Interactive Dog Toy: Planet Dog Mazee Review

Mazee Interactive Dog Toy.Interactive Dog Toys, there are lots more of them about and if your dog gets easily bored and you need something to keep them active and engaged, then they will be perfect for your dog.

In 2 colours these Planet Dog Mazee Toys are perfect. They are fun, engaging and rewarding.

So How Does This Interactive Dog Toy Work?

1. Stuff with treats for long lasting play time – You can use any treats you want in these and the best thing is you can wash it after! So if you want to put chopped up dentastix in or fresh pieces of chicken, it doesn’t matter as you can wash any residue away after. Coco was a slow learner with hers so I put small treats in to begin with so it was easier for her – now the treats are bigger and the puzzle harder!

2. Engaging Play – We all give our dogs treats, but this is a fun way for them to actively become involved in ‘winning’ the treat. When we got Coco she was quite nervous and shy and she was weary of the ball at first – now she throws it around the room and jumps up and down with excitement when she sees you getting it out to fill with treats. ┬áIt’s a great activity for a rainy day as well!

3. Totally rewarding – I like reward based toys that promote interaction. It’s more of a challenge for a dog to figure out the puzzle and get the treat. It also takes them longer. So that treat lasts a lot longer!

4. Tonnes of Fun! Coco loves it – it’s one of her favourite toys. Once the treats go in she doesn’t stop until she has them all out. It’s fun to watch her as she flies around the room with it. You do need to supervise play if you dog is a chewer – as they are not suitable for chewing.

5. Easy to Clean – I am not one for toys that need lots of cleaning. So these toys you add soap, warm water, rinse and shake. You can then leave them on the drainer to dry out for the next play time!

Watch the fun video and see how they work. They really are a brilliant toy for your dog.

If you want to treat your dog then you can order them here.



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