Choosing the Perfect Dog Ball: Planet Dog Orbee Review

Orbee Dog BallThis dog ball has been called the ‘Worlds Best Dog Ball’ – WOW!!

It has also been rated as the number one dog toy product of the year! That’s some serious dog toy for your dog! I know Coco loves hers!!

We read statements like this all the time about products though, so here are some interesting details about the Orbee ball and how it might just be the perfect dog ball for your dog.

So what is so special about the Orbee Dog Ball?

It’s Minty – that’s one of my favourite things. It’s nice that there is a nice smell – both for you and your dog! There is also a chance your dog might get minty fresh breath at the same time.

It’s buoyant – if your dog loves the water than it’s perfect for them. Unfortunately Coco doesn’t like getting wet! so I haven’t been able to test that out, other than in the sink!

Its recyclable – which means it is great for the environment. Planet Dog are very committed to eco-friendly products.

It’s durable – it’s rated on their Durability Scale as being for a 5 out of 5 chewer – for the most aggressive chewer.

The fun design – while you dog probably couldn’t care less about the colour or design of their new dog ball, they are fun looking and different. It’s not just another tennis ball that another dog could claim as his own – as it’s likely you will be the only dog owner in the park with one.

Watch this short video to see how much fun your dog could have with their Orbee Dog Ball.

If you decide you want to treat your dog then you can order them here.



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