature.

The Pod’s Escape Alert feature will notify a pet parent when there is a breach of a customisable ‘Safe Zone’ set around the home.

There is also a recording feature which allows a pet owner to record and trace where the pet has ventured for up to 8 hours and get an idea of how quick their pet is and where they like to wander.

It can also come in handy to familiarise a pet owner with where a pet normally travels outside of the home.

For the more health-conscious pet owners, the Pod will automatically record pet’s activity (rest, walk, run) for up to 6 days to make sure they’re getting enough exercise.

What Makes Pod The Best GPS Pet Tracker?

Pod works on more than 224 TelCom networks across 175 countries (including Ireland!) around the globe, making it the most globally active GPS pet tracking device.

Pod is the smallest and lightest Pet GPS + Wifi Tracking Device and Activity Monitor on the market of it’s kind

GPS Pet Tracker

Chosen as ModernDog Magazine’s Summer 2016 Editor’s Choice

Anthill Innovation Award – Ranked in Anthill’s Top 10 SMART 100 Index 2015

Why Buy A Pod GPS Pet Tracker?

It gives pet owners the peace of mind they’re seeking – to know they can both locate their pets on demand and will be notified if their pet escapes the set Safe Zone area. How many ‘Lost Pet’ signs do you see around on a daily basis? It’s constantly in the back of every pet owners mind and we can take that worry away.

How can people get in touch to find out more about your products

You can order a Pod GPS Tracker by visiting their website.



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