Top 5 Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter

Pet SittingSome people can simply plan a family holiday or a weekend away from home, pack their bags, and just go without worry. But, pet parents don’t have that luxury. Going away on holiday or even for a weekend means considering where your pets are going to stay, if you can’t take them with you, and who is going to care for them.

Professional pet sitting has become increasingly popular in recent years because it provides pet parents with a professional and an affordable alternative to boarding their pets or having a family member or a friend check on their pets while they are away.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter

1. You’ll enjoy peace of mind. Sure, your next door neighbour, a friend, or even a family member may offer to look in on your beloved pet. And, while each of those people may have good intentions, they also have their own lives and their own responsibilities. What happens if they can’t keep their promise? What will happen to your pets? A professional pet sitter cares for pets for a living and will always show up for scheduled visits.

2. Your pets will maintain their usual routine. Pets generally thrive with routine. Ever notice how your dog or your cat instinctively comes running to the kitchen at the same time every day for mealtime? Boarding your pets will cause a disruption in the routine that they love. They will require time to adjust to staying in a kennel or a cattery and, likewise, have to readjust to returning home. A pet sitter allows you to avoid the disruption and ensures your pets stick with their regular routine.

3. Your pets will enjoy companionship. Like people, animals get lonely and crave companionship. A pet sitter will provide the one-on-one attention and affection you give your pets by playing with them, cuddling them, and taking them for walks. For example, if your dog likes to have his belly rubbed after a long walk, you can request that your pet sitter give him a belly rub after each walk.

4. Your pets will be well cared for. Your pets’ wellbeing is the top concern of any professional pet sitter. If a pet sitter notices your pet acting strangely or if your pet becomes ill, the pet sitter can act immediately by contacting the vet then getting directly in touch with you.

5. Your home will be safe. An empty, darkened home can be an open invitation to a thief or to a burglar. A fully insured pet sitter ensures your home has that “lived-in” look by turning lights on and off and by bringing in the post each day. And, if you have plants, your pet sitter can water them daily to ensure they are as healthy and as vibrant when you return home as they were when you left.

You can probably think of many more benefits of using a pet sitter the next time you need someone to care for your pets when you’re heading away for the weekend, going on holiday, or if you need a professional to provide companionship for your pets during your wedding day or another special occasion.

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