Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe In The Cold Weather

Imagine waking up in the middle of winter, cozy under plush blankets and warm from the heat radiating from the heater. That moment you remove the warm comfort of the blankets a rush of cold hits you, tempting you to jump back into bed and stay there for the rest of the day.

Now imagine living outside and having none of those comforts, especially when winter is at its coldest. Keep your pets safe and warm all winter long with these tips to keep your pets safe in the cold weather.

Bring your pet indoors

Many people will argue that pets belong indoors with their families. In some cases, that’s just not possible, and in other cases, an animal may be a stray. If you can bring your pets indoors during the cold weather months, do so. They’ll be safer and less prone to becoming ill or suffering from hypothermia.

Cat Snow

Buy your pet a coat

No matter how cold it is, most dogs still want to go for their daily walk – or at least outdoors to use the toilet. While a dog’s fur can provide some insulation from the bitter winter air, your dog can become cold, especially if he is outside for an extended period. A warm coat, which you can find at most pet stores and pet supplies stores, can keep your pet shielded from the cold.

Make sure to change water frequently

Water quickly freezes during the winter months. If you care for stray animals or keep a water bowl outside for your pets who go outside, change it frequently to ensure the animals have easy and constant access to fresh water.

Provide bedding with insulation

Maybe your home becomes drafty during the cold months and you have to throw on a sweater to stay warm. Your pet, too, may become cold in the house during the winter. A cozy bed with insulation can help keep him warm during long winter days and nights. To find a comfortable, warm bed for your dog, cat, or other pet this winter, please visit Pet Sitters Ireland’s online shop.

Offer a warm place outside to hide from the elements

Even if your pet only goes outside briefly during the day, he may still want a warm place to hide away if it suddenly starts raining or if a brisk wind picks up. A crate, insulated with blankets, can provide that warm spot. Some people use Styrofoam boxes, turn upside down, and cut a small hole in for the pet – either cats, small dogs, or other animals – to escape from the cold and the wind.

What are your secrets for keeping your pets safe in the cold weather?



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